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Throughout the month, we'll be sharing quick interviews with artists from the DeviantArt Collective; a group of streaming artists on DeviantArt who have been creating positive and creative spaces. Today we feature @TastyPeachStudios whose bold lines and bright pop colors bring a cuteness and whimsy to your Watch list!

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New Twitch Emotes!

What pulls you to create art?

For me, creating art is like breathing. It's something I feel drawn to. However, the best part is seeing the reaction from others; that smile, the happiness that it brings. That is what really pulls me to create more.

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What are your thoughts on an artist's Style?

I feel that your style is an extension of you. It grows, changes and adapts just like a person. Finding it can be hard, but when you start to feel comfortable with it, that's when you can really develop it more!

Buck Ewe Hoodie

How has art changed your life?

Art went from a childhood love and hobby to my full time career and business. Without art I wouldn't have my own brand or character that I design plush and merch for. Art showed me a new path that I never thought was possible, and I am grateful every day for it.

Ascian Street Gang WoL

When streaming, what atmosphere do you aim to create?

I love to create a comfy and cozy atmosphere. Something warm and inviting, but also fun. It's a space where others can come in, get inspired, ask questions, and laugh together. I feel that being comfy can help the creation process, and I love to hear when others get inspired to draw alongside me!

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Check out more of @TastyPeachStudios' work on their DeviantArt page, and learn more about the DeviantArt Collective, here! And don't miss out on their #GlowUpDA Challenge!

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Damn,new tragedies just seem to pop up everyday.

*Here where I live,new variants of COVID-19 keep spreading,which is prolonging Quarantine and taking more lives each day.

*The continuous rise of Asian Hate Crimes.

*The continuous abuse of power committed by the police,and 90% of said police are still being useless as ever.

*India having a total COVID crisis.

*Colombia having humanitarian issues

*Israel and countries near it are recently going apeshit on each other.

*Stupid walking organisms that are lacking braincells wanting the USE OF MASKS to be lifted(seriously,how idiotic can these people be-),which could endanger MORE lives even further.

*And SO MUCH more.

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"Sometimes children get lost in the woods, but sometimes it's a whole other world"



Gumroad cover

On purchase you receive a PDF-file containing the first chapter of my comic

"Hide and Seek"+ extra materials. This chapter is an introduction to the main characters and the world they live in. It is the first adventure of a Fox Spirit named Kate.

Gumroad cover2

Here are some random frames from my comic:

A few random frames from my comic.

You can also get the comic through my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/katefox

Thanks for your feedbacks and support!

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Earlier today I spoke with the DeviantArt community staff and I tried to discuss a plan to rebuild the layout/platform to clean up the mess that Eclipse has made.

One part in particular which was the most important contributing factor to the rebuild was community influence and assistance. Allowing users who have proper experience with coding and website building to help out which would help to lighten the work load. And also getting feed back from the users on how the layout should be as well as what features it should have.

But the staff member I was talking to dismissed my plans and requests and told me that they are not allowing outside assistance or influence on the site's development at all.

Click here to go to the discussion.

I encourage you to spread word on this in any area you can.

Our mission's getting ever tougher but we still mustn't give up:

I encourage you to join in the Sunrise/Phoenix Movement. And help us put an end to this night mare. I also encourage you to spread word about this movement in any area that you can. With in or outside the website.

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...H-Hey there everyone! It's me, The9Lord...

Yes I know, I said that I would leave this place forever, but for quite some months now, i've been starting to miss this place, like, alot. And I want to use this website again like the old times.

In fact, I wasn't truly gone to begin with. I occasionally came back to this place, only to look at some of the art published here, and stalk some users and look at their art in silence. Most of the time I also longed into my account to see the drawings better, because everytime I look at at least 5 posts while longed off, the website interrupts me and forces me to make an account here, which is annoying. (At least not as annoying as Instagram, fuck Instagram)

Another reason I came back is because, i'm starting to both get bored, and fear Twitter.

I feel like I don't enjoy Twitter as much as DeviantArt, at least not recently. I'm starting to miss receiving funny comments in my drawings and reply to them, and while I did said that one of the reasons I wanted to leave this place was because I hated receiving dumbass comments, I also received many kind, funny and cool comments, which I greatly adored.

And as for the fearing part, after a stupid incident that occured in Twitter back in march (one that involved Knuckles), i'm starting to fear posting stuff on Twitter. As far as i'm aware of, almost everyone now at days, especially in Twitter, get offended for nearly anything, and I believe that I have to limit my drawing ideas in order to avoid making an offensive post or something, otherwise, people will complain to me about it, or worse... Get myself caught by the cancel culture...

Something I hated about DeviantArt, was having to deal with people begging me for requests, or just making comments that I can't understand, but knowing the kinds of shit that resides on Twitter, I don't think I won't be able to handle that compared to the requesters. And if I want to post my drawings somewhere where I don't feel uncomfortable or nervous about what feedback i'll receive, I think this is the best place I can do that.

Yeah sure, I can use Intagram since I made myself an account there, but tbh I fucking hate Instagram, so i'm only gonna use that website to stalk people. Xd

And yet another reason I decided to come back, is because I just recently heard of an incident (well two, actually) that happened to one of my best friends, and I feel the desperate need to talk to them for some reason, and the only place I can talk to them is here since their Twitter account is suspended.

About this situation, i'm honestly not sure what to do, I don't want to be an annoyance to them, especially since the incident happened like 2 days ago, plus, I don't even know what to say to them! asdfghj-

Welp, if I can't think of anything in time, at least I have a "plan B" with me that i'm planning to use next tuesday, hopefully that'll do something.

So... Yeah!

I'm back on DeviantArt, I guess???

I know, all of this is confusing, and this comeback is extremely sudden and weird, but what were you expecting? I'm a mentally unstable moron, everything I do is confusing, sudden and weird!

I just...

I just hope you can accept me back here...

I won't mind if you don't, but still...

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