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Hi everyone!

The festive period is getting closer and so is my birthday so I figured it'd be nice to give away a few more points this time around and spread the festive cheer a little c:

The prizes:

2500 points + 1 diamond badge

1200 points + 1 diamond badge

900 points + 1 diamond badge

400 points + 1 diamond badge


The rules:

-The giveaway is for watchers only (new watchers are welcome)

-Please add this journal to your favourites to lock in your entry

-Tag a friend [optional]

-Share this giveaway by either making a journal entry linking back to this journal or share it in a status update/poll

-Rude / ungrateful comments left on either my profile or this journal will be hidden/removed and people leaving said comments will be banned from joining

I will be using an online Random Number Generator to pick the winners

Deadline: 31/12/2023

(31st of Dec)

Best of luck!

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Ok I'm gonna rip the bandaid off. So I've been burn out on my comic Kiddo. I haven't look, touch or thought about it in months. Not gonna lie its been a huge relief. Like I use to have the thing on my mind like 24/7 it was like an obession for the past 5 years of my life. It was very unhealth I feel like, I can't stress enough how bad it was like I couldn't have normal conversation with my friends bad.

You are probably wondering whats this mean for my comic. At this point I dont know. Like I may come back to it next year or it maybe two years from now. But I just don't want to work on it anymore right now. I wanna focus on my Orginal characters and Stories for a while and work on my Vtuber career.

I am working on a short comic with my character Sleep I hope you guys enjoy it when its done. Its like a introduction to my story Insomniac. Its gonna be a bit before its finished Cause I wanna take my time with it unlike Kiddo were it was sloppy.

If anyone wants to ask me question about Kiddo or the new comic I'm working on feel free to ask.

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I don't usually post things like this, but there's something everyone needs to know

The user GPanda05 is a sexual offender

They've gone by previous names: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665965306493141014/1177676029356163164/image.png?ex=65735f45&is=6560ea45&hm=7246634f68402d10f325bb8e187fdef1a09f5bccdeb2d91d35c72a3bf03925f6&

and most links leads to their current steam profile: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665965306493141014/1177676164958003362/image.png?ex=65735f65&is=6560ea65&hm=fa11e5d6b004f2ccd625d1eca613bc006e06a571da68f7d5fce31f5935bb9724&

Someone had warned me about GPanda a few months ago, but never told anyone as I wanted to keep GPanda under my radar for the time to see if they showed any signs of said behavior https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665965306493141014/1177779155790725241/panda1.png?ex=6573bf50&is=65614a50&hm=78e726caa5bc3647a191b38880b927a23deaa78e9a630a92b7b7a9fb14b979d8& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665965306493141014/1177779156096925797/panda2.png?ex=6573bf50&is=65614a50&hm=4796aa59566e57d118e33b00c67318b981022dacc23332a3a7cb4e8f4ed872ff&

While I have not seen this behavior myself, the name Damian Criag Toucheck as been brought to my attention several times and they are connected

It is true, they are under law enforcement for convicted crimes: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665965306493141014/1177676740999516200/SPOILER_image.png?ex=65735fef&is=6560eaef&hm=635704d823d35dcbdb052be2c57d26b1db0e7561a56f7d30150e93fac22d31e3&

They have lied about their true identity in this community and needs to be shut down

Block GPanda05 and remove them from your friends list/servers

Do NOT expose yourself to this user as they could potentially make you a victim of verbal harrassment and sexual activity

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Oh, YES!!

1 min read

I preorder the tickets to theaters, and going to watch Godzilla Minus One on December 1st!

I saw this trailer three weeks ago, and I'm so SUPER hyped to see this!

Not to mention there's an exciting clip of this.

To me, it's going to be the best Christmas gift since I order Super Mario Bros Wonder and Super Mario RPG remake.

Anyway, see ya!

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(( Dont ask for a PublicQueue slot now, this journal doesnt mean that 10 slots became instantly available! ))

Hey honeybuns!! Here's the next Wave of commissions Opening !! Please read it! uwu) If you're in the next 10 in the [>Queue<], you can send me your Note with your commission request now! >w<)/

:new: PLEASE DoubleCheck the DO's & DONT's !!!:new:

The next ones in the Queue are: 1-theinquisitive28 theinquisitive28 2-LuminousFehlauur LuminousFehlauur 3-Redmond17 Redmond17 4-T-3485 T-3485 5-Batomys2731 Batomys2731 6-Fox-Blade Fox-Blade 7-boobywitch boobywitch 8-Tiratel Tiratel 9-CambelDaBest CambelDaBest 10-DragoRayDXMelody DragoRayDXMelody

You're up! Send me your note anytime honeybuns :3! I'll need your commission info to be in my inbox before this [Sunday 26, 18:00 GMT-4] please! ;w; (You can use this clock for the time: https://time.is/es/GMT-4 )

*I'll read them at that time, OR if i have a chance to respond ealier, i'll do it asap! :3 *It helps me ALOT if you keep the Note concise and clear, stating your whole idea in the first note! Including the links to reference images and all if needed :3 *You can upload your reference Images in the https://sta.sh/ and then link them in the Note, its super helpful! c: Thank you!


☆☆☆The commission guides are these, check them out!☆☆☆ ✦Drawing Commissions Guidelines are HERE (The DO's & DONT's are in the image description!) ✦The Chest size referece chaaAAArt! is HERE :3 (Links might not work in the DA app, for some reason) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Keep in mind!

1) You must be 18+ to commission! Including for a normal SFW drawing~ 2) I'll need the payment upfront (Paypal Only) ! 3) You can Commission up to 2 drawings at once, per Wave!

4) I do not send sketches/wips of the process for greenlights :'3 Not enough time!

+ Timezones suck. (thats why i need all the info in the Note! c: ) 5) You can ask to hide your user~ Be tagged as [HIDDEN] :3 Let me know! 6) I like BreastExpansion and stuff indeed, but i can do normal shaped gals, SFW stuff no problem! :3 7) If you have any doubts of what i Do & Dont, Check in the Commissions prices info! or just ask me in a Note!

Got Doubts about the Queue? >>(( Link to the actual Queue [Here] )) >>If you dont know how the Queue works, Check the: [Queue system] guide!

>>Seriously, check the guide :'> Thank you SO SO SO much honeybuns!! ;w;

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