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It’s been a year since my last post site writing about character storage site and the social media platform Toyhou.se (which will be linked at the end of this journal). I think it’s time I added onto these previous two journals. This is my look at Toyhou.se, 4 years later. I still stand by my original claim: Toyhou.se — as a social media platform— is toxic.

I’ve been a Toyhou.se user for little over 4 years now, with 3 of those years being active to semi-active on site. I’ve learnt how to use the character storage system, coding feature, adopted and sold/ traded off characters and made good friends. I’ve also met some downright toxic people, encountered my fair share of scammers & thieves, been death-threatened, and the subject of harassment— my reason for closing myself off to the general public for all but the occasional commission or my annual Yule Raffle.

Toyhou.se: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I won’t tell you that Toyhou.se is a perfect site. It’s not. Clearly there’s a lot of issues with the site, but I’ve stuck with it for five reasons:

  1. It’s still easy to navigate the site, or learn how to if you’re unfamiliar with certain aspects.

  2. It has a great organization system which I’ve taken full advantage of. (I recently learnt that sub-galleries are a thing and I am DELIGHTED with the result.)

  3. AI generated artwork and adoptable aren’t allowed on site (any on site tend to get taken down pretty quickly).

  4. It’s where all my characters and literatures are. There’s no point in me leaving really.

  5. I left Amino Apps and deleted the app from my phone, so Toyhou.se is really the only social platform I’m using to promote my artwork and my characters at the moment.

These five reasons are the sole reason why I’ve decided to stay on Toyhou.se however. Yes, I have friends on site, but we don’t use the site to socialize on. We have Discord for that. In fact, if we’re talking about Toyhou.se I have more enemies on the platform than I do friends. As of writing this, my Blacklist is 1,683 screenshots of evidence long, withholding the 600+ screenshots of evidence I have off-site. I have 33 tabs on that Blacklist, meaning I have 33 users who have a problem with me and out of those 33, 5 of them I’m sure would jump at the chance to harass, harm, and threaten me (some of them have). And before you think 33 people blacklisted is an ‘overreaction’ and that I must be ‘overly sensitive’ I must remind you that I have 2,000+ screenshots of documented hard evidence on these people, their behaviors, and their actions.


So in the famous words of The Clash, should I stay or should I go? With all the issues I have on site and the people who are certainly out to get me leaving isn’t out of the realm of possibility. I have yet to be pushed to this point however. I simply want to exist with my characters and my writings, and I’ve set a clear boundary line to the general public. Some days it’s fine, the next it’s not. I’m not the only one on the fence either.


My opinion alone is not enough to go on. If you are thinking about joining Toyhou.se, or perhaps you are already on site and deciding what to do, I suggest reading the following forum posts. of site users acknowledging and discussing the current status of Toyhou.se:


1. This place is just diet kiwifarms

This forum post compares Toyhou.se to Kiwifarms, an infamous and toxic site. Many users feel as if Toyhou.se isn’t as bad as Kiwifarms however. While it’s agreed that the site in general has many issues with both its user base and how it’s admin (mod) chooses to handle things, it’s also largely agreed that it is up to the individual to set precautionary boundaries such as public DNI lists and to manage their own interactions.


2. Issue with toyhouse's safety when it comes to us

This forum posts discussion discusses the public’s concern about the lack of response by the one admin (yes, 4 years later withholding the actual age of the site and Toyhou.se still only has 1 mod). Many users feel unsafe on Toyhou.se, pointing out that little has been done to improve the site; ban proven pedophiles/ groomers, scammers/ thieves, etc; and those that have had their tickets looked at have been dismissed or ignored entirely by the mod.

I myself only today received an admin notice on a ticket that I filed 3 years ago:


I’ve also had at least 3 instances where the admin has outright ignored the fact that my character was stolen/ I’ve provided proof on a user drawing minor/adult NSFW:

  1. Skye Tōnbo (stole my OC)

  2. Dark4Kuran (helped to steal my OC; draws NSFW of/ ships a mute minor with and adult)

  3. Junhyung (forcibly removed credit for a design I made)

My friend also had an experience where she and a popular designer were both scammed in a single instance, she was later harassed by the scammer, and the admin themself warned her of the possible scams being pulled, yet the scammer themself did not have their account banned:

  1. LeiaNightingale (multi-acc) (scammed/ harassed my friend)


3. Admin response in regards to recent concerns

This forum posts discusses and provides evidence taken directly from screenshots of a user’s conversation with the admin regarding recent concerns over the overall safety of Toyhou.se users and how the site is being handled.

