A multi-image deviation feature is finally in the works as a part of the new Studio, and we want to hear from you!

  1. What would you like to see in a multi-image deviation feature on DeviantArt?

  2. What types of content would you put in a multi-image deviation? (Comics, photo sets, stock photo sets, works-in-progress, multi-chapter stories, etc.?)

  3. How do you currently show this type of content? For example, do you put thumbnails to the other deviations in the description, share them within a gallery folder, etc.?

  4. What other platforms do you use that support multi-image posts? What do you like or dislike about them?

  5. Would you prefer to customize metadata (like descriptions, tags, and prices) for each individual image within a multi-image set, or for the entire set as a whole?

  6. Would you prefer to interact (such as favoriting or commenting) with each individual image within a multi-image set, or with the entire set as a whole?

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HUGE thank you to all who participated in my most recent raffle giveaway ♡

Still in shock that I reached such an incredible milestone and I am so thankful for everyone's support Q u Q

I cannot wait to host another contest!

Now to announce the 5 WINNERS...

Number picker

10 - SharelSan

24 - Theartentropist

40 - MewSuperKawaii

20 - NeonPhobiaSmiles

9 - QueenAliza

I will be distributing the prizes to all of the winners shortly!

Thank you again

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Happy Father's Day

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HEY! All the contest slots are filled and we are ready to vote!!!

RULES You may vote for up to 3 people. Vote down in the comments below!

I do ask for non-biased votes. Try not to vote for someone because 'they are your friend' or because you want to return the favor of a vote, but because you genuinely believe that the work deserves a win. I want this to be a fair vote. Consider the effort, creativity, ideas, and anything else that you view to be important factors deserving of a win. Heck, maybe a certain piece just speaks to you more. But remember, be kind.

Oh, and you can't vote for yourself. If you have entered the contest, please make sure that you have left a comment on everyone else's work. Otherwise one point will be deducted and added onto the rest who have followed directions. This may impact your chances of winning. You have until voting ends to correct this if you haven't yet already.

Bookwriter94 himself will tally up the votes and announce the winner once voting ends. (Unless if for some circumstance he can't, I'll take the responsibility for it myself.) Anyway, choose wisely! And good luck to those who entered! There will be 3 winners, a first place, 2nd place and 3rd place. If there happens to be a tie, we will perform a tie breaker. Last day for voting is 6/23/24. Here are the options!

1) Saoswife

Contest: Meeting room

2) Stitchtastic2020

My love... My Anna

3) LadyVictoria92

Sag contest entry: Destiny

4) AlcyoneSong97

Silver And Gold Contest

5) Firecrackerwolf

Painting in Peace (SaG Contest Entry)

6) BeedrillGum

Let Me Be Really Good to You (SaG Contest Entry)

7) StardraArts

A Dream or a Memory?

8) @DisneyFanGirl1997

Contest - Hiram Apologizes to Anna

9) @Nightwishrockz

[CE] Anna VS Kathy - Midnight Duel

10. PureAngelDragon713

What Happened Five Years Ago [CE]

11. RalphandSamm55

Silver and Gold Contest

12. Ankokuu

Mom?  (Contest Entry)

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X post: https://x.com/NamyG_oficial/status/1802447910455611837

I've come to the conclusion that continuing with this Riley bit has already made me fed up and mentally tired. I will follow my psychologist's recommendation and leave social networks. That's right, I'm leaving networks and only my Discord will be active to accept commissions from whoever wants them-

Only after having a call with Riley, making him apologize for everything he has done to me like defaming me, stealing from me, and creating fake news about me. Like I raped 3 minors, only then will I leave social networks

That's right, all those who were waiting for this moment, thank Riley Morninsgtar, a guy who literally does have real grooming complaints with real evidence. Congratulations

@RileyMorningst5 I'm not going online anymore, let's see who you steal from next.

With this, all my content that was predestined to appear on YouTube, DeviantArt, Instagram or any other social network, is canceled. All my work and personal things will remain personal and nothing will touch the light of the Internet, at least not soon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing this for funas, for which I already apologized, admitted my mistakes and I'm changing, I'm doing it exclusively because of Riley Morningstar's excessive harassment of me. To the point that I don't feel safe where I live or work.

Have a nice day, week and year, for my part, there will only be the record of my existence with my abandoned accounts from now on. Until who knows when!

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