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So I went and saw a physical therapist and they said that luckily I do not have tendonitis! I just over-exerted the muscles in my arm... resting it wasn't hurting it, but it wasn't making it better either, which is why it felt like I was making no Progress. They gave me a course of stretches to do to help it get better, so as long as I'm diligent, hopefully it won't take too much longer... thank you all so much for being patient. ;_; I had a dream last night about drawing again, I miss it so much. I want to draw again! I want to do things! But I have to keep waiting... I hope you all will stick around until the end of it, haha. It feels like it must be near...

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open collab time again, this time we're calling out to people with animation experience to join in :D if you're interested check out the video and description, they'll give you all the info you need

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Okay, I would like to report that some Turkish pedophile in his 40s somehow whom I believe his name is to be Oğuz-Aybars Kaan (aka Apex05111222) had been stalking me for years with spams, sex comments, porn, death hoaxes, and even threatening to "call the police" on me for blocking him multiple times for what he's done. And from finding HIS Twitter (which is now suspended, thank god), I can confirm Oğuz-Aybars Kaan is his name, and based on the number he always uses at the end of his usernames like "GR73", I think he was born on 1973 (most likely 48 years old). He follows anyone who is a fan of Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls on the Internet, steals and reposts their fanart, and now he goes after MORE shows like Panty & Stocking and others. I was a fan of DeeDee from Dexter's Lab one time, so somehow I've become Oğuz-Aybars' MAIN victim. He's been stealing and reposting my DeeDee, Powerpuff Girls, and Panty & Stocking fanart (including fanart of "Super Cute Heroine", who is actually MY design and not his, I linked the repost of it below).

Super Cute Heroine from Panty Glowing Heart

This is one he stole from me. I originally drew this AND created the superhero design— HE didn't.

And here's even MORE Super Cute Heroine fanart he stole from me, which he reposted on his lame alternate account "aytbfdedgr73"...

Sekiz Cinsiyetleri ve Onsekiz Tuvaletleri Thunders
Panty from Super Cute Heroine Shemale Version
Super Cute Heroine from Panty (Tranny)
Super Cute Heroine Weeping Autopaizuris
Super Cute Heroine (Shemale Version) 2

This here is also MY fanart.

RIP Timon Berkowitz A.K.A Chris Ruiz (2013-2017)

He even reposted my fanart to other sites (especially Pinterest and ClipartMax), here's some of the URLs for proof:


Plus he added all this art theft of my Super Cute Heroine fanart to his collection on Pinterest (be warned of some pornographic images ahead, and yes, he's a pedophile and sexual predator as well): https://www.pinterest.com/aybarskaanglten/panty-from-nude-and-super-cute-heroine-v2/

And he posts pictures of "shemales", ugh. He's SO gross.

All this is art theft and it needs to be reported and taken down for copyright. I know I don't own Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, nor Panty & Stocking, but I want all this fanart REMOVED. Fuck, this guy won't even LEAVE the Internet and instead wants to attack me ON and ON every time I call him out! :pissedoff: And apparently he is not capable of carrying on a normal conversation. He just talks the way of a spambot account and ends his sentences with MULTIPLE exclamation points. Seems like I must've aggravated him and caused him to cause MOAR damage after I told him to fucking stop reposting people's fanart including MINE. And him saying he's gonna "call the police" on me was basically threatening me. He even sent me death threats (I didn't take any screenshots, unfortunately). He is a STUPID JERK-- No, he's WAY BEYOND THAT!

Here are ALL these throwaway accounts he created to avoid getting banned:

  1. Deedeeg73diremangr73

  2. Deedeewolfgr73

  3. MandarkandDexterGR73

  4. Mandark-Astronomonov

  5. Mastepiecesgr73

  6. SuperPanty11111

  7. DeeDeeGR73111deecc

  8. DeeDeeGR73111deeffa

  9. aytbfdedgr73

What. The. HELL!!!!!!!

Now he's stalking and BULLYING me.

Everyone, PLEASE read this. Once y'all see this and know what's going on, you need to help cooperate with me here to block and report Oğuz-Aybars. I reported him along with 12 of his sockpuppet accounts on Twitter, and so far, his main account has been banned. The rest of his Twitter accounts are below as well.














Jeez... This troll is NEVER going to get off the Internet, there's honestly no way to stop him, and staff doesn't care to take this person down. Fuck. :pissedoff: What does he have in his possessions? Does he have VPN? TONS of computers? Codes of ban-evading? Ability to swat people?

Also, I clearly remember him posting a picture of a NAKED Johnny Test fapping off to DeeDee, and DeeDee as a shemale about to r*** Dexter. Johnny Test, Dexter and DeeDee are all canonically kids, which shows that Oğuz-Aybars apparently watches and even posts child pornography as well and he NEVER got caught. (BTW Oğuz-Aybars, you're goin' to PRISON, motherfucker.)

If anything, Oğuz-Aybars needs to be terminated, his IP needs to get traced down, and he needs to be swatted and jailed. Period. That'll get his lame cunt off the Internet for good and I'm sick of him following me all around social media for FIVE FUCKING YEARS.

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Greetings, Core Members, and welcome to another Thursday Prompt! For this challenge, you’ll have to make your own original character with two unique traits. Read on to learn more! In our previous challenge, "Color and Fade", we provided three shades of purple to create art from. It was amazing to see the end results generated from such a limited palette! On that note, we’re so excited to announce the winning entries! Congratulations to @bsshka, @FleetingEmber and @Negola! We hope the Colour Block 181-piece mixed media art set you’ll receive as winners will inspire you to create more art. Also, as a way of thanking everyone who submitted to the challenge, we’ll be rewarding all participants with 50 fragments each! Challenge This time, we want you to use your imagination! You’ll need to make your own original character for this challenge. As you make your character, you’ll need to come up with two unique traits. What are two things your character is known for, or what do they have
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If you could go on a date with any fictional character, who would it be? Maybe even more than one?

I think I'd pick either Shinichi Kudo or Seto Kaiba - but the date would end in a murder or with playing way too much Duel Monsters! XD

What about you?

170708179 1912294408925155 9024145342918673299 N
171403059 1912294478925148 7090717390331778250 N
171655374 1912294392258490 4584866145455705341 N
170587022 1912294418925154 2894102324927594160 N
171421715 1912294462258483 6666377855334226413 N
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