Here is the admin’s response:


Users in the forums feel clearly dismissed by the admin. Given that the site is growing in the number of issues and problematic users there has been a call for more admins to be hired, more action to be taken, and more safety measures to be taken seriously. It is unfortunate that while the admin is directly aware of these issues but at the moment it appears as if little can be done.

It is understandable that the admin is only one person and has other obligations, so I ask that you keep this in mind moving forward and when reading the forum post. With that being said, I do agree with the 3 forum posts that more frequent admin intervention on site is necessary.

Closing out:

I have personal biases myself, so if you have read this far I ask that this is another thing you keep in mind. If anything, this journal is but a minor update providing my own experiences on Toyhou.se. I hope it helps some. As promised, my 2 previous journals on Toyhou.se are linked below this journal.

I wish you the best on your navigation through Toyhou.se if you are already on site, and if you are thinking about joining I hope these journals give you insight into the site.

Have a pleasant day, morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

#Toyhouse #Review #HonestOpinion

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Alright, so halftime is over. Let's uh... do this. Now we're here in the major leagues. The worst of the worst. As we go on, things are going to be significantly less funny. Many of these songs just sound like ass, but beyond that we've got a lot more regressive shit. Starting with...

Number 49: Any Song That Refers to a Woman as a "Little Girl"

Okay, this one takes a little bit of explanation. So way back in the 50's and the 60's, there was this slang term, where the singer would refer to a (presumably) grown woman as a "little girl." Paul Evans' "Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat" (Number 100, 1959) is a perfect example of what I'm talking about ["Seven little girls sittin' in the backseat/Huggin' and a kissin' with Fred."] There's also things like, Tommy Roe's "Sheila" (Number 22, 1962) ["Her cheeks are rosy, she looks a little nosey/Man, this little girl is fine."]

From Billy Bland's "Let the Little Girl Dance" (Number 51, 1960) ["Let the little girl through, she wants to pass by you/Buddy, can't you see she wants to dance with me"] to Bobby Rydell's "Little Bitty Girl" (Number 96, 1960) ["Somewhere in this big, big world, there's got to be a little bitty girl for me"] there's a lot of these songs. So many of them that I eventually stopped keeping track, and I'm sure that many of them got through the cracks.

Back in the day, I am like 99 percent sure (I didn't live back then and it was a different era) that it was just a slang term. Like, in a roundabout way, it's not too different from the slang term "baby." Like, lovers call each other baby all the time. But actually going after a baby is fucking disgusting. And who knows, maybe "baby" will feel the same way in 100 years. Because this day and age, we don't generally call girls older than like... twelve, "little girls."

And I mean it sounds like something you should be able to get around at some point. I mean, technically speaking it's a... little problem with the song. I mean "it's not a term we use in this context anymore, so let's move past that and see what the song is actually like." Alright, let's uh... try Steve Lawrence's "Go Away Little Girl" ["Go away little girl/I'm not supposed to be alone with you."] Uh.... ["I know that your lips are sweet, but our lips must never meet."] Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be able to move past this.

["When you're near me like this, you're much too hard to resist/So, go away little girl before I beg you to stay."] This was a constant problem throughout the early 60's. Like I said, the examples I gave were just a small sampling. It was a plague that has aged... horrendously, let's say.

Number 48: Sheena Easton - Sugar Walls (Number 100, 1985)


So, while the 2000's and late 50's/early 60's are my least favorite eras of the whole experiment, the mid 80's, like 1984-1988 I have to say is my absolute favorite. 1985 in particular I loved so much, I gave like 15 different 10 out of 10's. From Private Dancer to Walking on Sunshine, Don't You Forget About Me, St. Elmo's Fire, Take on Me... there was so many amazing songs all at once. In the best era. I just like the 80's sound so much that I could never understand why people hated the 80's sound on principal.

Then I heard Sheena Easton's "Sugar Walls" and I instantly got it. People like to complain about "We Built This City" as perfectly processed 80's cheese, but uh... oh my god does this sound like a perversion. And I mean, it kinda should given what the song is about (the sugar walls are uh... between her legs). It was apparently raunchy enough to be on the filthy 15 songs, number 2. Ahead of... Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." God, people were naive back then. Wait until you guys see what's coming up, lol.

