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News and plans

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Hello, everyone! ^^ I hope you're having a great time!

I'm here with some news, updates and plans.

First of all, I've finally finished my waiting list - all commissions are done! It took me about 6 months - well, the previous waiting list took over a year, so that's some progress! =)

So many awesome ideas! I'm so glad you let me work on your projects! Thank you! ^^


I'm planning to open a new waiting list on 18 January, so stay tuned! I'll post a Journal when commission are open again.


Then, I wanted to remind that I have a Patreon account - <a href="https://www.patreon.com/rittikdesigns">PATREON | Rittik-Designs</a>

I really appreciate all the support I get, because nowadays drawing is my only source of income. I'd be very grateful and happy if you consider supporting me and my arts.

At the moment there are over 80 designs available only for patrons and I keep posting new arts regularly!


And finally some bad news. For almost 2 months I've been getting messages from DA that my arts are being sold as NFTs on OpenSea site.

I reported dozens of stolen arts and wrote lots of e-mails. I didn't get replies; somearts were taken down, but then reuploaded again. At last I got a reply from OpenSea where they demanded my personal information to "make sure" that I am the artist! Their users and art-thieves could be anonymous, but somehow I have to prove that the arts were stolen - though I provided links to the arts in question.

I'm not going to give them my personal information, I don't trust this site. So all I can do is to warn you - I DON'T sell my designs as NFTs!

I don't know yet if I like/support all this NFT thing or not. Some might like it, some might hate, I'm indifferent. But my arts are adopts and commissions. People already paid to get them, so I'll never sell them twice. That would be unfair.

So, please, be aware! There are lots of stolen arts on OpenSea and they just don't care about copyright violation.


Well, that's all for now.

If you have questions and suggestions, please leave a comment!

Have a nice day! :hug:

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Yenbiie is an old and well know sponsor and supporter of the 100millionpoints project, one of our hundreds of kind souls who helps the project to stay active.

:bulletblue: Meet their commissions: chibi to semi-realistic commissions OPEN

:bulletorange: Show some support on their artwork if you like it :)

Me and my art

:bulletblack: Her social media so you can further follow her:


Thank you for always supporting our sponsors :squee:

Only support her if you really like her job, don't be a ghost watcher.

If you support her somehow, let me know in comments so I can thank you somehow :points:

Have a great weekend!

I'm hosting a core membership giveaway if you're feeling lucky:

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once again i am accepting art requests and plz just request don't ask if they are open Please note that I will only be on one character per person in a head shot style only And the character must belong to you. no Gacha life ocs sorry. I do not do copyrighted characters sorry.And again I will only draw human characters and only My Little Pony characters. No anthros, no furries, no Pokémon, no cars because I never draw them and it's to much for me no hats ok thanks

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Personal News

Heyo! I did some more comic planning today! I'm up to issue 15 of DELTA in the first draft, and it's starting to come along nicely! I can't wait to finish the draft so I can iron out even more details in the second draft!

I haven't been able to work on my comic in a while since I've been ill consecutively since the middle of December. However, I'm tired of letting illness rule my life, so here I am letting you know that I've made steps towards getting my comic finalized!


Anyway, here's the real news!

Writing News

BHBL is being written as we speak. (I should be done with this chapter next week!)

FbnL's planning is next.

CR is on hold.

Heartstrings is on hold.

Drawing News

First Dance Among Fireflies

Video News

And finally, here's this week's video!

Thank you so much for reading! Now that I've gotten over Covid, I can get back to my regular routine, and that starts with ensuring I get back to a healthy sleep cycle! I hope to see you next week for another update!


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The 2021 Holiday Card Project was a smashing success — receiving 1,748 cards submitted from nearly 1,500 deviants around the globe! Since 2004, the Project has had the goal of spreading holiday cheer to hospital patients. In the interest of public health, DeviantArt made the pivot to digital submissions of cards for 2021.

As a result, we teamed up with California Hospital Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in greater Los Angeles, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and partner facilities of Dignity Health Southern California who all had the ability to display cards digitally. It is a privilege to know the DeviantArt community has helped to spread some holiday cheer to people who need it most.

Holiday cards 2
Holiday cards
  • Amber Chavez, Special Programs Coordinator at CHOC, remarked that “the patients and families loved it! It truly brightened their hospital stay, especially during the holidays.”

  • Megan Martinez, Community Outreach Manager at Dignity Health Southern California, noted that she was excited to share the cards with the hospitals under her supervision.

  • Tracy Nordbak, Director of Volunteer Services at California Hospital Medical Center, adds that she looks forward to when the traditional Holiday Card Project can return.

Thank you to everyone who participated for spreading joy and happiness through the Holiday Card Project. Below is a small selection of eye-catching cards that were created for the Project, and we hope to see even more submissions next year!

Santa Sidescroller wishes Happy Holidays!
Holiday Card
Warm winter
Holiday Card
DA Holiday Card Project 2021
DA Xmas Cards-2021(3)
DA Holiday Card Project 2021
Cheers from Dalila!!

Fragment distribution for participants

Every deviant who uploaded a card by the deadline has now received 300 fragments. If your card was uploaded after the deadline and we were unable to distribute it, don't worry: you'll still receive your 300 fragments, and please feel free to save it so that it can be distributed as part of the 2022 Holiday Card Project.

If you submitted a card and did not receive your fragments, you don't need to worry either — that doesn't mean your card wasn't shared! If you didn't receive your fragments and you submitted a card during the campaign period, please leave a comment on this journal with a link to your card. These fragments can be used to grant a diamond badge, which also gives the recipient one month of Core! Learn more about fragments.

Please note: you can only use your fragments to give a Core Membership to accounts without an active Core Membership. If you give a diamond badge to a user who already has an active Core Membership, including Senior Members, their membership will not be extended.

Once again, from all of us at DeviantArt, thank you so much to everyone for spreading the holiday cheer. We look forward to seeing your cards once again at the end of this year!

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