Guys, due to the large number of requests to me from AI users who created huge generated galleries, I realized this:

- Nobody buys AI pictures (at least normal clients)

- AI galleries are very unprofitable (they take a lot of time, often require paid subscriptions from Midjourney, etc., time for the generation process itself, mass uploading to DA, etc., with no guarantee of payback)

- AI users think that the more pictures they upload to Deviantart, the more and faster they will earn money, but this has not worked for a long time.

- Because of their AI activities, users have turned all the people on Deviantart against themselves (No-AI posts collect tens of thousands of likes and this is an indicator)

- Supposedly successful AI galleries with thousands of likes and watchers are use bots; anyone can see it by simply opening the lists of those who like the generated works.

- Fraudsters often hide under the guise of generated galleries.

- AI galleries are very convenient for laundering money (especially NSFW).

- AI galleries cannot prove that they own the copyright to their images, including the data bases used to train AI models.

Of course, I could be wrong about something (correct me if so) and I would really like to see those clients who spend hundreds of dollars on AI images.

I know only two clients who buys renders from AI users with overpaint (not very good) for $30-$200 and considers it “normal”.

What do you think about all this? Do you know people who buy AI art and why they do it?

P.S. I ask you to refrain from being rude in the comments (I will ban and delete rude messages without warning).

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S = Synthography - AI

P = Photography – using a camera and stuff

and = a coordinating conjunction (source: Google)

AG is TheFulkrum TheFulkrum

KAT is EyeOfTheKat EyeOfTheKat

AG: Hi Kat! :hug: (virtual and consensual)

Thank you for taking the time. It’ll be a pleasure I hope. Let’s fake it like this is live, ok?

You’re a well-recognised, well-established, and well-respected photographer.

Tell us a little about your life and how photography became a part of it.

KAT: :hug:Hi AG! I always loved art and was interested in it, especially visual art. But I can not draw at all and was never able to create anything in my youth which satisfied me. So I enjoyed art a lot but was not an artist.

At the beginning of 2016 my migraines went crazy and got chronic. I was stuck at home for weeks and slowly was going insane. My husband is a semi-professional photographer and so I asked him if he could show me how to use his DSLR to at least occupy myself a bit in our garden when he was at work. It was a surprise to find out that I really enjoyed taking photos and apparently even had a good eye for it. I quickly realized that I especially love taking nature photos and have been doing that ever since.



AG: How many cameras? Which cameras? Why? Discuss gear with me as if I know nothing about it, which is true.

KAT: :rofl:My camera gear is that of an enthusiastic hobby photographer but not of real professional level. I use a DSLR for 95% of my photography (Canon 80D Body) and 2 main lenses. I am quite lazy and hate changing lenses all the time, but also to minimize the gear I have to carry around with me for the sheer weight.

For wildlife photography I use a very good price for value telephoto zoom lens (Tamron AF SP 70-300mm 4-5.6 Di VC USD) with an integrated image stabilizer. 400mm would be better, but for me that is too heavy to walk around with as I normally shoot handheld without a tripod. My other lens is a wide-angle zoom lens (Sigma 18-35mm F1,8 DC HSM | Art) for mostly landscape photography. Both lenses can be used for close-up photography which I also enjoy a lot. I just recently started again using a true 1:1 macro lens from Tamron on some occasions.

Sometimes I also dabble a bit with film photography and my favorite for that is a 40 year old Pentacon Six TL medium format camera. As I just do that for fun on the side I did not want to invest a few thousand euros for a Hasselblad 500C and this is a great alternative in my opinion.

And my third camera is actually my smartphone (google Pixel 6). All my recent underwater photography is done with it with a special dive case (Kraken Universal Smartphone Housing KRH08 V2) and sometimes it is also the only camera you have with you in that one perfect moment.

AG: I hope photographers found that interesting. And I wish I’d asked you to keep that brief. Now fake a laugh please.

KAT: :rofl:

AG: Thank you. What about your process?

KAT: With nature photography it is mainly for me about the opportunity of the moment. So I bring a camera with me when I think there is a good chance I might see something worth photographing. Of course it helps a lot to heighten the chances for an opportunity if you go on trips to the rainforest for example. :lol:

So it is basically just walking around and looking for something that catches my attention. Most important for me for a fantastic photo is always the light. Then comes everything else like composition, colors, sharpness, rarity of the subject.

