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Where To Go From 2020: Trap Heals on Motivation

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DeviantArt spoke with Trap Heals, the creative agency for Black Lives Matter, to get insight on how art can echo the movement for social change. Read on to learn more and find out how you can get a new badge for your profile!

Trap Heals, the creative agency for the Black Lives Matter organization, sat down with DeviantArt to talk about the political and cultural events of 2020, how art can shape movements, and more. This is the final journal of the series, and features their answer to the following question:

Of the countless energizing moments of the BLM movement during 2020, which of these were the most personally motivating and encouraging?

The 2020 election cycle definitely stands out to us as the most pivotal moment in recent history. With the residue of the former president still present in the world, it was deeply healing to see how many communities rallied around shifting the political landscape in this country, and even more specifically, it was inspiring to see how the state of Georgia was at the helm of said change that saved the soul of the nation. This moment created a powerful synergy between organizing and art, bringing together the hip-hop community, activists, politicians, clergy, academics, and many more.

Muhammad Ali by Stephen Lorenzo Walkes

Georgia has historically been a largely Conservative state with a long history of voter suppression of its Black voters by the political establishment, which emboldened white

supremacist violence until recently. This past year, through the incredible organizing work, led, in part, by Stacy Abrams, Georgia turned blue and thus secured a presidential and senate win for the democratic party. While we understand that President Biden’s election does not signal the end of the system of white supremacy this country was founded upon and operates within, the last four years of living under Trump have had a very real and detrimental impact on our communities.


Following a summer of uprisings in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, it was incredible to witness that invigorating energy evolve into organizing power that ultimately led to immediate political transformation. Nevertheless, one isolated incident is never enough for the ultimate liberation we all seek. This is why the momentum we’ve supported in developing is focused on three areas:

el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (AKA Malcolm X) ca 1964


Our work is not done simply because this new administration has been elected. White supremacist groups are on the rise, police murders are ever-present, and the right is actively campaigning to roll back voting rights for Black and Brown communities. The movement must continue to do the work of holding elected officials accountable to the platforms and commitments that got them there in the first place. We need to put pressure on the new and re-elected senators, congresspeople, President, and Vice-President to push policies forward, like The Breathe Act, that provides equity, safety, and healing to Black communities.

Golden Man


When we say we want to continue envisioning Black joy and Black love, we must also think about the world in which this Black humanity exists. BLM Creative Strategist Noni Limar suggests, "as our movement continues to gain momentum, it is imperative that we consider the environmental crisis that we are experiencing as a human family. Climate change and soil health will continue to have an unparalleled negative impact on our communities. As we fight for racial and economic justice, a reimagining of our relationship to our earth is essential. I have been working with a group of leading voices in ecology, spirit, and culture on a project called 'The Living Altar', asserting that we cannot have a cultural reckoning without a deep grounding in right relationship to the earth and to spirit."

What does it mean to prioritize healing if the communities we want to invest in are not environmentally sustainable? When our children have high rates of asthma and emphysema, or we don't have access to healthy, fresh foods, or when affordable housing units are direct across active oil wells? The past year of living in a pandemic has also brought to light many of the health inequalities that our communities experience, as COVID-19 disproportionately affects Black folks at much higher rates, and yet have the least access to healthcare. We are coming out of this moment with acute clarity that environmental and healing justice must be prioritized for our work to be sustainable for generations to come.



It is no secret that Black folks experienced systemic exclusion from wealth-building opportunities in this country. Through policies like redlining and intentional corporate divestments, it has been an uphill battle to pool substantial resources to build community infrastructure for centuries. That time has changed. Now, more than ever, we see a shift in how Black folks are organizing around gentrification in our communities, engagement with financial institutions via platforms like Robinhood and Coinbase, and developing new businesses to help circulate dollars. These simple to use tools lower the barrier of entry into the stock market. BLM wants to be in the conversation with other leaders around lowering the barrier of entry into building wealth.

Your Thoughts

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  1. What goals or aspects of your life do you want to make progress in, in the remainder of 2021?

  2. Outside of your art, what do you do to help your community, both on and offline?

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1 min read

We made it to +20 watchers! Thank you all so much for support! In that case I'm doing an art raffle so one of you can win an art made by me for free :) I can draw anything - your OC, any character from games, movies etc. Anything you want! NSFW, furries, blood and gore also available.

RULES: > must be watching me > share this! (make a post with a link to this one, or share a link on your profile) > comment under this post "done" ART RAFFLE ends next week (4.08) and the 1 winner will be chosen that day! Good luck everyone! <3

Examples of my art:

Mirukurum fanart
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Commission Info [OPEN]

3 min read

Please read the information below before writing to me!

