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Celebrating Deviousness - August 2021

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Deviousnessaward Smallheader By Moonbeam13 Ddyitja

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community

August 2021's Deviousness Award Recipient:@TheKikkaKibaz

A regular face among the forum community, @TheKikkaKibaz is a very active deviant from Portugal whose positive contributions extend well past the forums and into the realm of promoting artists whenever possible. An energizing force of positivity and encouragement within the community, @TheKikkaKibaz exemplifies what it means to be deviant and we are thrilled to be awarding her with Deviousness for August 2021.

Dalogo Hr By Moonbeam13 Ddyitk9

Hello! I'm Kikka, a Portuguese hobbyist artist that decided to draw one day and kept going just because I am too stubborn to give up until I improve to a god-level (yap, in the end, I'll never stop drawing hehe). I liked to doodle and draw when I was a kid and a teenager, but it was something I did rarely. After I began watching anime more often (around five years ago), I found myself wanting to draw more regularly. I was focused on drawing fan-art most of the time but I enjoyed trying different things. I was just a traditional artist with not many resources so I'd draw with anything I had: a pen, pencil, cheap markers, and even makeup! When I began drawing more "seriously" I got myself a tablet to keep improving on the digital side, but I never gave up on traditional art.

Landscape Practice

In the end, thanks to many deviants (some who are still around and some that have left), I ended up improving and growing a lot as an artist. Now you can see in my gallery a mix of anime to semi-realism to landscapes to (simple) animation; from dark to badass to cute to silly; from fan-art to original art and stories. And you can see many traditional and digital mixed arts, which I personally find so beautiful. This, of course, wouldn't happen if I didn't find this website with so many incredible and inspiring artists, so I must thank everyone that crossed my path and especially those that walk beside me! Let's grow together

Dalogo Hr By Moonbeam13 Ddyitk9

Community Quotes

I was very happy to hear that @TheKikkaKibaz is receiving the Deviousness Award today! I've known Kikka for quite a few years now, and I've never seen her be anything but kind and cheerful. Her enthusiasm for not only her own work, but also the art of others, is irresistible. I don't know where she always finds the time to leave so many lovely comments, and also make so much great art! The varied mediums she uses make every piece unique. Kikka is a real treasure for the dA community. Congratulations on this award! You deserve it. - @Iduna-Haya

Vida y Muerte

@TheKikkaKibaz is an amazing artist and person! She always cheers me up and her art is beautiful. It is extremely good to reference for things such as colours and shading. I particularly love her landscape drawings! Overall, she is extremely deserving of the Deviousness Award and I hope that she carries on inspiring us the way she is! - @AltonTowersFreak

Unquiet Grave [VIDEO]

It is an honor to participate in this tribute to my friend @TheKikkaKibaz . I invite you to meet her: a young woman willing to show everyone that it is worth facing our fears and at the same time helping others. This is what @TheKikkaKibaz does when they tell us their stories or draw attention to the work of other deviants, hold contests or recommend tutorials. You deserve it, girl! - @DoodlAnne

The Rooftop

Kikka is one of my favourite shiny stars in the DeviantArt universe. She has a warm and bright soul, whose light is always expressed in her works: it can be a digital drawing, a traditional gouache or watercolour landscape, a creative video, a piece of poetry full of sensation and emotions or maybe some text strings about her two fictional stories (“L.I.E” and “Eler”). No matter which art medium she chooses, you will always find inspiration in her works. She’s also a lovely woman who shares friendly talks with a positive attitude and a charming personality. In other words: she’s the kind of friend you just need to treasure the most. I’m so glad to find you, thank you for sharing your daily time with us here, and I hope more people have the chance to see your work, too. Keep shining, my dear friend, my warrior lady! - @Tomate89

Living in Sabi

When I was returning to DeviantArt after leaving the site for years after not being very social overall nor posted anything back then — there were some people that I got comfortable and also looked forward to see art from, and @TheKikkaKibaz was one of them! And by mutually following each other, it made the site more alive for me. Before, my page was more barren and lonely .. But not anymore! We might not talk a lot with each other, but she has left an impact on me that stays. Someone who made this site more welcoming for me and for that I am grateful! - @Sensei-Malfunction

Bonny and Read

Img 4 By Moonbeam13 Dcjs2v6

Congratulations to @TheKikkaKibaz !

