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Amethyst turn

Character turn of Amethyst. Colored by the lovely ~prismageek !!
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Excellent sketching.
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It was a jot to catch even a bit of this, just to see Amy get remembered.
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amazing, I enjoyed her animated episode, I wish DC continued on her adventures :D
BlueCrystalSpider's avatar

Not just that, it would've been the closest thing we can get to a more Lighthearted, Magical Girl version of Dark Souls as a TV series. Oh wait...

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your short deserves to become a full show and maybe a toy line too :3
SongbirdRebel's avatar
I've just finished watching the shorts and believed that this should be a series... They just don't make a good shows like they used to with the exception of (no pun intended) rare gems like this.
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the only amethyst i know is the one in this link… but this one is very  pretty  as well
LunaBonnefoy's avatar
What show is this from? CAuse I am in love!Steven Universe Pearl (Freaking Out) 
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Amethyst, Princess of the Gemworld.
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Looks like Starfire a bit.
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looks great. And it's such a great cartoon. 
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She is very cute. I was thinking that she looked like futuristic version of Daphne from Scooby Doo
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She should appear in Teen Titans Go!
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SuperMarioMaster170's avatar
You know what,I take that Back,I shouldn't appear in Teen Titans Go at all
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Looks like a cute show
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The line art of the back is a template I will start doing for the rest of my character turn-arounds. Thanks in advance for making me better!
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amazing character XD
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i dont no who she is, but all i know is that shes beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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