Another update to Studio: the “scheduled” tab!


All your scheduled submissions on Studio will now appear in one place for easy reference, including submissions scheduled from Sta.sh or DreamUp, which previously did not appear in the Studio.

Here’s what else is new with Studio:

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I have some awesome news! Last month, Makeship reached out to me for a partnership opportunity to create merch with em! Such as....a plushie!!! I couldn't believe it! XD And now.....I can finally announce the official Kosmo Plushie petition is now live! https://www.makeship.com/petitions/kosperry-plushie

Kosperry Makeship
Kosperry Makeship2

This is honestly a dream come true to try and have this opportunity for an official Kosmo plushie to be available to everyone!

Since its a crowdfunded project by Makeship, he will need lotsa help to become a reality!

(Dont worry, if the petition should not make the 100% funding goal, Makeship will refund ya! :D)

Thank you so much in advance for any pledges or interest in the project! AHH This is honestly so exciting!

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Hello all :wave:

The June DD Glory Challenge has come to an end and I want to thank you all for participating. Together you all featured almost 160 different June Daily Deviations through this event and that is just SO amazing :love:

May DD Glory

Here are the Daily Deviations that were featured the most :

Thought catcher
Solo Breakfast
Book Cave Dragon
Watercolour cat
What do you mean 'touch grass'???
Silver Orb
9 Kopiera 2

The selected winners of the month who get to share the prize pool are ... :woohoo:

TheStockWarehouse 💙 DashingTonyDrake 💙 barefootliam 💙 1KittyKatQueen1 💙 dabliueli 💙 GamerArtisan

DD glory
9 Kopiera 2

I also want to send a big thank you to our sponsors for donations of points, badges and features :love:

moonbeam13 KizukiTamura WDWParksGal Dieffi ov3 TheFulkrum LukasFractalizator

9 Kopiera 2

I wish you all a lovely week :love:

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This journal is to serve as a reminder that any art made for Art Fight needs to be submitted to the Art Fight folder.

Thank you.

Also, please do not submit art that IS NOT related to Art Fight to the Art Fight folder. It is specifically for the event only.

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And yes I am going to get right into the meat and potatoes, I kind of have to with a title like that.

No guys, it's not click bate, mega swords creator Kyle Carrozza has been arrested for NSFL child photos being in his possession.


Now I don't know what's lead up to this arrest or if anyone tipped off the police, I just know that this information came out today, alongside a lot of people being happy with it, including those who stated that Kyle asked them for lewd photos when they were underage.

I've talked about Kyle in the past on here. For those who didn't see those journals, I was mad as hell at Kyle because he black listed an employee over having lewd drawling's of cartoon characters, even though Kyle had made the same type of photos before in the past.

The person he black listed was also a survivor of s*xual assault...

While I'm glad Kyle is behind bars, it really pisses me off how it took this long for him to get the boot. Look guys, I'm all for innocent until proven guilty and sticking up for your friends, but stuff like this is why I wish more people would take their friends aside and talk to them as oppose to blindly defend them.

Kyle f*ck face here has the nerves to go and tell someone "sorry, we have to black list you from the industry for this art you made" while he's downloading and watching actual kids get harmed.

This story is also an example of why I'm suspicious of people who virtual signal and claim they're on "the good guys side" or "the right side of history", because time and time again you see these people who can do no wrong wind up getting outed for some type of really bad deed, weather it's an extreme like this, or being an abusive partner or even someone who steals money from charity.

Look animation and voice over industry, I know your full a clicks and what not, but I really suggest you leave that stuff at the door or at home, because some of the people you're defending blindly are like Kyle here. They have done or are doing something really messed up behind the scene, and basically getting rewarded for it because you're protecting them.

There's a lot more egg that's gonna fall on you're faces if you choose to defend bad people for whatever reason you have, and I'll gladly sit back and eat popcorn while you guys pull out every damage control, PR statement, "we didn't know" BS excuse you can think of to weasel your way out of protecting a predator.

Here's to hoping the swamp can drain sooner rather then later...

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