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June 19th is celebrated for the emancipation of slaves in the United States. Read about its history and resurgence as a cultural milestone!

Juneteenth, also known as Emancipation Day, is an annual celebration in the United States recognizing the freedom of slaves at the end of the American Civil War. The celebration has become increasingly recognized throughout the United States in the past 20 years, and was officially made a federal holiday just yesterday. Prior to this week, 49 of the 50 states had an official legal observation of Juneteenth, multiple resolutions in Congress were passed recognizing June 19th as Juneteenth Independence Day, and the past three presidents all made statements acknowledging it as a day of celebration.

In recognition of tomorrow’s celebration, DeviantArt would like to share some of Juneteenth’s history with you!

We People Who Are Darker Than Blue



The name Juneteenth is a portmanteau of the date chosen for the celebration, June 19th, and the date was chosen for the day General Order No. 3 was announced in Texas. Officially, slavery had been outlawed by federal law in 1863 by President Lincoln, but because enforcing that law was dependent on the advancement of Union troops—and because of Texas’s geographic distance from most of the states of the Union—it wasn’t until June 19th, 1865, that the law was delivered to Texas, the last of the slave states.

General Order No. 3 decreed that all slaves are free, though slavery was still legal and practiced in some states until the 13th Amendment was ratified, abolishing slavery nationwide. Despite this, Juneteenth celebrations focus on the freedom of slaves in the US based on the delivery of General Order No. 3 specifically because celebrations of Juneteenth began in Texas.

Cultural Resurgence

Juneteenth spread elsewhere across the US in the decades that followed, primarily tied to food festivals, but it has seen a heavy resurgence in popularity since the 1970s, initially in the wake of focus on African American freedom and arts, and more recently in the wake of protests and rallies relating to the Black Lives Matter movement. From a legal standpoint, Juneteenth was first recognized as a state holiday in Texas in 1980, and has been recognized at the state level across the nation in the 41 years since then.

Love The Unknown
Juneteenth Captain America

Until this year, Juneteenth was not federally recognized as an official holiday. There were increasing pushes for it to be recognized as a holiday, including a number of resolutions in Congress, but was officially signed into law as a federal holiday on June 17th, 2021. At the state level prior to 2021, Texas, Virginia, New York, and New Jersey made Juneteenth a paid day of leave for state employees, and only South Dakota did not have state-level recognition of Juneteenth as a day of celebration.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you celebrated Juneteenth before? If so, what was most memorable about it to you?

  2. For international deviants, do you know of similar celebrations of historical events around liberation in your area? If so, share about them in your comment!

June 2020 - Illustration 4: Happy Juneteenth!

Though we look to the past in celebration of Juneteenth, it is important to also look forward to the future and what can be done to combat injustice. Join us in July for a series of weekly articles with Trap Heals, the creative agency representing Black Lives Matter, covering their thoughts of the present and what to watch out for and work toward in the future.

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I'm now making a confession now, I'm now against the new upcoming movie for the sake of the future of Nickelodeon and to my loyalty to this LH/CG franchise because since February 5, 2019, this incomprehensible and unforgiveable decision made by the current network management and the officials at the now remerged ViacomCBS because they sold a movie based on one of my favorite shows to an online competitor that barely makes money and refuses to give numbers to the public. We demand ViacomCBS a sudden change of mind and a significant change to their streaming strategy like focusing The Loud House franchise exclusive to Paramount Plus by moving the upcoming movie to both Nick and Paramount rather than to other rivals and I'm saying it too as well to other Nick shows that have movies, spin-offs, and specials like Invader Zim, TMNT, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and of course Spongebob; selling them to other rivals it's not fair for me and for the others whose opposed as well. Look at Disney and CN they have different strategies in streaming even tho I don't count the Animaniacs reboot on Hulu. I need this to share this change petition even at the last minute to demand a fair competition and fair treatment in the franchise, please not everyone is affordable to pay for more streaming especially if u stack another price of Paramount Plus it's not affordable with another rival. I'm threatening to leave DV and not gonna post anything anymore when the new movie opens unless u move the movie itself to either Nick or Paramount Plus or both altogether. Help me spread this petition or else I'm leave this of this loyalty of this franchise altogether. Nickelodeon has always have me to brought me there to discover this perfect show and this later successful spin-off since it's premiere in May 2016 and now it's ruined by the forces of big tech that never carry the original show thru 3rd party syndication sales but they bought the movie without the show's streaming rights as an unusual but not acceptable mistake. The rebellion is the beginning, help me stop the forces of big tech to stop the creative destruction of the Nickelodeon brand itself bring the upcoming movie back to it's rightful owners.

