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Hey guys!

How are you today?

As you know, I'm currently working on my newest graphic novel, No North!

I'm looking for a background artist and was wondering if any of you would be interested.

This is a paid position - Rates will be discussed through email

I’m currently working with the talented @tatiilange as the comic’s BG artist, but No North is a visually detailed comic and it’d be great if we could get another artist to join our team. These are the skills needed for the job:

  • Managing perspective, light and color well

  • Knowing how to paint both natural landscapes and buildings

Here are a few examples:


Concept Art from the movie "Spirit"


Background art from the movie "The Princess and the Frog"

The comic won't require that level of detail, so I'd love to get to know your own personal style.

If you're interested, send your art or portfolio to my email: skaillamail@gmail.com

And if you know anyone who could be interested, please share this post!

Thank you and have an awesome weekend!

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If you could go on a date with any fictional character, who would it be? Maybe even more than one?

I think I'd pick either Shinichi Kudo or Seto Kaiba - but the date would end in a murder or with playing way too much Duel Monsters! XD

What about you?

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171421715 1912294462258483 6666377855334226413 N
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If you want the points giveaways and spree to keep happening,

please consider making a donation clicking in the button bellow:

Every donation gives you a special feature!



POINTS SPREE #15 :la: :points:

angel wing left HOW TO JOIN:

  1. must be a watcher of mine;

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  3. comment "done" in this journal comments and receive your points . Only comment "done" when you fully completed the task. I'll check if you are not lying before sending the reward.

angel wing left TASK:

[it's very simple but READ CAREFULLY - also read the F.A.Q]

:points: For free points, please follow the instructions:


  • I am a charity project so I depend on donors. Fortunately I have many and they are incredible artists. So I will ask you to help me give rewards to them, after all they are the ones who give me the points used to distribute.

  • All you must do is +llama/+watch/+fav at least 7 (seven) of the following sponsors:

  • YES, YOU CAN PICK/CHOOSE THE SUPPORTERS. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ONES YOU LIKE THE MOST! Please check them and reward the ones you like the most. I want you to find artists that you love and become an active watcher for them too!

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After rewarding them, just comment with "done".

  • If you already watch the donor, just ignore it. Not your fault so there is NO penalty.

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I can't help but thank all the supporters. The paid, who are helping me with donations but also you all that are always talking to me. Everyone who talk to me. Everyone who joins the giveaways and sprees, every watcher, everyone who gave me even 1 point or 1 llama:

Thank you.




Gift for100millionPOINTS

I'm also hosting a 1,500 points giveaway if you're intersted

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Greetings, Core Members, and welcome to another Thursday Prompt! For this challenge, you’ll have to make your own original character with two unique traits. Read on to learn more! In our previous challenge, "Color and Fade", we provided three shades of purple to create art from. It was amazing to see the end results generated from such a limited palette! On that note, we’re so excited to announce the winning entries! Congratulations to @bsshka, @FleetingEmber and @Negola! We hope the Colour Block 181-piece mixed media art set you’ll receive as winners will inspire you to create more art. Also, as a way of thanking everyone who submitted to the challenge, we’ll be rewarding all participants with 50 fragments each! Challenge This time, we want you to use your imagination! You’ll need to make your own original character for this challenge. As you make your character, you’ll need to come up with two unique traits. What are two things your character is known for, or what do they have
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Helloo- So as requested I am here to show how I shade my drawings!

Step One:

First Layer Of Basic Shading

[Self Explanatory]


Step Two:

Just add some darker shading to the edge of the character/object, and blend it out a little.

[Can be more than one darker color towards the edge.]


Step Three:

Bounce Light! I like to use it to make my stuff pop out a little.

To do this you carefully go around the edge of the darkest part of your shading. Not too much either; And then blend it out. Bounce light is just whatever color is closest to another, or the background.


Step Four [Final Step]:

Polka dots lol. Just add polka dots only in the shading and over the bounce light.


Pretty simple yeah? If you have any questions I'm open to answer them!

Thanks for viewing. <3



TH: toyhou.se/ALIEN-FREAK

Commissions: www.deviantart.com/alien-weird…

Customs: www.deviantart.com/alien-weird…

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/STOOPIDALIEN…

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