This is the DeviantArt page of the MysteriousMisterEnter. This guy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOCs7lAn_5fZWhnqMOOYfXQ

I can't exactly prove it off of the cuff, but I think it will become more apparent as I use this account more and more as time goes on. Back in the day, I used DeviantArt as my second main premise, where I would post a bunch of my thoughts (rambles really), drawings, and just about everything I could think of. I really made it a bit of a home back then.

And in early 2021 (I think, time blends together) I left this platform for three main reasons. Number one, I wasn't exactly happy with the direction the site itself was going. The Eclipse redesign, how bad the website has been at dealing with harassment - you've heard it all before, even if you haven't heard it from me.

Reason number 2 is that I reached the block limit. I don't know if this is still active, or if they've changed it, but DeviantArt only allowed you to block up to 500 people (whereas most websites allow you to block however many you need). It sounds like a lot, but over eight years and getting into a lot of drama has a tendency to fill that up. Starting over more or less removes that problem altogether (at least for a little while, we'll see what happens).

And reason number 3 is that I became more distant. I became very jaded to sharing my opinions, my works, my art, myself. Things became more and more disheartening and it felt like the internet was becoming a more hostile place in general. Some of this was my fault, absolutely and a lot of it was me overreacting in various ways.

I do want to believe that the past few years have mellowed me out a lot. They were nothing if not humbling. And over the past months, I've realized that me being alone and shut off from the world as much as I have been has made my life infinitely worse. Any human craves connection, right?

I don't know if this place will have the life that the old "Mr.Enter" DeviantArt did, especially as I'm trying to recuperate and figure out exactly what I'm doing as a content creator, as an artist, as person. But, who knows what the future will hold? I certainly don't.

And for the obvious question why "MysticRealities" or... what is it? "Mystic Realities", or formerly "Fractured Realities" is just the umbrella that I put all of my creative works under. It's kind of like a "production" or "studio" name, but not really. It encompasses things like Growing Around, Forgotten Nightmares, Moonflower, so on and so on. It fits the theme of what I like to write: take reality and rewrite the rules, add a little bit of magic to it.

I will be, at some point, posting a lot of my older artwork. I probably won't be putting up a lot of the sketches and practice work (like the pictionary drawings), since that'd get tedious and I don't even know if I have them all. But stuff like Growing Around Art, or Forgotten Nightmares things, or things about the fantasy worlds I have created, you'll probably see a good chunk of them back at some point. It's not now because right now I'm in a phase where I have a hard time liking anything I have done and just don't want to show anything to anyone. When I get through it, we'll see what we see.

I hope that you enjoy your time here, and it feels good to be back.

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Block and report this user :

@/ ReglaciaFan1

So I was scrolling through DA on Adopts and noticed this user is selling my friend's Oc

Screenshot of the adopt : https://sta.sh/02ex4c3u9gqm

#1 and #2 here's the original pic of my friends oc

#1 : https://www.deviantart.com/charlotte-mermaid/art/Beyblade-Shogun-Steel-Kiyomi-Yamane-964160960

#2: https://www.deviantart.com/charlotte-mermaid/art/Beyblade-Burst-Bonita-Trevino-963992386

And not only that they're being racist against them ...

They gave me permission to show the evidence through chat :

Screenshot #1 :

Screenshot #2: https://sta.sh/01168wypkgty

Screenshot #3: https://sta.sh/01kzr3hlfiwz

Screenshot #4: https://sta.sh/01q7hw82m8hb

Just block them and report the art they stole so please don't harass them

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Well, for no apparent reason my Twitter account was suspended/banned. I'll only be posting on here, the Discord server and Tumblr now, I guess

I've made an appeal but I don't know if I'll get my account back 😢

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I am been used

1 min read

I just find out that my so called number one fan @ReglaciaFan1 used me for stealing people OCs and insults them by saying they’re ugly. She is a racist that being disrespectful to other people OCs. She used me for her wicked plan. It not good to use people. I am hurt and I feel betrayed. She is not a good person. Please block and report her for theft. She stole art and selling them for adoptables. She scamming people.. into stealing other people OCs. I can’t believe I have been used. It make me can’t trust anyone ever again… my friend is right she is up to no good. I am very hurt and upset at the same time…

Here is the journal of proof

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She did not

Also good night peeps! I love you ❤️


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