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You probably noticed the last few artworks I have done, I drawn them on the Colors Live for Nintendo Switch. I was given the game to do a review of it, is it a good drawing software? Is it just a software? Is it a game? Is it worth the price?

First of all, when I got the stylus I thought there was a plastic cap that I had to rip out, luckily I didn't.... turns out the plastic disk is supposed to stay on the pen, its to protect the Switch screen. So just a heads up about that.


So how is it actually drawing? It feels good, has all the basic tools like different brushes, eraser, undo, opacity, zooming, drag, eyedropper, flip, lasso cutout (More on that one later). The pen is also pressure sensitive, meaning if you press harder onto the screen the thicker the stroke of the brush.


I was able to create some artworks that I quite like with it.

Agumon eating a Watermelon
V-mon drinking a V
Tank Raider
Pikachu campfire
Two Good Boys

Is it a game? Not really, it really is more just a drawing software, there are daily challenges though, usually within a time limit they give you a task, like create an image using just certain colors, or create an artwork using only thick brush, it is a fun little exercise, it pushed me to try for some new things, like drawing that pixelated art of Pikachu by the campfire. It doesn't have a group drawing feature which I hoped they would have, then it can really be a fun game where you can play with your friends. Speaking of online, there IS a Colors Live online community where you can share you art as well.


The best feature however, is that they create a timelapse video for you, so you can see every single stroke you made, all the edits you have done from start to finish.

To check out all the timelapse, head over to my instagram page, I uploaded my timelapse on the artworks. http://www.instagram.com/ryspiritart

So what's not good about the game? Unfortunately I got to mention the negatives as well.

- The canvas size is at a decent size, good enough for upload on social media, but won't be good for big print outs to sell as prints in conventions.

- None of the layer blends are present, example like multiply, color dodge, overlay are not present. All there is, is changing the opacity of the layers. There is also just a limit of 10 layers.

- No Brightness, Contrast, Saturation.

- You can lasso cut out, then you can rotate and resize that cut out. But you can't copy and paste, can't distort the cutout, can't feather the lasso to make the cutout softer. So don't rely too much on the lasso cut out tool.

- Lack of copy and paste for me is a big deal as I use that quite a bit. Meaning I can't even paste my signature onto the finished artwork.

- No filter, especially my favourite Liquify filter is also lacking.

- A glitch with the timelapse video for my Sonic and Crash art. I think I created a different layer and lasso cut it a few times which caused misalignment on the recording, as you can see on the video, it didn't affect the final artwork but a little disappointed the video wasn't good. But it only happened the one time.

-The price.. it is not a cheap game. Around $100 AUD, but its worth it since you get a stylus with it, as well as being able to just draw wherever you are. On the couch, on the bed, on the loo. So its not really a negative, just a heads up.

With all those negatives I mentioned, its not bad at all. Use it as a learning process to draw without relying too much on tools. That is the end of my review! If you got any questions just ask in the comment below, love to help.

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Hi there all :happybounce:! Hope you've been doing well!

Just wanted to say that @GylmarGeniusCat is currently looking for a background artist to help out with his awesome Gylmar Chronicles comic! He's been doing an amazing job, but would appreciate a bit of help to make the comic creating process a bit easier. He's willing to pay points for the work, so be sure to contact him for further details :D!

Gylmar Chronicles - Gylmar Back To City pg 01
Gylmar Meets Jubalu pg 02
Tarsila at Pajama Party pg 14
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"Is the Pandoraverse canceled?"

"Is the pandoraverse still a thing?"

"Does this mean you're not gonna work on the pandoraverse anymore?"

"I'm worried fuzzbutts is gonna replace the pandoraverse :("

i post a couple furry drawings and y'all lose ur minds, geez louise

I'd appreciate it if you guys could cool your jets. Look at my gallery. I posted like....five new pandoraverse uploads in the last two weeks alone. Yet it seems people are disregarding that and panicking with each new Fuzzbutts post. It's making me kinda uncomfortable, tbh. I'm really not sure what I'm doing to make y'all think I'm pulling the plug on the pandoraverse.

(Just so we're clear, I'm still working on the Pandoraverse. Ya dinguses.)

But. IIiiiii don't like how some of y'all have been wigging out just cuz I've dipped my feet into the waters of original content. You all like my silly horse fanfic universe, and I'm flattered! Really. But that's not the only content I want to make. I can and do draw other stuff. I haven't posted said other stuff on DA cuz I figured y'all were just here for the ponies, but I'm realizing now that it's my gallery, and I have the freedom to share whatever art I'd like. This means you're gonna see posts sometimes that don't feature cute talking horsies. You don't have to like it, or even look at it. But you will not comment on it asking when I'm gonna post horsies again. There are 1,000+ pieces of Pandoraverse art/stories in my gallery. Fuzzbutts has 8. You're not exactly starving for pony content. :/

I'm not a machine that exists to pump out the exact free art you desire. I'm a person- a deeply impulsive person- drawing whatever idea pops into my head, and you guys are just along for the ride. So make yourselves comfy and stop worrying so much about what I'm planning on doing next. Y'all are stressing me out, chill. Remember, I do all this for free, and for fun! When y'all ask about the pandoraverse every time I post Fuzzbutts stuff, it makes drawing pony stuff feel like an obligation, which sucks the fun right out of it. I understand feeling unhappy when an artist you follow starts varying up their content, but please don't try to discourage me from doing so. After seven whole years of drawing nextgen content, I need some variety in my diet or I'm gonna develop like.....brain scurvy, haha

On a related note, I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback on Fuzzbutts! :) It's been a little scary putting out original content after years and years of near-exclusive fanart, so the overwhelming positive response has been an absolute delight! I love answering your questions and fleshing out the world and story, I have so many more new ideas I can't wait to share! :D

(And yes, that includes new Pandoraverse content too, just in case you were still worried.)

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I.... don't.... believe it..... :facepalm:

Soooooo I received another CPU delivery yesterday. Unlike Monday's slipshod return, this was a brand new processor and all the pins were straight. Perfect choice to go with my new motherboard, right? I open up the package, slot the CPU into the socket, reassemble everything and power up the PC. Fingers crossed....

Aaaaaaaaaand..... It works! :hooray:

The PC booted right up and everything was honky-dory. The system was running smoothly and all files are intact. As a precaution, I monitored the CPU temperature at all times in case of an overheat. I wanted to test it under a moderate load with a quick session of Arkham Knight. Gameplay was smooth and the CPU performed well. And then... five minutes into the game... the screen went black and the system shut down. :o I tried rebooting.... no luck. I tried reinstalling the CPU again.... still nothing.


Seriously, how unlucky do I have to be for something like this to keep happening to me?! I don't even know what went wrong; it was a textbook clean installation. It's like my computer is cursed or something. :fear: I was about to upload the next comic page yesterday to celebrate, but it looks like the delay continues while I send this defective CPU back for a refund. And BTW, I can't initiate the suit against Royal Mail for the first stolen CPU because I still can't access my files. I can't win... I just can't win..... :cries:

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