I mean, yeah, it's a sex song about sex. But more important, it just sounds like shit. None of these instruments work together at all. ["I feel so alive when I'm with you"] And Sheena Easton sure doesn't. Madonna she is not, is what I'm saying here. There's a way to do this song right. I know, because it exists. It's called Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer". It's a song that is just as sexual as this, but it's actually thoughtfully written and selects good metaphors (seriously, Sugar Walls? Who besides Sheena Easton has used that term at any point in history). Meanwhile, Sledgehammer is all ["You could have a steam train, if you'd just lay down your tracks."] It makes sense, is what I'm saying.

Also, Sledgehammer sounds fun and enjoyable. Sugar Walls sounds painful.

Number 47: Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg - Wiggle (Number 40, 2014)


Although there's worse ways to be overly sexual, I suppose. ["Cause you know what to do with that big fat butt. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle."] So Jason Derulo... he likes big butts and he can not lie, I suppose. ["Hot damn it. Your booty like two planets."] Actually, honestly, I think this is just a roundabout way of calling a woman fat and trying to be pilot about it. ["It's just one thing that's killing me/How do you fit that in them jeans?"] You know, with all of the intelligence that Jason Derulo can muster. ["Shwing."]

The lead instrument on this song is a fucking dollar store recorder. It's one thing for a song to sound bad, but it sounds low budget, which is something I didn't kind of expect from a song. Snoop Dogg's verse on the song just kinda brings that home, since he seems half asleep during it.

["Wiggle wiggle wiggle, just a little bittle."] That's one of those words that no one should ever use. ["Got me in this club, making wedding plans."] Ah, that's where the budget of this song went. Divorce proceedings. ["If I take pictures while you do your dance, I could make you famous on Instagram."] That sounds like... not a compliment. ["Go ahead, and go ham sandwich."] And that's not a phrase.

And this isn't even a song.

Number 46: Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba (Number 49, 2019)


You know, I kinda expected this song to have something to do with La Bamba. But maybe that's wishful thinking, cuz that song's fun. So, to answer the question. Yes, he sounds like this for the entire song. [Sheck Wes, I ain't a joooooooooooooooooooooooooke"] Here's my question - what's the opposite of flow? I'll answer that. Sheck Wes. This is the song that just drooooooooooooooooooooones. I usually ignore songs like this, I think I've mentioned, but uh... sometimes something about it is just so hideous that you've got to take notice, like with Pop Champagne up there.

["Where's Ali with the dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope?"] I dunno, but I hope he gets here soon so you shut up. Also, the song starts with ["16 year old bitch. Daytrip took it to ten."] That doesn't make the song any better. ["Young Sheck Wes, I'm like the fuckin' Green Goblin."] Quick, someone get Spider-Man.

Five years later, Sheck Wes hasn't had another hit. And uh... that's probably for the best. Like I said, there's a million of these things. Juju on the Beat is one of the more famous ones. Just major hits that trended on Tik Tok or Vine or whatever by nobodies that completely diseappeared afterwards because they sounded horrendous. [I ain't a joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooke"] This was the worst of them in that category.

Number 45: Beyonce - Diva (Number 82, 2009)


I'm not a big fan of Beyonce. I mean, there are some songs of hers that I like; she's had so many it's hard not to find at least one. "Best Thing I Never Had", "Sweet Dreams", "Irreplaceable." They're all decent songs. But when Beyonce is bad... she's very bad. And 2009 she had quite a few bombs. "All the Single Ladies", which is... annoying and repetitive; "If I Were A Boy", which is pretty sexist. And this one. Which is uh...hideously unlistenable.

["I'm a-a-diva (Hey), I'm a, I'm a-a-dive (Hey)"] I mean, if this sounds anything close to pleasant to you... that's you, I guess. ["A diva is the female version of a hustler."] Is that what we're doing now? Changing the definition of words? Because well... no. That's not what a diva is. Diva has been pretty much an insult. Honestly, why am I even talking about the lyrics?

Beyonce has never sounded worse than she did in this song. She has talent. I don't know why this song sounds so horrendous, but with like the beep beep beep beat. The "Ima-ima-ima diva", it's like she took all of the bad parts of Ima Bee and decided to expand on that. It's one of the most mindnumbingly repetitive, annoying songs in history. It tries to convey a sense of power, but in the end it just has the power to make your head explode.

