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Hello all,

Just wanted to chime in a bit on something. I noticed that an artist on Deviantart had drawn their character on top of my poses from a FNAF character sheet I had done. Now, I firstly appreciate that my work is enjoyed enough that someone would be interested to do this. Secondly, its nice practice to work from another person's art to break through new avenues of design sensibility for you, which I agree with and support. However, the term "inspired" isn't necessarily accurate when its, unfortunately, a tracing of the same poses, composition and layout of the same piece.

Therefore, I wanted to make it clear that while I do encourage practice on my pieces, please do not use the poses I design to coat over your own. Draw them, sure! Practice, sure! But don't post them unless you specifically show that you are improving your OWN visual pose library, as an artist. THIS is how one gets better, and more confident in their designs and works.

I'll mention also, it may seem a bit contradictory to say such as I myself was drawing a character that was not my own. However, let it be said that I created a new composition and design, with wholly brand new poses that I did not copy or trace. I say that in confidence as that is what I have always done, to the best of my ability. Again, creating NEW poses and learning about acting and expression (film, theatre, watch the acting and try to recapture it not just by tracing practice but recreation and modification and exploratory drawing!) is how one gets BETTER at drawing.

So I'll end just by saying that if you do trace my work, do it only as practice. Do not post said tracings or minor alterations. Instead, be inspired to try new versions, approach the tried and true method of true INSPIRATION and try new poses. They may not work at first, but give it time and focus and effort. It WILL pay off and you'll be on stronger foundations, both as a person taking pride in THEIR work, and as an artist with a stronger visual library of forms and design sensibility in composition and layout.

Thanks so much for your time in reading, and I'm excited to share some new pieces with everyone! Thank you again for the artist that did copy my work, as it is flattering, and I do wish the best in your growth and learning and hitting new confident heights with your artwork! Growth comes from learning from good experiences and bad, so I wanted to make sure everyone knows these things. I wish the best of you all, so go out there and ART!

Stay tooned now!

-Matthew Critchfield (Mattartist25)

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Careful with impersonation accounts! If you receive a message saying an adopt you attempted to bid is available again, please check the profile and the status of the adopt. Check with the original owner and such! Accounts are trying to scam people by using usernames that seems like the original, but isn't, so always double check ok? All my adopts are closed and not available.

Take care!

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Chase was a Kris (as in Deltarune) but the muddling of ideas tears and fears in the abstract mind of the universe rendered him something almost incomprehensible. He’s nothing more than a mere shadow of who he once was intended to be, and only bears a resemblance to the idea that created him. Chase encompasses a sorrow built from deep emotional pain and is the desire to continue gouging out the flesh in one’s own emotional (made physical) wound.

Chase (vent OC)
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