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I'm happy to tell you that I reopened my commissions! I expanded the slots from 3 to 5 too. ^^ If you are interested, look at this journal for the details:

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Hello everyone!! Finally I made new offer for you

u can ask commission and get 10% discount only PayPal

this offer only for half body and full body


I can draw : Original Characters, Anime style, Half animal (like inuyasha), Manga. (Ask)

I don’t draw :· Full Mecha (Ex. Gundam) · Super heavy armor · Yaoi / Yuri couples · Fully Monstrous characters · Disfigured/Deformed · Weapons.(ask) · naked, kiss & sexy . Cartoon style

I’m good at style art: pokemon, inuyasha , ace of diamond and yugioh

Extra Charge:

  • full of details Character

  • Pets/Companions/Pokemons

  • Weapons

  • Fees paypal (if you gonna use paypal)

Prices :

Notice: the correct points price are here —> https://www.deviantart.com/pink-hudy/shop/commissions

General Notes & payment :

  • No refunds once your commission is accepted.

  • It usually takes 7-14 working days, but that’s subject to change.

  • Sometimes I’d like to take my time so please refrain from spamming me for updates.

  • I don’t accept half payment and half after sketch!

  • Please when you sending the payment by paypal send me by USD !

  • Payment only by paypal or points on DA

Fill out the following information :

*name anime :

*Name character :

*Reference: (show me a good reference please)

*Type: (chibi, headshot, half body or full body )

* Background type: (simple BG or screenshot)

*Drawing style:

*Other: (other things I need to know)

if you are interesting please send me note ❤️

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Hello, I would appreciate if you could take a minute to read and perhaps share this.

I do not like to ask for support this way nor do I like to share much of my personal life online.

I'll keep it short, my house has just been robbed. I need money urgently to replace my house's locker and most of my clothes. Most of my expensive items have also been taken away but nothing I urgently need to replace. The police can't do anything without evidence (not that they'd do anything anyway :( ) If you could share this I'd be very grateful!!

Here's my commission info: https://luupon.art/#commissions

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/luupon

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Due to some things I’ve been through recently…

I think it’s necessary to let some people know that my creations are mine, even it’s just fanart but the idea came out from my brains , it’s not about “your idea” if it’s not a commission. Quite simple reason right?

My PPGs and RRBs are based on the OG series teens BUT they’re NOT teens, like I’ve said a thousand times that they’re much different from most of the fanarts and fanfics you’ve read before. They’re 24 year old fully grown adults who have totally more mature views on life and themselves, unlike teens, both them have been through over 14 years good and hard life, time changes and they do too.

They both (specially boys) need to learn about love in a different way, I like imagine them been adults, and as many of you’ve read before: I have tried my best to keep them still based on what they originally were BUT also fits the ages and experiences, CUZ they can’t still acting and thinking like 5 year old kids or 17 teens when they are 24!!They have their own lifestyles and ways to deal with problems, you saw boys acting stupid in the comic it doesn’t means they are still stupid like they used to be, they do it only bc they want to make their love life funnier and happier. They are serious when things are getting serious, they’re less that naive or overly emotional when dealing with problems…

I thought some people knows about this fact cuz I’ve spent so much time on writing descriptions and drawing main storyline … and I still keep noticing new fans that my characters are actually adults, they no longer live in the Townsville, they nearly graduate from the university and some even managed to get nice jobs, they don’t play teen tricks , their love story is 18+ mature relationships even for boys it’s their first time…

It really made me upset when people came to my page talking about how better the other fanfic or fanarts are and I should use the same idea too… or simply imply that they don’t like my designs and I should do in their ways.

Tbh I don’t mind people have different views of the characters, but if possible, plz show some respect to my characters and my efforts

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