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It’s time to unveil the hottest releases of Profile winter wear. If your Profile Skins are so last season, try on three new limited-edition wintery patterns to decorate your Profile. Your watchers’ hearts will be warmed by your cozy winter aesthetic!

Customize With the Collective or Upload Your Own

Uploading this new look to your Profile is easy!

  1. Download one of the images below for free! Or, if you'd rather, create something festive of your own!

  2. Click the painter’s palette on the right side of your Profile to open the Skins drawer and click the “+” symbol on the right.

  3. Click “Upload” to add the cozy holiday vibes and press “Select.”

  4. Tweak the display mode as you see fit, either Tiled or Cover.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 3.50.10 PM

Three New Limited-Edition Winter Skins

Created by DeviantArt Collective members @kloir, @Tofusenshi, and @TsaoShin come the ice-hottest Profile Skin designs available for a limited-time only. Core Members will deck their Profiles with boughs of jolly through the end of the year, but after that, this deal really can’t stay.

Da background pattern
Da background pattern

Walking Through a Profile Wonderland

After you’ve sprinkled tidings of good cheer and cozy winter vibes in your Profile, share them by December 13th at 12:00 PM Pacific in the comments below, to be included in a journal featuring some of the staff’s favorite designs. Visions of customization dancing in your head? Personalize your Profile now!

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Someone is impersonatin' me to harass VivziePop and her team (Their profile contains of the harassment against her team) The impersonator's Twitter https://twitter.com/SmartArtsy Evidence linked here. https://twitter.com/ArtsyGum/status/1600062131910549504 and here https://twitter.com/ArtsyGum/status/1600066423497236480 Please spread the word about this, and retweet it if ya can. This will help me a lot

Also the person that is doin' this was one of the ones that harassed me for 4 years with racial slurs, real graphic photos, and other highly inappropriate things.

Evidence of past harassment that that this person has done to me.

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Moving On

2 min read

Since plenty of people keep asking for more “Eeveelution Squad”, I have something to say…

It was a disappointment. It could have been great, but nah. I know it’s hard to accept that it had to end the way it did. Moving forward? That’s what I’m trying to do because I must for the good of my sanity, though I’m sure plenty of you don’t want me to move on.

But hey, it’s no use whining over every mistake. I just keep on trying till I find my peace of mind. So let me have fun while making some neat designs for the people who are still around.

I know plenty of you are disappointed that I cancelled your favorite story. Even though the said story was a huge mess and confusing. The quality dropped over time and the flaws kept on piling up till it was impossible to fix without resetting the whole thing. Even so, I’m kinda glad you still find it enjoyable.

I believe all these mistakes will help me make a better story someday. Until then, I just keep on testing all my ideas and try not to repeat the mistakes I’ve made. So it’s fine that I failed, think of all the things that I can learn for my future projects and creations.

You can go ahead and leave me. I think I’d prefer making and using my own assets now. Maybe you’ll find someone else to keep making ES for you… Hey, there are plenty of people doing that.


Like this one:

ES: Chapter 14 -Cover-

From: https://www.deviantart.com/pkm-150fans -

And this one:

Eeveelution Squad-Tomorrow Light [Cover]

From: https://www.deviantart.com/yunnir - I believe there are more out there. You can find and follow them if ES is all you want to see.

Anyway, a lot of things happened behind the scene that killed my passion for ES. I’d rather not go into details, so I hope you understand. Whether you leave or stay, I’m fine with either one. Though if you choose to stay, please stop trying to pull me back to the past.

That’s all I ask, thank you.

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UPDATE 5: I am being told to "take a breather", that "it was an accident", that I was "too hasty" with my callout. I can respect everyone's views, I truly can. If you disagree with this, I respect that. However, as the issue still stands, I have still been scammed with no resolution in sight besides PayPal's intervention on the 18th (Garnet continues to state the chargeback does not exist and thus will not close it). So I will bluntly say that I will die on this hill and if that makes you "lose respect" for me, or "dislike" me, that is your prerogative.

But do not say that I'm the villain, here. Because now @iSailorMau and @SenshiAnubis are targeting my personal Facebook account, spamming it with comments and reactions on posts that have absolutely nothing to do with this situation and that were made over FIVE YEARS AGO. Do not chastise me when these people are actively pouring gasoline on a bonfire. If y'all want to slash me apart in your personal discords and shit, by all means, that's your right and freedom to do so. But coming to my personal facebook is kind of gross. Archiving the Facebook harassment here: https://sta.sh/2victiz9yxe


UPDATE 4: Because this sadly needs to be made very clear: PayPal does NOT "automatically" file chargebacks. They have to be manually opened by the buyer. If you're seriously trying to defend a blatant scam, block me please. Forever. Because I never want to associate with people who defend/ support scams. Bye.

And for those claiming "I didn't give Garnet enough time to resolve the issue", no no. They logged into PayPal multiple times today and did nothing. On top of never once offering to resolve the issue during our entire conversations during the day. Plenty of time was given. They didn't offer to pay me back or correct the insufficient funds now gone from my account.

Paypal chargeback

UPDATE 3: I understand there are those coming here to defend Garnet. However the sheer lack of acknowledging all the proof I've given is quite disappointing at best. Though I do understand this could have been a misunderstanding which is what I first believed, Garnet's consistent lies quickly revealed otherwise. Their story changed multiple times throughout our conversation; if it was really a mistake, what was the purpose for lying? Why deny opening a chargeback in the first place, to then admit that they did? I'm afraid on my end, Garnet's entire situation looks very poor in their defence and I am left with no faith in believing this was an accident. Thus, I want to protect my fellow artists in hopes no one else will be scammed like I was today. If that makes you feel upset and bitter with me, than by all means, feel free to block/ unfollow me.