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Hey, I'm sure most of you won't know about who I will be talking about, others will have an idea of who I'm talking and I'm sure more than one person reading this will know EXACTLY who I'm talking about.

I’ve been recommended on ignoring the topic, but as much as I tried, this doesn’t stop and this harassment continues, so I want to give my side of the story nonetheless

so, let's get right into the point, alright?

I’m talking about mariellaskyealt or how she’s currently named now Skyesalt

I’ve known her way before this started, often she spammed me with asking me to make an AT which I never accepted, since I was busy with other matters then, but even then it creeped me out...but didn’t care about it.


And I’m sure there are more comments spread around. Even after continously rejecting her she continued to suggest an AT on chat,

Shortly after meeting her, she asked me if she could use a style similar to me...I said it made me uncomfortable, but she didn’t really care and did it anyway. (Proof)

I was hurt, but tried to think about something else, after all I based my art style off my friend Kitshime with a mix of how a japanese artist who goes by the name “Juon Yu” (who focused more on drawing Beyond Birthday and L from Death Note) draws bodies.

I thought she’d eventually find her own style making it different from mine. It wasn’t until she did her first traced picture that I noticed how wrong I was. (20th of April) (OG Drawing)


She also traced Peach’s version of this drawing, but unfortunately I do not have the traced drawing.


(Spanish ver here)

and she did erase the traced pictures...but even so, she continued.

Thankfully some friends warned me and sent me drawings, since the new traced pictures were in a “only watchers” state (maybe a way for me to not catch her lying to me.)

but here are the drawings compared with the originals.

I immediately blocked her, hoping that would stop her from tracing...and then started to send people to ask me Why I blocked her, which I didn’t want to get involved with since I was sure if I answered it would just be a cycle

I did a first journal talking about the situation without putting their name, since they are a young...but everyone has to learn what “no” and “stop” means, which is why now I am doing this journal, since their creepy behavior and stubbornness on not respecting others art is something that deserves to be aware of, plus her attitude towards others. (and some people do not know the full story, or at least my part...something I want to show here)

They never cared and was warned by some of my friends to stop like showed here (thanks to XxJackFluttersxX For letting me share these screenshots.

They even harassed a friend who just commented on my first journal, who just agreed with me and never talked to the kid. Sky started asking for forgiveness while my friend was just confused as to why this kid targeted her.

My good friend AbysmalKrolik tried to help her discover a new art style...advice that Sky didn’t listen

can be proven with this drawing where they started copying the exact same positions and hairstyles, and even the design of young Xochitl, which I confronted them later on and they played dumb.

I didn’t feel safe so I put all my drawings in a special folder where you have to pay to enter (which there are still drawings there, specially comics, but since they don’t really want to stop, those comics will stay in that folder until this situation stops.)

Some time passed and I felt safe again...so I put most of my drawings out for the public again.

everything was fine when they created an account to stalk me, this one being Skyesalt

This situation was so ridiculous and I was tired, so I didn’t bother on blocking them again, hoping they’d just get bored...and to my surprise, it never happened.

they continued to spam me until something they said something “important” happened

(Proof 1, Proof 2)

which was just a call for help about a troll they refused to block...and I agreed on doing a callout post just to be aware of the troll, until I noticed that would just get me involved in drama I don’t have to be involved with, plus they started to lie saying we were “friends” when we never were...that just made me angry and I blocked her again...which brings us to onto this drawing which started everything.

Another friend notified me...since at first glance she was confused and thought it was my art, I even showed it to other friends who took some time into noticing it was traced ...and that worried me.


(and they even put them on the “only watchers”, since they knew exactly they were tracing.)

