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Dark Opal Expression sheet

Dark Opal is the biggest jerk.
This is his expression sheet, or something.
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Dark Opal is pure evil.
Dude if this becomes a show which I hope it'll be, I feel like if zelda was ever a show. This should of been greenlighted rather than freaking Teen Titans GO. SMH I hope this show becomes something and Cartoon Realizes this show actually takes adventuring to whole other level rather than adventure time. That show is just random with a love interest. And so is Ward's bravest warriors. This seems so much more solid than "at" I feel like that CN is promoting Randomness within most it's shows. Steven Universe in pilot seemed so much more personality based rather then how it's almost turning into a Adventure time clone.
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with the new 52 I hope they will make dark opal more Sauron from lord of the rings
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I love how the emblem of his cloak has it's own expressions.
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His sword reminds me of Morgalla's, HERO.
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Wait, are the short clips on youtube the whole episode?
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Dark Opal: No! You have to have a sword with a bar-thingie to protect your knuckles. And don't even get me started on why you don't have a cape!
Amethyst: No way! My sword is way better!!
*father vs. daughter-like spat continues*


OMG expression on his broach. I'm so happy level 6 wasn't the end. I was so upset when I thought it was. XD.
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Awesome. Lovin' the dynamic tension between these two here. :D

Who knows how it will all end from here?!?! D:
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He totally is! Although it is quite funny when his pants come falling off. ^^
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He loses most of his clothes at least once in the original comic. Being evil causes a lot of wear and tear on one's wardrobe.
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Yikes! Must have been quite the view. XD But yeah, totally!
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