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See who’s visiting your profile with Recent Visitors! Now available on the Stats & Insights page, the Recent Visitors section lets you see who has visited your profile. (Previously, this information was available in a profile widget, but it now lives on the Stats page alongside other related data.)

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Visit the “Stats” page of your profile to see recent viewers:

  • All deviants can view the last deviant who visited

  • Core Members can view up to the last 100 deviants who visited

Please note: Recent Visitors data updates approximately every 6 hours.

If you don’t want your username to display in anyone else’s Recent Visitors, you can set yourself as invisible from the Account Settings page. To change your visibility, go to Account Settings > Browsing, and then toggle the “Invisible browsing” setting from On to Off, or vice versa. (Deviants who were set to invisible on the old version of the site are still set as invisible.)

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Other Recent Site Updates

Favoriting and Collecting Status Updates: The functionality of Status Updates has been extended to bring them more inline with other content like deviations and journals. This provides a more consistent look and unlocks new features for status updates.

Posts Feed on Profiles: The Posts tab on Profile has a brand new look! Posts now display in a steady feed, allowing for seamless read-through of journals, status updates, and polls. With this update you can favorite posts, read and reply to discussions in comments, and vote on polls, all from one page.

Optimizing DeviantArt’s Rich Text Editor: Significant improvements have been made to copy and pasting text into DeviantArt’s rich text editor. This change impacts journals, Literature, status updates, comments, bios, and custom sections.

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STORE: https://teespring.com/stores/namy-gaga


I have new and colorful products in my store! I invite you to made your orders and buy what you like the most!

They are no longer just unisex t-shirts, now there are also children's clothing, sweaters, leggings, pants, etc.

And as new products we have face masks, water bottles, pillows, mugs, posters, cell phone cases, fanny packs, bags, etc!

Feel free to enter my store and check out my new products.

PS: If the prices seem too high to you, they are the standard prices that the store page puts obligatorily, I don't have in my power to edit the prices.



Tengo nuevos y vistosos productos en mi tienda! Los invito a que hagan sus pedidos y compren lo que más les guste!

Ya no sólo son camisetas unisex, ahora hay también ropa para niños, suéteres, leggings, pants, etc.

Y como nuevos productos tenemos cubrebocas, botellas de agua, almohadas, tazas, posters, cases para celular, cangureras, bolsas, etc!

Siéntanse libres de entrar a mi tienda y averiguar mis nuevos productos.

PD: Si los precios te parecen muy altos, son los precios standard que la pagina de la tienda pone obligatoriamente, yo no tengo en mi poder editar los precios.


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As you asked: another giveaway. :la:

Formerly it was the 1,000 Easter Giveaway but bunny got late. (lol) so I have added +500 :points:

For those who are new around, my giveaways are easy to join and does not have lots of rules. Have fun, good luck and read carefully:



1) You must be watching me;

2) You must +fav :+fav: this journal;

3) You must post a JOURNAL ENTRY talking about this giveaway and leave the link for it. Status posts and such are not accepted;

4) Leave a comment in this journal showing your journal entry from rule 3.

5) You're in! Good luck.

> So, to join: you must watch me and fav this journal, write a journal promoting this giveaway and leave a comment here showing your journal so I can see you did it.


May 20

Winner will be selected randomly by random.org!

Video proof will be posted!

The winner gets free 1,500 :points:


Send me a note! :note: or comment bellow.

Good luck for everyone

and thank you for the endless support until today!!!


- Brenda.


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Well, that's the end of an era.

I'd been using the Lulu.com platform for about 15 years, and then, out of the blue, they terminated my account. Apparently I had "violated their terms of service" with the (undeniably) lewd content I'd been uploading there, which both Lulu and I had been profiting from..... for 15 years.

It's baffling that they'd boot me out with no warning, especially since they were fully aware of the content - there was even a tick-box you had to mark if the product contained explicit material - rather than blitz the offending works and send an email saying "Hey, no more of this. We've changed out policy".

I guess it's the kick up the butt I needed to move off the platform. It's been a stressful chore dealing with them since they did whatever the f**k it was that made their website unusable for most of 2020, and I'd noticed a drop in quality of their hardcopy books: washed-out inks on low grade paper stock, warped at the spine.

I've moved all of the Apsara content over to Gumroad (which, thus far, I have found to be a much more pleasant site to work on - I hope THAT lasts!) and I'm looking into republishing hardcopy works, such as the collected volumes of Sequential Art, via Amazon's KDP service.

I'll keep you posted on future developments!

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Download the latest Creative Crate and join us for an exclusive AMA with @Kate-FoX! Now's your chance to submit questions to @Kate-FoX for the Ask Me Anything (AMA)! Want to learn more about digital techniques, creating original characters, or learning art on your own? Now's the time to ask! Then, tune in as she answers live on Wednesday, April 14th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Creative Crates are digital boxes of art content and tools that are exclusive to Core Members. At least one Crate will appear in the Core Lounge each month. This month, @Kate-FoX delivered a high-quality digital bundle for Core Members to enjoy — including a PSD file of her magical “Cloud Village” illustration, the brush settings she used, and a time-lapse video detailing her process! She has also offered a coupon code for the first 50 customers at her Gumroad shop. Use code katefox10 for 10% off! Remember, return to this journal for an AMA with @Kate-FoX on Wednesday, April 14th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.
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