Remember that I can refuse to work without giving any reasons. (Not after payment of course)


~ What do I need to complete an order? ~

I need you to check my portfolio first and be sure that you are ready to pay. You can see examples of my drawings, so don't expect another color and style. If you want an atypical job for me - this isn't my mistake, you saw who you order from. If you have any difficulties, then ask me in the notes, I am ready to help you and tell you everything that interests you! I don't bite you :3

When you are completely sure that you want to receive a drawing from me, write a detailed description of what you want to see on it. Pick up references, examples, and then we don’t have to make many edits. I do them only at the sketching stage and no more than three major edits. All subsequent edits will be paid depending on their complexity. After the sketch, I don't change anything, except for the color.

// Off topic: I’m most comfortable working with young female characters. You can, of course, try to order guys, but it's at your own risk // I wanna enjoy of what i draw so i only take commissions that i feel good to draw at the moment.

~ Production process ~

We discuss the work and the deadline (it depends on my workload and the complexity of the drawing) - after my consent it is necessary to make a 100% prepayment. Next, I will send you a sketch. As soon as you approve it - then I draw according to the order. I am always ready to show the process, you can ask about it, in reasonable amount.

~ If something went wrong ... ~

Sometimes it happens that an artist cannot work together with a customer and this is normal. This is the same relationship as any other, we may have different tastes and visions, so you can refuse the order, but I have the right to keep myself 50% of the fee or more if the process went beyond the sketch.

If you refuse to work further at the sketching stage, I can use art for my own purposes.

~ Other ~

My works (even to order) cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you want to order for this purpose, then talk to me in advance. This is a completely different story.

I have the right to post the finished work in my gallery on any of the resources.

I accept payment on PayPal only. (About PayPal fee: You decide whether to pay it or not. If you want, you can pay a fee deduction in tips)

Please don't forget about your order!

Thank you for reading, this is important to me ~ ヾ (・ ω ・)

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Weekly Community Journal #62

5 min read

Weekly Community Journal 07/28/2021

  • What have you done this week?

  • Share your new work in the comments!

  • Check out the art and talented artists featured throughout the journal!!

Illustration86 98
Bust of Pluton
In the Stars


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autumn warm sunset light, pastel
Cat with fish

Personal News :wave:

These weekly journals have accidentally become monthly 0.0 oops! These will be posted on Wednesdays, going forward.

My schedule was a little haywire again but now I've set aside some time to be back on DA every morning like I used to be when I was a little less chaotic haha

Updates? I've been writing like crazy. For the first time in my three years working as a freelancer, my project work has been continuously 40 hours a week or more. Usually I have two full weeks a month, but now my calendar is full of endless due dates... and it's the most amazing thing ever :love:A big shout out to all my amazing clients-past and present! :hug:You guys have single handedly made my writing dreams come true

:heart: Because of this growth in my writing work, I've been able to stop working the handful of part time jobs I've had to balance weeks when there wasn't much work back in 2020. Crazy to think that's a thing of the past and I am only writing now :love:

I've finally start scheduling with a calendar in Microsoft Excel and it's been a life saver. I used to do everything by hand and I usually change my calendar once a week so that was time consuming.

New Writing Instagram Account: I've started an Instagram to share my love of the written word and all the curiosities that go with it. You can find me at @ writingdaydreams2reality To my old followers, that username might look familiar as I've used it for a number of things--glad to see it have a home :) I post lots of quotes on the backdrop of my own photos. Take a look!

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Art Fight - Attack: A silent blush

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  • The Journal PRISM International has a 2021 Creative Non-Fiction Contest, Black Entry open. Deadline is July 31st.

  • Reservoir Road Literary Review is accepting fiction for their 4th issue. This is rare, it is accepting long-works of fiction from 1,000 to 10,000 words. It's hard to find a journal willing to publish more than 7k! Keep in mind though, new journals haven't created an established reputation yet so while it might be easier to get published in these instances, that journal might not carry any weight on your resume.

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Tigers day out
Home for christmas for FortuneFoundTheSun63

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Insane Hue
Minted Spirits
Cherry Watermelon

@SixSs (Week 2/ 10)

Podd- Oc
Spiritual Fox And Fish

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More of dubby's unnatural behavior

6 min read

Okay, basically, i did mentioned that dubby did block fuzzyponch when fuzzyponch was just trying to look out for her friend, SAD-HOURS, and that leads to me and fuzzyponch thinking that dubby could be stalking SAD-HOURS and possibly doing something to her, but me fuzzyponch can't see what they are doing since dubby blocked fuzzyponch out of the blue so she won't see what dubby and SAD-HOURS are doing, when, SAD-HOURS and fuzzyponch are best friend, and i mean close friend, and here's dubby trying to screw it up, and that's not all, there's more mischievous things she's done, and here it is, and also shoutout to :iconfuzzyponch: for helping me calling dubby out, without her help, i would've lost sleep after this to expose this manipulative liar, but since that's out of the way, here's a few evidence fuzzyponch has provided.