Number 44: Eminem - Just Lose It (Number 98, 2004)


["Guess who's back, back again. Shady's back, tell a friend."] Oh shit, Shady's back. This is gonna be something. ["Now everyone report to the dance floor."] Ah, alright. Let's get down. Let's get jiggy with it. Oh wait, that's a little out of date isn't it? ["Alright, stop, pajama time."] Guess not, since we're making MC Hammer Jokes in 2004.

["Give a little poot-poot, it's okay. Oops my CD just skipped and everyone just heard you let one rip."] Ah, Slim Shady is making fart jokes. Why? Didn't he have like... talent once? Like, I recall Eminem being actually funny once upon a time. ["I'm a grown man, chubba-chubba-chubba-chubba-chubba"] Then again, I don't know if this song is actually a comedy.

["Down the street screaming (ah-ah-ah-ah)"] Yeah, "Ah-ah-ah-ah", that's my favorite punchline. ["Grab your left nut, make your right one jealous. (What?)"] What is a good question. What the hell is this? ["Guess who's back with a brand new rap. And I don't mean "rap" as in a new case of child molestation accusations."] I want to be clear, this is the man who wrote "Stan," one of the deepest, mostly tightly-written songs in all of rap and hip hop. But no, now he's making jokes like ["I done touched on everything but little boys and that's not a stab at Michael."] cheap and corny Michael Jackson jokes? Like, why? What's the point?

["Like TP for my bung-hole."] Ah, yeah. Beavis and Butthead. Actual comedy. ["This is the part where the rap breaks down."] Incorrect. The rap of this song broke down about sometime here. [Shady's back, tell a friend.] Hey everyone, Slim Shady's going AH-AH-AH-AH-AH. Aren't we so happy to have him back?

Number 43: D4L - Laffy Taffy (Number 46, 2006)


Another obligatory one I suppose. So, if you don't know, Bennet the Sage, like... back in 2012 or something did a couple of Top 20 lists. He listened to every Number 1 billboard hit, which kind of inspired this project in a roundabout way. I obviously didn't agree with everything he put on either of his lists, as you might be able to tell by now if you've watched the video. But the number one on his list was a certain Laffy Taffy, by the act D4L.

["Girl shake that laffy taffy."] And, while it's obviously not one, I will say that it is hideously bad. We've got a lot of the worst parts of the 2000's. Bad production, bad mix (I can't tell what half of these fucking lyrics are), and of course another painful sex-as-candy metaphor. Tootsie Roll, I can get as a metaphor. Even jolly rancher, which the song also uses. But... laffy taffy? How is that a metaphor for...

First of all, laffy taffy is one of the most childish candies out there. And it doesn't look like an ass. Also, this song is almost 4 minutes long. Why is this song almost four minutes long? ["I'ma toss the laffy taffy, toss it, flip it, and slap it. Bust a couple of nuts/And get right back at it."] Yeah, I don't think this one deserves any deeper analysis.

It's just shit. Like obvious and apparent shit.

Number 42: Ying Yang Twins - Wait (The Whisper Song) (Number 63, 2005)


So, this song is exactly like the last one. Except it's entirely in creepy whispering. ["And I'm known to be a real nasty man/And they say a closed mouth don't get fed/So I don't mind askin' for head."] It's this, but... whispered. ["Ayy bitch, wait til you see my dick/Wait til you see my dick."] If someone is whispering this to you. Or to me. Or anyone... my imagination can't go anywhere else. A crime is being committed.

["Beat the pussy up, beat the pussy up, beat the pussy up."] This song is just conscionably creepy. ["Walk around the club with your thumb in my mouth. Put my dick in, take your thumb out."] Are you asking-- never mind.

This was radio in the 2000's ladies and gentlemen. And yes, if you're wondering, it's the kind of shit we happened to listen to when we were kids. This kinda stuff just aired willy nilly on the radio, at all hours. They may have censored the slurs and swearing, but it wasn't no kidz bop edition we were hearing. And even if that was the case, early internet access and limewire means that... this is the kinda shit we heard all the fucking time. And it was completely unavoidable.