I shoot in RAW format so postprocessing is absolutely necessary. I learned photography mostly from a purist, so I also do (very) little in post. I only use Adobe Lightroom, not Photoshop. Most of my photos only are corrected for white balance, contrasts, colors and sharpness / noise. I sometimes use masks for dodge and burn for highlighting or changing sharpness in certain areas. And some light healing tools to get rid of small imperfections. But that is it. Most of the decisions are already made at the moment when I take the shot. (Partially out of necessity as I have no clue how to correct some of it later and I am also too lazy to learn Photoshop). :rofl:

Male Whiskered Treeswift

Male Whiskered Treeswift

AG: How do you evaluate your photographs?

KAT: Uff! That is really a tough question… My photo backlog right now has over 19,000 photos in it - all back to 2016. But I only shared a bit more then 300 photos on DA so far. So how do I decide which to share? :censored:Good question. :rofl:

Normally either one photo pops up in my mind for no clear real reason or I remember a special trip and start looking through the images from there. The photo I pick to go further into postprocessing is the one that resonates with me on an emotional level in THAT moment. I am not sure what happens in that moment but if it connects emotionally in the first 1-2 seconds, sparks and sets off an emotion then it is the photo I choose to go with. Everything else, like technical aspects, come after that, never before.

Often I have a few (or even a lot) shots from the same scene / subject. The next step is then to start looking at first if the overall aestetic is on - if the photo feels “right”. Then I have a look at the details (light, composition, colors, sharpness). If that is not to my liking I might take another shot from the same sequence and try to make a better crop. I am a perfectionist, so if I don’t manage to get it done to my own satisfaction, I will not post it.

So whatever I share has definitely passed my own standards and must have an emotional connection to me.

AG: Kat, thank you for mentioning self-evaluation. It's a critical skill set.

You’ve received a handful of DDs. What’s your own opinion about those photographs? Just be honest!

KAT: You mean like really really honest? :lol: Well, they are good photographs, but I really have no clue why exactly those got a DD. :rofl:For the CVs who awarded the DD and many who left a comment, apparently it clicked and they saw something special in the pictures. And that is great and I appreciate it very much.

AG: You have ‘no clue’? Good job self-evaluating Kat! :lol:

KAT: :lmao:

Buachaille Etive Mor

Buachaille Etive Mor

AG: You’ve recently started dipping your toes into synthography. Tell us why you would do something that dumb. :B

KAT: :rofl:Well, that is basically your fault. :stare:

AG: This is the best interview, like, ever! :lmao:

KAT: :rofl:No, not especially yours. But I found a handful of really great synthographers on DA that opened my eyes to all the possibilities there are with this new medium. I always loved surreal and conceptual artworks and had certain ideas and images in my mind, but I had until now no way to create these.

Synthography gives me a new tool in my portfolio that now enables me to create new and different images in addition to nature photography. Generating images with AI like my photography is for me absolutely uninteresting and boring - I will always choose a camera for that.

But being now able to create especially emotive, conceptual or surreal images gives me new creative ways to express myself. An artwork like “Endure” would have been impossible for me to create without synthography. And of course you can not take photos of dragons either. :lol:



AG: ‘Endure‘ is a beautiful image. : ) I’ll send you a dragon if you answer the following carefully.

What similarities and differences have you experienced between photography and synthography?

KAT: :lol: For me personally these artforms...


KAT: :rofl::rofl:Sorry, these 'fields'...ok? Ok these are very similar and I approach them alike. As I explained above, the emotional connection and my perfectionism in the aestics is an integral part of my art. And the same dedication goes into my photography and synthography for the artworks I choose to share.

In both fields quantity over quality is a frequent problem. I don’t say everyone needs to be a perfectionist for small details (that has its own downsides, believe me) but you should value your own creations. And with value I mean you should put some effort and evaluation into the artworks you share in what you yourself think make this one image special and stand out.

If I take a flower close-up I take probably around 10 - 30 pictures of the same flower. If I share all of them (and especially at the same time) most likely nobody will take a closer look at any of them. Because one of the 30 shots might be fantastic but with the sheer amount of similar looking pics I focused on this one perfect shot to stand out and be something special - not only to me but also to the viewers.

How can I expect others to appreciate my art if I don’t do it myself?

The Burdens We Bear

The Burdens We Bear

So I think the most important thing for me in both fields is self-evaluation and to value my own art in putting in the effort each piece deserves to shine as best and be as perfect as it can. Less is for sure more imho.

AG: Nice! Synthographers please leave a comment below about your thoughts regarding less is more. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and press the...

Ok Kat, what is DA to you?

KAT: The one most special thing about DA for me compared to all other art sites is the community. That there are artists from all creative fields together and sharing and appreciating art. I met so many great people here and that was why I came back to DA and not any other art site after my hiatus. The willingness to help each other to evolve and become better artists is one of a kind. And it goes further: the people on DA care also about you as a human being. I never found that anywhere else on the internet. :dalove:

AG: That’s heart-warming and perfectly copy-pasted. It'll be everyone’s answer in all future interviews. :lol:

Ok, any last words?

