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This is part of a series of monthly articles highlighting the latest and greatest in pop culture and media releases through the lens of fan-crafted works.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

“It’s the things we love the most that destroy us.” - Coriolanus Snow
Hunger Games. The Ballad of Singbirds and Snakes
The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes - Lucy Gray
The Hunger Games
Lucy Gray Baird
Coriolanus Snow x Lucy  Gray
Coriolanus n Lucy Gray Baird
Snow Lands On Top (TBOSAS fanart)
Hunger Games -The Ballad of Songbirds-
Coriolanus and Lucy Gray
Lucy Grays Rainbow Dress
Lucy Gray and Coryo Snow
Lucy Gray and Coriolanus Snow

Persona 5 Tactica

Yoshizawa and Cendrillon
Persona 25th Anniversary Final
Persona 3,4,5 - protagonists
Akira Kurusu (Joker) - Persona 5
NG+R - Chapter 4 - SAMPLE PAGE 01
P5 Ann and Joker
Persona 5 - Takemi
Phantom Thieves
Ann Takamaki
Phantom Thieves

The Marvels

“Heroes. It’s an old-fashioned notion, but the world can still use them.” - Nick Fury
Ms. Marvel
The Marvels
The Marvels
MCU Monica Rambeau sketch - 07 2023
The Marvels_Marvel Studios_Art
Monica Rambeau and Ororo Munroe (Storm and Photon)
The Marvels
Captain Marvel
Monica Rambeau, Spectrum/Photon
stolen moment

Bluey: The Videogame

G'day Ya Cheeky Dogs!
Puppies (Bluey fanart)
Bluey - Fun in the snow with the Heeler girls!
Watching their parents dancing
Chilli Healer
Bluey Crossing
The Bluey Xbox
Pumpkin Pie
Heeler Family
Big Sis Bluey


“Last night I made a wish on a star, and the star answered.” - Asha
Wish of a Lifetime
king magnifico (rules my brain)
Princess Natalia Expressions
Asha and Star
King Magnifico and Asha
MerMay 2023 day 24
Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i

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  • What TV shows, movies, books, or video games are you most looking forward to enjoying in the next few weeks?

  • Do you have any favorite deviations from these fandoms that aren't included in the journal?

  • Have you made fan art for one of the fandoms featured here? Share it in your comment!

Cover image credit : Phantom Thieves by the4thsnake

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🌸​ I can draw 🌸

🔲​ All kind of fetishes (spanking, diaper, age regression, etc...)

🔳 Copy other styles as closely as possible to the original (cartoon, anime, etc…) ^w^

🔲​ Nude girls/boys (only +18 characters), In the case of minors, maximum the buttocks

🔳 Furry

🔲​ Kemonomimi

🌸I can't draw 🌸

🔲 Complex robots, for example, Jenny Wakeman wouldn't fit in this category, as she's more straightforward, While Optimus Prime would indeed fit into this section

🔳 Gore

🔲 Armor

🔳 Sexual act

🌸 Commission request info 🌸

🔲​ The full body commission costs 50$ (the price goes up to 7$ if there is more than one character)

🔳 The half body commission costs 30$ (the price goes up to 7$ if there is more than one character)

🔲 The headshot commission costs 15$ (the price goes up to 5$ if there is more than one character)

🔳 Comic page costs 100$ (5 panels)

🔳 The paying method should be via Deviantart, with points or usd! ^o^

🔲​ You'll have to pay first so I can start on your commission

🔳 You must send me references and all the information I need to know (pose, character, background, facial expression, etc…)

🔲​ After showing you the sketch and give me your approval, I won't change anything else

🔳 ​Be patient with the time request pls ;u;

🌸 Examples of my art 🌸

Maya Spanking
Hermione Spanking
Ran Spanking
Sunblast Spanking
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I decided to do my annual month of core for points since my Core expires next week on Thursday at midnight. I only got enough diamonds for 5 people so contact me as soon as possible. Remember they're 400 DA points per badge and also selling Hype badges for a 100 DA points as well.

Just a reminder:

-This is for others that don't have a core.

-Contact me first if you're interested and reply back as soon as possible.

-Each Diamond badge will be 400 DA points each and Hype badges for 100 DA points (no more, no less).

-I like to see the points first then I'll give you the badge.

-Please share this around to anyone who is interested.

If you're looking for points, you can purchase them here in this link:


Please share this around and contact me if you're interested.

Thank you 🙏

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(( Dont ask for a PublicQueue slot now, this journal doesnt mean that 10 slots became instantly available! ))

Hey honeybuns!! Here's the next Wave of commissions Opening !! Please read it! uwu) If you're in the next 10 in the [>Queue<], you can send me your Note with your commission request now! >w<)/

:new: PLEASE DoubleCheck the DO's & DONT's !!!:new:

The next ones in the Queue are: 1-theinquisitive28 theinquisitive28 2-LuminousFehlauur LuminousFehlauur 3-Redmond17 Redmond17 4-T-3485 T-3485 5-Batomys2731 Batomys2731 6-Fox-Blade Fox-Blade 7-boobywitch boobywitch 8-Tiratel Tiratel 9-CambelDaBest CambelDaBest 10-DragoRayDXMelody DragoRayDXMelody

You're up! Send me your note anytime honeybuns :3! I'll need your commission info to be in my inbox before this [Sunday 26, 18:00 GMT-4] please! ;w; (You can use this clock for the time: https://time.is/es/GMT-4 )

*I'll read them at that time, OR if i have a chance to respond ealier, i'll do it asap! :3 *It helps me ALOT if you keep the Note concise and clear, stating your whole idea in the first note! Including the links to reference images and all if needed :3 *You can upload your reference Images in the https://sta.sh/ and then link them in the Note, its super helpful! c: Thank you!


☆☆☆The commission guides are these, check them out!☆☆☆ ✦Drawing Commissions Guidelines are HERE (The DO's & DONT's are in the image description!) ✦The Chest size referece chaaAAArt! is HERE :3 (Links might not work in the DA app, for some reason) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Keep in mind!

1) You must be 18+ to commission! Including for a normal SFW drawing~ 2) I'll need the payment upfront (Paypal Only) ! 3) You can Commission up to 2 drawings at once, per Wave!

4) I do not send sketches/wips of the process for greenlights :'3 Not enough time!

+ Timezones suck. (thats why i need all the info in the Note! c: ) 5) You can ask to hide your user~ Be tagged as [HIDDEN] :3 Let me know! 6) I like BreastExpansion and stuff indeed, but i can do normal shaped gals, SFW stuff no problem! :3 7) If you have any doubts of what i Do & Dont, Check in the Commissions prices info! or just ask me in a Note!

Got Doubts about the Queue? >>(( Link to the actual Queue [Here] )) >>If you dont know how the Queue works, Check the: [Queue system] guide!

>>Seriously, check the guide :'> Thank you SO SO SO much honeybuns!! ;w;

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