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I lost interest in my art.

1 min read

I'm sorry. I lost interest in my art.

and It's really hard to keep drawing.

Honestly, I wanted to give up my art.

But I should not give up.

For the time being... I'll draw my art slowly.

I hope you understand.

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August feature+Artist of the month!

2 min read

Hello Owl-lowers!

I hope you had a great month because pfewww it was hot in here!! I hope none of you had a trouble encountering an owl or a bird baby on the ground, but if you did, I hope this journal

have helped you.

Now, let's enjoy a fine collection of owl art from our galleries.

Artist Banner

Artist of the month July is @kiriOkami !

KiriOkami (Julia) is an artist from Germany who combines complicated composition with lots of details to create amazing eye-catching paintings and illustrations.

Coffee Owl
End Time Love

Owls are common heroes of her art, but there are more than that! They explore mysterious places, enjoy their time in the nature, play and fall in love... Sometimes you do not need a text to guess what is the story may be about.

Clock Owls
Owl friendship

Fantastic world of her paintings includes alchemy, magic, witchcraft, dragons, etc...

more information https://juliakleinillustration.jimdofree.com/

Etsy https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/FluffySteam

forest glade

You may suggest the artist, photographer or an artizan for next month feature!

Now lets watch awesome Owl art by category:

Traditional art

Owl and Lenten Roses
Spiritual animal - Owl
Barn Owl
End of Day
Owls in love
The Lovely Owls
(2021) Where the Trees carry the Stars

Digital art

Owl Tea
Great horned owl
Owl's Fable
owl and pink
Owl in Soft Light
Owl baby


A Presence I Can Feel
home sweet home

Artisan crafts

Owl on wood
Voice in the Dark Owl Earrings
Snowy Owl Charm Handmade Animal Figurine
Brass owl ring with amber eyes, Size 8,5 - 10 US
Blue Needle Felted Owl
White Owl
More stone owls

Pixel art

Rowlet Icon [FreeToUse]
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Sailor Moon's Room ... IN REAL LIFE (NO KIDDING)!

2 min read


I am finally able to unveil a big secret project my husband and I have been working on during the past few months! We transformed my photo studio into Sailor Moon's Room from the classic anime - and now you have the chance to visit it, too!

We have reworked three more rooms in my studio to accomodate guests - beautifully decorated hideouts were you can stay and enjoy visiting Nuremberg, Germany! It's the perfect spot, whether you like sightseeing, shopping or taking selfies and cosplay pictures in the studio!

You can check it out on Airbnb starting now. We can't wait to host you sometime soon!

Floral Room: airbnb.de/h/floralapartment Baroque Room: airbnb.de/h/baroqueapartment Pink Room: airbnb.de/h/pinkapartment

228987226 2001103106710951 9116997153261943117 N
229168995 2001102916710970 7376783729717869422 N
228391343 2001103820044213 177286799544460103 N
230587405 2001102923377636 8113060735157615877 N
228177186 2001103020044293 506288053645846864 N
229082290 2001103463377582 579054236026276387 N
228687046 2001102890044306 3806379330640818982 N
229113859 2001103073377621 6866116036675805534 N
229848036 2001102810044314 2361829140011057827 N


Endlich kann ich das große Geheimprojekt, an dem mein Mann und ich die letzten Monate gearbeitet haben, mit euch teilen! Wir haben mein Atelier in Sailor Moons Zimmer aus dem klassischen Anime verwandelt - und ihr könnt euch jetzt auch wie Bunny fühlen!

Wir haben nämlich weitere drei Räume, in die ihr euch einmieten könnt. Diese sind ein wunderschöner Ausgangspunkt zum Shoppen in der Nürnberger Altstadt oder auch für kreative Cosplay-Shootings im Atelier.

Schaut jetzt auf Airbnb vorbei und bucht euer Lieblingszimmer - wir freuen uns auf euch!

Floral Room: airbnb.de/h/floralapartment Baroque Room: airbnb.de/h/baroqueapartment Pink Room: airbnb.de/h/pinkapartment

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