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We were blown away by the incredibly powerful Espers submitted to the contest! The styles, imagination, and endless creativity transcended expectations, making it incredibly difficult on our judges Harry, @Laovaan, @sandara and @GENZOMAN to choose just 25 entries to award. A big congratulations to all the winners and a special thank you to Lilith Games for hosting the contest with DeviantArt!

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1st Place

Jin Yuyao | Dislyte

Jin Yuyao | Dislyte by @COOLBOSS13

Judge's Comments

The atmosphere is perfect, the attitude and movement of the character make the picture impactful and appealing.

2nd Place

Dislyte - Clara

Dislyte - Clara by @NoslinArt

Judge's Comments

The sassy look on the character's face, the flying peacock, and the urban elements blend nicely together.

Dislyte - Sander

Dislyte - Sander by @Nat10730

Judge's Comments

The author's depiction of the dynamic character of light and shadow in the composition shows a very high professional level.

Dislyte Chang Pu (Yaoji)

Dislyte Chang Pu (Yaoji) by @HimoMangaArtist

Judge's Comments

An interesting design that fits very well the character's temperament. The background conveys very well the attributes of the associated deity.

#DislyteDA - Triki (Loki)

#DislyteDA - Triki (Loki) by @MythologicalPainter

Judge's Comments

The surprising choice of background and the skilled light and shadow control greatly help release the charm of the character.

3rd Place

Li Ling - Dislyte
Check this out! wink
.::.: I See U ::..:.
Sushi Time
Triki - Dislyte
Clara | Dislyte
Tang Xuan


Jin Yuyao | Queen Mother
Kaylee (Anuket)
Dislyte : Isis
Delight with Dislyte - Anesidora (Pandora)
DISLYTE Esper Union
Dyslite - Mona (Artemis)
Chang Pu Dislyte Contest
Berenice Splash Art

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Guide to art commissions for beginners.

How to get over 100 commisisons, without having a big following.

Divider - Sparkles

Hi, im Chris and i've been making over 160 commissions so far (I am currently taking a break to finish up college and i will reopen in 2024), AAAAND i will tell you EVERYTHING i know it works on this platform, from my own personal experience, to get people to commission you.

● Pricing strategy to get clients...

It always depends on what kind of quality i have to offer for the price i am asking, compared with other people. Why would people commission me, and not other people? Always ask this question. Or, would i commission myself?. Don't be unrealistic. It's in vain to ask for a lot of money, even if you feel like it deserved the time you are putting into, if the art is shit, basically. It doesn't matter if your are timing yourself, if the quality is bad. Remember that you can not start off directly getting rich, lol. At first, just be grateful that people are interested in your art, regarding the money you get. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to practice and get experience to get better... and just have fun.

People often says i used "competitive pricing" meaning i offer a decent quality for a cheap price so i can get many clients and so a lot of money. With time, my quality got better and so my prices got higher but the amount of work stayed the same cuz i still offered a good deal in therms of quality and pricing, compared with other people. For example, when i was a noob i asked for just 6$ for a bust or even lower. Then, after i made a few commissions, i changed it to 9$. Then 12$, then 14$ or 16$ and now, after my art improved a lot and after i also made many examples for clients to see, i can easily ask for around 20$ or 28$ (depending on the detail level) for just a bust. This worked out nicely for me so far so i can say it is tested out strategy. XD

● How to get clients to find you?

1. Post your commission info and commission examples in as many groups as possible (especially commission groups). Deviantart is an amasing platform for small artists cuz it has this feature. Just make sure that group is active and you are not just wasting time submiting to it. How to make sure it's active? After you join, you submit a deviation. After a week or so, you check the correspondence on that deviation and if there is still the withdraw option avalable *or worse, ot it expired evetnually) then the admins are most likely not active.

2. Make a journal and a deviation post with all your information including pricing information, so its easy for clients to see what you offer. Hashtag them properly and make sure to put "open commissions" in the title.

3. Post your commission info in the job offers forum after you decide that job suits you.

4. Search in the search bar "looking for commissions" and click on the recent journals. That way you will find people who are looking to commission you. You will then have to comment on their post with your commission info, just like you did on the job forums that i mentioned above.

5. They can come from other platforms using direct links or carrd / linktree link, or you can also just post your commission info on other platforms and get commissions there. From my own experience, other platforms where you can get clients (but not as many as on deviantart) are Reddit and Discord. About Furrafinity and Amino i am not that sure... and Instagram works only if you have a decent following already.