Number 41: George Michael - Father Figure (Number 27, 1988)


I do want to establish something at this point. A lot of people who know me know that I'm not into the whole sex thing. I am ace. There are a lot of songs about sex and romance on this list already. And I will say, even with the really good ones, there's probably always going to be something that I'll never understand. But, if a song is good and doing what it's supposed to, I can see the vibe behind it. I think Gotye's "Save Me" and Modern English's "I Melt With You" are some of the sweetest songs ever. As for strict sex, there are some songs I can definitely see the appeal of, like with Madonna's "Like a Virgin" or Semisonic's "Chemistry." However, there is one song that really made me understand the difference between Marvin Gaye and "Let's Marvin Gaye and Get It On".

George Michael's "Careless Whisper". Like, it's the obvious choice of the "sexiest song of all time." If you've never heard it before, you're new to the internet. Us reviewer dorks used to use this one all of the time whenever we wanted to make a joke that something "risque" was happening in a movie or whatever. It's a cliche like "I'm being forced to review thing against my will" that's grown passe, but that's largely cuz that song deserves more respect. Also, if you want to get your kicks at of Careless Whisper, it's a lot funnier to put the song on a timer and just have it go off at random intervals at like a restaurant or something.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that did manage to start an actual relationship. Because George Michael is someone who really understands romance. Except that one time. So, Father Figure has that groove; and I'd imagine that someone out there could use its beat for getting it on. Until you know...

["I will be your father figure/put your tiny hand in mine/I will be your preacher teacher."] Excuse me, I have to barf. I say this with absolute sincerity. What the actual fuck? Like, I know "I'm your daddy" is a phrase that people did and use. But even going to "I'm your father", that makes my skin crawl. But no, George Michael takes it a step even further, "I'll be your father figure."] The fuck does that even mean? On second that, don't tell me.

Yes, this is a sex song by the way. ["Just for one moment/To be warm and naked/at my side."] Then he goes into details about "putting your tiny hand in mine. And uh ["And love can't lie, no/Greet me with the eyes of a child."] Could you have worded that any worse? Half of the time, it sounds like pseudo incest. The other half of the time, it sounds like priest play. ["That's all you wanted something special, someone sacred."]["I will be your preacher teacher"]["If we have faith in each other/Then we can be strong, baby."]

Like, guy wrote sexiest song ever in one year. Then he's going on about he'll be bold and naked next to you, being your father figure. This song comes from a screwed up place. Or it leads to a screwed up place

Number 40 - Bubba Sparxxx - Ms. New Booty (Number 36, 2006)


Remember when I was ranting about Donna Fargo's "Funny Face"? Much of my reasoning was how much my mother overplayed it relentlessly. This is the song that my stepfather overplayed. ["Booty Booty booty rocking everywhere."] Just listening to it should be clear why it's on a list like this.

["Put it on me, enthusiastically/Whatever it is, you do it admirably."] Do I even need to mention that this is one of the most skin-crawlingly repulsive songs of the 2000's? It's like Laffy Taffy except worse in every regard. Do I have to mention that this song also features the fucking Ying Yang Twins. Who, yes, are still doing their creepy ass whisper shit.

The siren and the car noises in the background are the worst part of this song. Actually, no. Every part of this song is the worst part of this song.

["Ass get to jiggling, motherfuckin' wiggling/Keep that thang shakin' like she frostbit shivering."] You do know that body parts suffering from frostbite don't shiver, right/ Also, they get amputated. ["Like nuttin' else, yeah I'm a country boy/But that big city bottom fill me up with joy."] Oh yeah, you definitely sound country.

I don't even get the... fucking title of the song. Ms. New Booty? You talking implants. I wasn't aware ass implants were a thing. ["Hi there, how are things."] You know, alright. Could be better. Been listening to some shitty music lately. ["I was once a breast man, now it seems... your chest is just whatever, I found the buried treasure."] So you're saying if things went differently, we'd have a song called "Ms. New Booby"?

If anyone says they miss music in the 2000's, they're lying their ass off. Which is probably why they had to get that new booty. And despite all of this, the worst worst part of the song is that fucking opening. ["Booty booty booty rocking everywhere."] Can you tell that Bubba Sparx -Ex Ex Ex really likes ass? If you couldn't, he will be sure to remind you.

My only solace is that we don't have songs like this today. I say a boldfaced lie.

Next time: Songs like this, mostly. to be honest.

Palate Cleanser: Everclear - Wonderful

Despite what I say, there are some brilliant songs from the 2000's. It's just... what the public was listening to... it wasn't Modest Mouse, let's say.

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