KAT: :rofl:It’s the truth AG.:) Well, lastly, I think to create the kind of art you feel the inner drive to do. Don’t think too much about what the audience will like. Be bold, experiment and most of all: have fun! :D

And get involved with other artists, leave comments and participate in community events. Your life as an artist will become so much richer in every way and this is the unique beauty of DA.

Thank you very much for the honour of this interview, AG. I appreciate it very much. :hug:

AG: Honestly Kat, thank you so much. This was less boring than I thought it would be and more time-consuming than I thought it would be. :lmao:



You’re a wonderful photographer and an even better human being. Thank you for everything you do for the community. :)

AG & KAT: :hug::dalove: [happy colours and rainbows]








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This monthly series highlights artists from the Adoptables community. Learn more about these artists, the art they make, and what inspires them to create. You’ll love this handpicked collection of adoptables, so consider buying some of their work!

Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i


Hello Hello! 💛 I'm Ana, LifStrange is just my nickname, which was born by chance even before I started my journey on DA. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I really love drawing outfits for characters, as well as fantasy art. I really love giving life not only to my characters, but also to the characters of other people on DA, depicting them in my works, or inventing an outfit for them. I try to improve all the time, and I am grateful to everyone for their support and trust in this matter! 💛

Lifstrange's Shop

[Open][Set price] Outfit 568+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 565+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 572+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 561+YCH version
[Open][Set price] Outfit 571+YCH version
[open][Set price] Outfit 553+YCH version


Hello!! I’m Sacri and I mostly make outfit adopts. My favourite thing to draw is oversized sleeves and I also experiment a lot with patterns! I do a variety of themes but I’m most comfortable with ouji, gremlincore and academia aesthetics. My audience and I are currently very into flowers & big scarves, so if that’s your thing, feel free to drop by ~

SacriHeid's Shop

CLOSED | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2028 - 2030
CLOSED | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2025 - 2027
CLOSED | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2106 - 2108
OPEN | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2109 - 2111
OPEN | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2076 - 2078
OPEN | $15/1200 pts | outfit adopts 2090 - 2092


Hello! My name is Loa, I'm 22 years old. I love drawing dragons and lizards, I really like their variety. I've been on deviantart for about 5 years now. I have come quite a long way, I was able to gain a lot of followers during this time. I often list adoptions for sale. And I’m glad that people like my work, I will continue to do my work and develop.

Ameloa's Shop

[OPEN] Auction adopt
[OPEN] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
[closed] Auction adopt
Hr Dalogo By Corelounge De0cjsr  2  By Team Df0p9i

Join the Conversation

  • Have you created an adoptable? Share your designs for sale!

  • Who's your favorite adoptable artist on DeviantArt?

  • What themes would you like to see in a future art or artist feature?

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The long-awaited update post!

I have gotten so many sweet notes from well-meaning fans of the comic, and it's meant a lot that people are asking about how I'm doing.

(Side note, I have gotten a couple of extremely...passive-aggressive notes regarding the fact that Nema's story has been on hiatus. Please, my young friends--think before you send messages demanding things or giving ultimatums! That makes me feel icky! I am not a content machine! Please remember that your favorite creators are humans with lives you know very little about. But on the whole, most everyone has been very positive and sweet!)

So. how am I doing, really?

Much better now than I was ten months ago, let's put it that way! I gave birth to my baby daughter, and she's gorgeous inside and out--being a parent is such an all-consuming adventure that I haven't had much bandwidth for other things. But as she's gotten a little bit older and more able to sleep regularly (hallelujah *sobs*), so have I been able to recover my creative spark more and more. I'm ready to start working on Chapter Six. It'll be slow going, that much I'm certain of--but I really want to make it happen.

Which, of course, brings us to the release date of Chapter Five! I want to do things a little bit differently with the comic from here on out. I post it in three places--here, on Deviantart, and on Tapas. Tapas is well-suited to a vertical scrolling format, so I've been converting the comic pages to that format for Tapas. Before, I was posting two or three pages every two weeks. From now on, I'd like to shake things up and post four to six pages every month. It's the same amount of story per month, just all in one update! The first post will go live on Tapas on Friday, June 7th, and I'll post on the first Friday of each month after that. In the meantime, I'll get working on Chapter Six!

I think that's all for now! Thank you all so much for your support and continuing love of this lil comic. I'm excited to continue the story!

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