● How to make the commission pricing sheet?

Just don't add too many options cuz it's confusing and tiring. It needs to be clear cut for people. If you have too many useless options, then clients get confused and overwhelmed and just leave to find something more exact. Also, always add examples, but not too many, just your best works.


I hope that was helpful in any way. There are a few other journals giving tips on getting noticed but there are not as many and all i could find are journals from 5 or 10 years ago, so i wanted to make an updated guide, as many things had changed lately. Also a lot of information from those other guides include things like: Be nice, be somewhat active and stuff like that, wich i think are paramount and so obvious that i didn't think its necessary to mention them again.

Keep creating and do what you love.

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The hyper-sexual magical mayhem at the Hotel Infinity is far from over! With a spreading spell turning everyone it reaches into a mindless lust monster, it's up to Lexie and Mona to seek help from Kallinara... that is, if she can be persuaded to not splatter Lexie across eighteen dimensions first!

Synopsis: A strange curse is quickly spreading across the hotel, and there might be only one sorceress powerful enough to stop it. There's just one problem: that sorceress currently wants Lexie dead!

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, mind control, mental transformation, corruption, muscle growth, penis expansion, bimbo, lactation, lip expansion, sex, pleasure, revenge, magic, GIGA breasts, MAMMOTH ass

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: b-ridge

Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studio)

Release Date: June 21st, 2022

Series Link: Hotel Infinity To download this comic and all of our other breast expansion comics purchase a 1-month membership to Expansion Fan!


1 Comment
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Commissions Info Sale
Kemono ref sheet commissions info

My email - mhmlaalwani@gmail.com

My linktree - https://linktr.ee/mysticfoxspirit

Backgrounds are free ( Only simple backgrounds )

If the character is a small critter like pokemon ( 10% discount )

Per extra character ( + 20% ) (not applicable to kemono ref sheets)

Animation commissions info

My work (coloured) - https://youtu.be/8r7e7bl3o1s

Sketch animation - https://youtu.be/fYLE4GLJ6K4


Sketch animations - $2 per second

Coloured animations - $5 per second

Animation meme commissions also accepted ( same price )

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Okay! There seems to be a lot of mystery about these new badges that popped up on DeviantART recently. Thanks to everyone who brought it to our attention and helped with the research. I did my own research too over the past few days and this is what I have concluded.

DISCLAIMER: Please remember though that these results are not conclusive until DA makes an official announcement about them. This journal post will be updated if new information arises. This is the best information we have so far.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though it seems that these new Mystery Egg and Blob Badges are only available to new members, who recently joined DeviantART are submitting new deviations. It is possible for longtime members to get these new badges. @ShiroDrawz found the solution in attaining them. You can read those instructions here: https://www.deviantart.com/comments/4/13449372/4986483952

Mystery Egg



You submitted your 1st deviation, amazing! But what's this...? Something has magically appeared. What will happen if you feed it one more deviation? That looks like a crack....

Mystery Egg Submit

Baby Blob



Achievement unlocked! Your 2nd deviation made the Mystery Egg hatch. Do you want your Baby Blob to grow big and strong? See what happens when you feed it 3 more deviations...

Baby Blob Submit

Bouncing Blob



Your 5th deviation's making it jump for joy! Looks like your deviation had a lot of caffeine in it, look at it go! Feed your blob 5 more nutritious deviations to see what you'll unlock next.

Bouncing Blob Submit

Disco Blob



Groovy, baby! Your 10th deviation unlocked the funk. You're now an expert at submitting deviations. Thanks for making yourself at home on DeviantArt. We're glad you're here, and we hope you keep sharing your work with us.

Disco Blob Submit

Scored 1st Subscriber



Congrats on getting your first-ever subscriber!

Scored First Subscriber

Landed 5 Subscribers



You're on a roll! 5 deviants think you're awesome.

Scored Fifth Subscriber

Reached 10 Subscribers



Keep up the good work!

Scored Tenth Subscriber

Reached 50 Subscribers

https://www.deviantart.com/leckorg/badges/17350430/ https://st.deviantart.net/badges/huge/scored_fiftieth_subscriber.gif

You've made it to the big leagues!

Scored Fiftieth Subscriber
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An Artist's Guide to DeviantArt Subscriptions by team, journal

Focus Interview: mikiko-art by team, journal

Delight with Dislyte: Celebration Contest Winners by team, journal

Start Conversations with Comment Suggestions by team, journal

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