She not only stole Xochitl, but even white washed her (and in fact she is Mexicas, her parents are direct descendants of the Mexicas...white washing a indigenous character... even if she wasn’t, white washing a Mexican character is still awful.)

At this point I was convinced she just wanted to steal my character and style...reason why I called her out and my friend Abyss did a journal you can all read here, which summarizes the situation.

They began to give me more and more excuses to redeem themselves and even blamed it on others (which i’m not sure they exist)


They eventually just said they would deactivate their account...but changed their mind and went to an alternative one, where they would “change”.

While I was unable to block them due to the 2 days rule on DA, they continued to spam me and even lied to grab my attention. The absence of an URL and proof, plus how they answered. leaves me thinking it was yet another lie.

“Videos about killing Draven” and stealing my main Oc Xochitl, That's extremely low and harmful to lie, they even refused on leaving me alone (Proof)

and by the way, the reference that they’re talking about, ACTUALLY was traced to a certain extent (something I say clearly on my profile is: Do not use parts of my art for yours)


Other examples, Even if they aren’t fully traced they are STILL traced.


And the fact that they heavily bases her characters off mine, while not necessarily bad at first glance (just incredibly uncomfortable for me) is creepy considering everything they’ve done and their obsessive behavior, like they just want to take ownership of Xochitl (character that maybe I’ll be copyrighting soon, an idea my cousin suggested, but I still want to do research on copyright laws.) and other characters.


And then again, they keep lying.

Yet, things these days have gotten overboard. They started to lie about my friends, saying they are harassing her and saying they’re wishing her death and rape, when in reality they’ve just been doing their own lives and helping me.

The first case being my friend @Kokinari97 also known as @XxJackFluttersxX they falsely accuse him of sending them death threats when they haven’t said anything (you can look at his comments, and you’ll see he has never sent her a death threat. before anyone quotes his comment on Abyss’s journal, he said “That girl is dead to me” which isn’t a death threat, it just means that he’s done with her.)

False accusations and Harrasing towards Flutt Proof of innocence towards Flutt

Speaking of threats, I guess it’s okay for you to do threats back?

If those artworks were hers, she’d be able to speak for her drawings, not ask others.

and even she has the audacity to play dumb, when she’s been witchunting others when Kokinari only gave her like 2 respectful messages, one I asked them to removed so Sky wouldn’t erase the traced drawing like she always does. (and doesn’t have a chat with her and he can prove it, same with hellothere)

Harrasment towards hello there and threats

My friend @hellothere12398 tried to make them understand that MULTIPLE times that what they were doing was wrong. but NEVER stopped, so she didn’t stop either BUT! I guess she is allowed to make threats and even do a witch hunt towards hello there, like you accused my friend Flutt

If those artworks were hers, she’d be able to speak for her drawings, not ask others.

and even she has the audacity to play dumb, when she’s been witchunting others when Kokinari only gave her like 2 respectful messages, one I asked them to removed so Sky wouldn’t erase the traced drawing like she always does so I could do this journal. (and doesn’t have a chat with her and he can prove it, same with hello there) and while hellothere actually gave more comments and more direct ones, SHE NEVER threatened her like Sky is saying. (and if you're asking where I got the info she's been saying that they threatened her about rape and death? One of her friends was kind enough to tell me and speak to me in a respectful manner...rape and death is nothing to take lightly)

And if you’re one of her friends and before you say I should stop:

Try to put yourself in my shoes. how would you feel if...for example, someone stole your school project that you’ve been working on for days and days? Heck, maybe even months! and then someone just steals it? you’d be angry and hurt, even more if you see them attacking your other friends who are just defending you.

I tried to defend my friend on an alt account (and blocked her again because seeing the pattern, she'd do a witch hunt on me too.) and even then still lied

How are you doing a witch hunt? simple, you're sending messages to people when they haven't texted you for days, you're talking to them in posts where you weren't tagged, plus, You are INSULTING THEM, when they never insulted you.

I told you many times to leave me and my artwork alone, you didn't and even crossed the line onto the personal. I will not erase this journal and will make a copy of this in case something happens to this one.

That’s all I wanted to say, if you managed to get here, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

If you have any questions, please tell me and I'll try to answer as best as I can.

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