Buy, sell, and collect one-of-a-kind creations with Adoptables! For years, deviants have sold one-of-a-kind creations, known as adoptables, to art collectors. The new Adoptables feature is designed to make it easier and more secure for buyer and seller alike, guaranteeing sellers receive their payment and buyers receive their files. Plus, the adopter’s name is displayed on the page of the art they bought, with no extra work along the way. Read on to learn how to buy and sell adoptables on DeviantArt! If this is a new topic for you, read this interview with @Astralseed for an introduction to the world of adoptables!

Selling Adoptables

To list and sell an adoptable on DeviantArt, follow these steps:

Step 1: Submit Your Deviation

Upload and submit your adoptable image as a deviation. You may sell an existing deviation as an adoptable as well, as long as it is not available for sale as a Premium Download. It is not possible to sell one deviation as both an adoptable and a Premium Download.

Step 2: Start Your Listing

Once on the deviation page, click the “Sell Deviation” button. You’ll be prompted to select either Adoptables or Premium Downloads, at which point you should click Adoptables.

Sell deviation (1)

Step 3: Set Sale Options

There are three ways you can sell your adoptable:

  1. At a fixed price: Choose the selling price, and the first buyer becomes the adopter

  2. Accept offers: Set a minimum price and duration for offers, then select the one you like the most

  3. Set a fixed price and accept offers

During this step, you will be prompted to attach a Sta.sh file URL, to offer a high-resolution file or additional content for the buyer. This link will be automatically provided to the buyer when the purchase is complete, with no extra messaging needed on your part!

Settings (1)

Step 4: Promote Your Sale

Once your adoptable is open for sale or offers, share it in a journal or status update to let your watchers know!

This secure sale method ensures that you will receive your payment every time you sell an adoptable, with no complications. It also saves you time by delivering the adoptable after purchase, streamlining the adoptable process for both buyer and seller.

Promote Your Adoptables

Display your adoptables prominently in several ways, to help draw attention to your one-of-a-kind creations.

When you're offering at least one adoptable for sale, an Adoptables section will appear in the Shop tab of your Profile.

Shop tab

In the coming weeks, you'll also be able to promote Adoptables with banners on your Profile and deviations, similar to Commissions and Subscriptions!

Profile HP (2)

Platform Fees for Sellers

All deviants can buy adoptables that are for sale, but the ability to sell adoptables is a Core Member feature. For sellers, the breakdown of platform fees is 5% for Core Pro+, 10% for Core Pro, and 15% for Core and Core+.

The platform fees for Adoptables are set to cover credit card and banking charges DeviantArt incurs in order to allow temporary payments to be processed on multiple offers (e.g. when multiple offers are made for any given adoptable and only one offer is accepted). The platform fee only applies when an adoptable sells, and only impacts the seller’s earnings, not the buyer’s payment. Learn more about DeviantArt's platform fees. Ready to start selling Adoptables? Upgrade to Core

Buying Adoptables

When an adoptable is listed for sale, a button will appear on the deviation page just beneath the image.

If the adoptable is available for a fixed price, you can buy it directly. The first person to purchase it will become the adopter, and their username will appear on the deviation page along with the creator's username.

New Adopter

If the creator is accepting offers on the adoptable, you’ll be prompted to fill in your offer details and go through the confirmation process. When making an offer, you will not be charged immediately. Your funds will be held until the sale ends, and you will only be charged if your offer is selected by the artist.

You can also manage and update an offer after you make it.

Edit offer

Buy or make offers on adoptables with credit card, PayPal, and DeviantArt Points.

Upcoming Adoptable Features

Stay tuned for updates! This is the beta launch of Adoptables, and more updates and features will be coming in the near future!

Here are some of the features the team is already hard at work on bringing to life to improve your Adoptables experience:

  • DeviantArt Shop: All adoptables listed for sale also appear in a dedicated tab/section in the DeviantArt Shop, bringing more exposure to sellers’ unique creations and making it easier for interested buyers to browse adoptables all in one place.

  • Offer List Section on Deviation Pages: A panel on the deviation page will display all current offers on an adoptable, so it’s easier for buyers to see the current best offer and make competitive offers to match.

Sidebar widget
  • Adoptables Collection for Buyers: Find the adoptables you’ve bought in one Collection that automatically updates each time you adopt a new artwork.

Share Your Feedback

Adoptables is currently in beta, and your feedback will help shape future improvements. Whether you have feedback as a seller or buyer, please share it in this form!

Artwork by: @gobithedogsadopts

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1 min read

Another gentle reminder, that I am NOT just a "furry artist". I'm just an artist. I also draw humans, humanoid creatures, monsters etc. I get the feeling a lot of people EXPECT me to only post furry work. If that's your expectation, just know that you will be gravely disappointed. I'm not, and have NEVER, been only a furry artist. I have many other interests outside of just that one fandom (some of which matter to me MORE ), and get commissioned to draw other types of characters.

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Contest Prizes
Raffle Prize

The promised time has come! magi gif morgiana  alibaba and aladdin

Its 500 watchers celebration art contest! Magi Icon


The topic is to draw one or few of my o.c to your like. The setting and theme is a medieval cute fantasy style. But you don't have to be bound by this strictly. You can draw them however you like. I actually mean so! Feel free to experiment or be comfy with it! Go for whatever you like! Slight sexual suggestion is fine but please don't go overboard with it.


  • You have to be watcher of mine.

  • Fav and share this post.

  • Add #Fecchi_contest_art_entry tag to your deviation when submitting.

  • After submit your piece come here and comment down below with link to your shared post and submission piece.

  • To enter raffle or gain more chances of winning it you have to tag a friend of yours in the comments down below. More friend more chances.


The contest will end 30th of June at 00.00 according to the GMT+3 (Istanbul) time.

I am not a huge fan of prolonging times. So i suggest you to be careful with it. I am the sole judge However i will be as fair as i can be. I will carefully evaluate each and every single piece. Your skill level is as important as your composition and ur idea behind the piece. Raffle and art contest ends in the same time. If i choose you to be a winner of the art contest i will exclude you when choosing winners for raffle. So raffle winners and art contest winner will be completely different.

Please don't do these

  • Don't sexualize beaurealia when drawing her. I will exclude you from the contest in the speed of light.

  • Get creative but don't make something utterly detached from the theme or concept of the contest. Even if ur skill level is high i may disqualify you. But that does not mean you can't get creative or experiment.

  • When tagging people for raffle don't discomfort others. I honestly don't want you to tag people you don't know. Tag someone who might be interested in the contest you know of. In short don't spam.

  • I really would like to say that i will choose raffle winners by change but honestly i don't feel like to. You may as well like and comment my pieces to increase ur chances of winning. If i feel same about some people and don't know who to choose only then i will select by random.

Feel free to

  • design alternative clothing to my ocs.

  • Put them in any kind of environment you like

  • draw or include violence or depressive elements.

  • draw together with your ocs or any other things you like.

  • deform them artistically.

  • Redesign them al together or design them from zero.

Feel free to ask in the comments or pm if you have any questions. There are some ocs of mine that i am even yet to put some explanation about them. I plan to include them only if you ask about it. Here is the link of my toyhouse. https://toyhou.se/FeCCHi/characters


Its a mess so check out my toy house and these ones too. All characters listed above and in toy house are this contests subjects.

Pinglist: classysparrow AnnasukiLi KaiTutor

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Thank you for always liking history.

I think I should study more for history.

There are many artists who give up because of AI Art these days.

But i will continue to draw my art even if AI Art develops.

And thank you for liking my art.

I will draw hard for my fans.

Thank you always.🙂

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