UPDATE 2: GarnetGirl2002 unknowingly confirmed that she opened a claim, which I suspected all along. It seems PayPal denied her first attempt and she opened another claim, since the case ID's are different. :|

Convo 5 PROOF

UPDATE: GarnetGirl2002 responded to me via discord with the most blatant, idiotic lies I have ever seen. This further proves that they had full intention of scamming me out of my work. I updated the stash evidence with receipts of our convo and their horrible lying, but I'll also post it here for extra traction because fuck people like this.

For clarity, PayPal does not "automatically file" cases like this. They have to be opened and escalated by the buyer directly. So... ya.

Convo 1 Lies
Convo 2 Lies
Convo 3 Lies

****** I woke up this morning to a real metaphorical punch in the face. I recently finished a commission for GarnetGirl2002, specifically this art:

GarnetGirl2002 is now attempting to follow through with a charge back scam. They have opened a claim with PayPal claiming "they never authorized payment" which forcefully refunds the full amount they paid me, plus fees. Because I finished the commission, I had withdrawn the money I was paid as I was rightfully allowed to do, and used it to pay bills. Because I did not have $72 in my bank account when PayPal forcefully refunded, I not only was sent into a negative balance, but I also received a $50 NSF fee. Even if I were to win the paypal claim, this asshole has left me owing MORE than what I was paid.

In conclusion, this client has completely scammed me and fucked me right over.

I have attempted to contact them, but they have officially ghosted me. I will post the screenshots of our entire conversion here, so please spread the word of this client so other artists won't be scammed like I was.

VIEW SCREENSHOTS AND RECIEPTS HERE: https://sta.sh/220eqwb8c17f


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3 min read

A photo journal of Lucario from multiple Pokemon series and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew direct to video movie.

Lucario is the evolved form of Riolu. He was debuted in Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2006) since then he have been seen in every series since Diamond and Pearl. Ash had finally got his Lucario in Journeys, which he have a much larger role then having minor appearances.

All the Pokemon movies could be redone in CGI like Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back I would like to see Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. I would like to see Lucario seen in 3D CGI. Or If there is a Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2 I am hoping for Lucario appearance.

Shots of his feet will be included.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-Lucario 2

Sir Aaron's Lucario was sealed in a staff for a thousand years. He is well trained and is very powerful which includes communicating through telepathy.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-Lucario 8

Max is trying to good friends with Lucario by offering him chocolates.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-Lucario 11
Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-Lucario 14

The final moments before Lucario's death

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-Lucario Feet 1
Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-Lucario Feet 2
Pokemon DP-Lucario

Maylene's Lucario was seen in Diamond and Pearl. He had debuted in episode 66 as the gym leader's pokemon.

Pokemon DP-Lucario 5
Pokemon DP-Lucario Feet
Pokemon DP-Lucario 3

Riley's Lucario was seen in Diamond and Pearl debuting on Episode 110

Pokemon DP-Lucario 1
Pokemon DP-Lucario Feet 3

Riley's Lucario is agile enough to be able to stay on his feet while running up on Aggron.

Pokemon BW E107-Lucario
Pokemon BW E108-Lucario

Cameron's Lucario was first debuted in Black & White episode 107. We saw Lucario as Riolu in the series in episode 93 before he had evolved.

Pokemon BW-Lucario Feet
Pokemon XY-Lucario
Pokemon XY-Lucario 2
Pokemon XY-Lucario 3

Korrina's Lucario was first seen in XY series episode 30. He is the first pokemon we get to see to evolve to Mega form.

Pokemon XY-Lucario 4

Mega Lucario is not really a true form. More like a temporary buff for a pokemon which only last for a less than an hour before reverting back.

Pokemon XY-Lucario Feet 1
Pokemon XY-Lucario Feet 4
Pokemon Sun Moon E140-Lucario 1
Pokemon Sun Moon E141-Lucario
Pokemon Sun Moon E141-Lucario 1

Professor Kukui's Lucario was revealed during the final tournament in Sun & Moon episode 140. This Lucario is the weakest and least skilled among all of the appearance of from previous trainers. He might have been recently caught and haven't been fully trained to use more powers and increase the strength of his existing powers.

Pokemon Sun Moon E141-Lucario Feet 1
Pokemon Sun Moon E141-Lucario Feet
Pokemon Sun Moon E141-Lucario Feet 3
Pokemon Journeys E45-Lucario 2
Pokemon Journeys E45-Lucario 4

Ash's Lucario was evolved from Riolu in Journeys on episode 45. He is determined to be the strongest pokemon ever and he picked the best trainer to help him.

There seemly a bromance between Lucario and Ash. I don't think Ash have never been this close to his Pokemon except for Pikachu then with Lucario. The series is still on going, the final episodes haven't yet been released in dub so there is still a bit of a mystery.

Pokemon Journeys E48-Lucario 2
Pokemon Journeys E48-Lucario 4

Ash's Lucario does seemed to be the most hot headed, of all previous Lucario's before. He seems to have a love hate relationship with Cinderace.

Pokemon Journeys E45-Lucario Feet
Pokemon Journeys E48-Lucario Feet 2
Pokemon Journeys E25-Lucario 6

Lorrina's Lucario have made a return appearance in Journeys on Episode 25.

Pokemon Journeys E25-Lucario 3
Pokemon Journeys E25-Mega Lucario
Pokemon Journeys E25-Mega Lucario 2

Lucario may have been trained better in his mega form since we last saw him BW.

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