A former user known as DubstepDemonBoi or DubbyCrunchez is no longer on this site due to her behavior. But she is in fact on other sites causing drama.

Dubby has lied about her age and harassed users over artwork, including a former user known as SAD-HOURS. This caused a tornado of drama. They have since split and SAD-HOURS no longer wants any association with Dubby. Dubby has stalked this artist for 3 years and has traced their artwork for "improvment" she is worshipped for the talent that is not hers.

Dubby has become very narcissistic. Constantly seeking admiration and not caring for people's feelings. She became very selective with who she cared for and gave affection to.

She does not care for many people and when she did it was because they made her artwork. She may seem perfect to some but truly this is the opposite case.

Dubby believes she is the top level and no one can tell her what to do.

Dubby is very hypocritical, as she has shamed me for making nsfw and an nsfw account (it had no followers or posts. Even if I did create nsfw content it would just be nudity or suggestive posing)

Meanwhile Dubby is just a year older than me and also creates nsfw. She has even made 2 ocs based on an nsfw artist's character and style.

She also blamed me for mistakes and mishaps without listening to my point of view. She would not be sympathetic to me like she would with the other person.

And would instead scold me on what I did wrong and bring it up in present arguments as a defense mechanism towards me.

I have done my fair share of damaging things but I do not and would not treat the person of wrong doing very poorly as she did with me. When I do things wrong I apologize. But in Dubby's case when she does something wrong she blames me for it.

She and her friends who worship her have caused me a lot of mental damage. I do not feel free to do what I want and love as I'm afraid because of what they have done to me. Dubby also stalks me, which also explains why she found my nsfw account.

Dubby has lied on my name and has filled me with false accusations. She has helped break me and my reputation down, bullying me out of servers and ruining my chances to make more friends. I am currently left by myself, only speaking to 2 people. I've wasted a lot of time on this individual, constantly crying and begging for forgiveness, only for the same thing to occur over and over again. Very small things anger her. I've come to realize how much of a horrid person she is and I no longer want to associate with her.


From here on other people can speak on their views of Dubby



Link to the original deviation:

- https://www.deviantart.com/sad-hours/art/Adopt-CLOSED-Monty-823985282?comment=1%3A823985282%3A4800577867

Links, shown in order:

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/650479864071192617/657357714149736488/unknown.png

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/650479864071192617/657372597759246389/unknown.png


Links, shown in order:

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/648360234686873620/658412188628942858/unknown.png

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/650479864071192617/658412560659251241/unknown.png

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/658150432392085523/658150459835416576/Screenshot_20191221-192329.jpg

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/650479864071192617/658412918844686357/unknown.png

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/659510050171256872/659517030084640808/unknown.png

The "apology" notes:

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/659510050171256872/659517678108672012/unknown.png

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/659510050171256872/659517824053805106/unknown.png

I spoke to Bent-glqsses about this situation and, considering that Dubby and her had some interaction she had this to say:

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/860908086587424778/862580855338565662/unknown.png

As for the traced piece(s):

I tried to go back and grab the pieces, but it looks like your Deviantart account has since been deleted/deactivated so unfortunately

I cannot retrieve it. But it was a direct trace from this:

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/590875344459005962/671145435880226846/Ban_4.png

The most recent piece she's obviously taken reference/traced/stolen from is this one:

- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/680594715938390041/680597259477581880/118.png

- https://twitter.com/DUBBYMATED1/status/1405256536977465347/photo/1

"Why it's just both of them have their heads cut off!" No, considering the looniness of the character and the fact they didn't even try to change the overalls is a tell-tale sign. And it ticks me off because, this isn't even my character. It's someone elses, it belongs to @/Drawbanban.

And to take into consideration she's been stalking/obsessed with me for nearly 3 years now (including the fact she has tried to get back in contact with me

and had been pushy about it.) it's just way too coincidential.


A docs by Juicebird that contains the traced piece



Evidence by Vaynoo on a situation where Dubby was pretending to be antagonized by creating an account and using it to antagonize herself for sympathy



Other various evidence


Offering to get an nsfw artist core



Nsfw art



Commissioned nsfw art



Following nsfw account



Nsfw roleplay in DA comments



Shit talk + false accusations



Zoophilia ship and referenced oc


(Original by SAD-HOURS)





Possible bun reference??




Accusation of referencing



Threatening https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/867226415529984000/869987840866521148/received_778602629564089.webp


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