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The next morning, everyone was back at work. Thomas, Percy, Tony ME (SUP-FAN), DJ (97rocker), Trent by DK (97rocker) and Edward were still thinking about the other night.

Thomas was working alone for the moment, thinking about Timothy.

Thomas: Maybe Timothy could be a late relative that died in those days. 🤔

DJ (97rocker) and Trent by DJ (97rocker) were on lunch break. They were watching Thomas work and were getting a bit worried.

Trent by DJ (97rocker): *To DJ* You think it's finally time we told him? 😐

DJ (97rocker): Yeah, I think so. He's almost 16. He should be old enough to understand. But after we tell, what will he think of us. Levi Rivaille (Comfort) [V3]

A few hours later DJ (97rocker) and Trent by DJ (97rocker) were out late at night along with Tony ME (SUP-FAN), Teagan (Teaganm), Daria (dmonahan9), Anna (ilovefoxy1987586) and Meyer by Kevin (CmdrGamera40). They were out fixing up some of the walls of The DieselWorks. Paxton, Sidney, Den and Dart were helping out.

Paxton: Thanks for helping us out guys. :)

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Anytime, Paxton. ;)

Teagan (Teaganm): *Using some of her Gold Dust* Yeah, anytime. :)

Anna (ilovefoxy1987586): *Trying to left up a big brick* Hey, Trent sweetie. Can ya gave me a hand, please? Ariel.1

Trent by DJ (97rocker): Oh, sure my little "Annabelle". Wink and Dimples *Stakes up to Anna*

Anna (ilovefoxy1987586): Baby, not in front of the others. giggle

Trent by DJ (97rocker): Nah, don't mind them. Drake Meme - Nope *Helps Anna out*

DJ by (97rocker): Annabelle. ElvenKingBeGigglinplz

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Looks like Trent and Anna are getting serious. sephirothsmugplz

Daria (dmonahan9): Speaking of serious, where's all this smoke coming from? Blood Painter Shrug Icon

Teagan (Teaganm): DJ? Trent? 🤔

DJ (97rocker): Don't look at me. I didn't even transform to Ghost Rider yet. Reiji Mitsurugi (Shrug) [V2]

Trent by DJ (97rocker): Me nether. Tenzin Shrug

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): *Sniff* Does smell like smoke ether. 🤔

Meyer by Kevin (CmdrGamera40): Yeah, cause usually whenever DJ and Trent transform from Ghost Rider to human, they kinda smell like ash. Sonic Shrug Emote

DJ (97rocker) and Trent by DJ (97rocker): Goofy's Mad (Emoticon) Goofy's Mad (Emoticon)

Meyer by Kevin (CmdrGamera 40): Ah, no offence guys. Sonic Shrug Emote

???: (Echoing) Children. Children.

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Who's there? *Takes out my sword* SHOW YOURSELF!!! Kasamatsu-Yell

DJ (97rocker) and Trent by DJ (97rocker): *Transfors to Ghost Riders* Ghost Rider emoticon 2 Ghost Rider emoticon 2

Teagan (Teaganm), Daria (dmonahan9), Anna (ilovefoxy1987586) and Meyer by Kevin (CmdrGamera40): *Ready themselves*

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Who are you? Kasamatsu-Yell

???: I like children. I like children.

Meyer by Kevin (CmdrGamera40): Yeah, that's nice. Facebook Face with Rolling Eyes emoji But, what do you want? Sonic Shrug Emote

The gang could see the figure of a man in the smoke. But couldn't see his face.

???: My rain of horror will never end. You will all end up like me. Burned in hell, along with my master Tatsuo. Smirking

DJ (97rocker): *As Ghost Rider and points at the ghost* Back to hell. Ghost Rider emoticon 2

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Tatsuo, I knew it. 😠

???: Then he, the one I've been looking for will join me in hell. Evil Vegeta-icon

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Me? 🤔

???: No. The one they call... Thomas. Smirking

Teagan (Teaganm): Thomas? :O

Daria (dmonahan9): What do you want with him? young justice gif  Artemis

???: None of your business! It's only him I'm after. Where is he? Garmy Grinch

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): You'll have to fight us, first of you want him! angry Bumblebee

???: With pleasure. Dragon Ball GT Baby Trunks red eyes icon Thanos Finger Snap *Summons some of Tatsuo's demons from the ground*

Minutes of fighting and destroying the demons later.

???: I must admit, you're all as tough as the master said you are. I know what you did

Meyer by Kevin (CmdrGamera40): What can we say, we're THAT good. Sonic Shrug Emote

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Now, last time asking, what do you want with Thomas? Mad Luna

???: My name is... *Comes out of the smoke* Timothy. Evil Vegeta-icon

DJ (97rocker) and Trent by DJ (97rocker): *Transform back to human* Timothy? :O :O

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Well, "Timothy" you're out numbered. And t's easy to be outnumbered when you're a zero. sephirothsmugplz

Timothy by Glen (KaneTakerfan701): NEVER CALL ME BY MY NUMBER!!! Scary dog Anyway, if any of you see Thomas tell him that his time on this island is about to end. And he'll never be seen again. ReDead

Anna (ilovefoxy1987586): What has Thomas ever done to you? Jinx yelling plz

Timothy by Glen (KaneTakerfan701): Nothing, but yet he was a part of it. But that's all I'll say for now. I know what you did *Vanishing away*

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Hey! Get back here! 😠

Anna (ilovefoxy1987586): Who was that "Timothy" guy? 🤔

Teagan (Teaganm): And how does he know about Thomas? Blood Painter Shrug Icon

DJ (97rocker): He know who he is. 😔

Trent by DJ (97rocker): We don't know what he wants with Thomas, but we now about Timothy. 😔

Daria (dmonahan9): DJ? Trent? 🤔

Tony ME (SUP-FAN): Do you two have something to tell us? 🤔

DJ (97rocker) and Trent by DJ (97rocker) looked at each other for a moment then finally brought out the truth.

DJ (97rocker): Thomas was adopted by our folks, and us as his brothers. He doesn't remember his real family.😔

Trent by DJ (97rocker): And Timothy knows Thomas because... he's his real brother. sigh

Tony ME (SUP-FAN), Teagan (Teaganm), Daria (dmonahan9), Anna (ilovefoxy1987586) and Meyer by Kevin (CmdrGamera40): :O :O :O :O :O

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Who's your favorite actor/actress?

I really enjoy watching all kinds of Ryan Reynolds movies - Free Guy was just awesome!

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243157272 2045144328973495 5148525283876751330 N
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Hey Everyone!

Been awhile since I've done one of these. I'll start by saying hope you're all doing well and staying safe. Also for those who may have missed it, this month I was the recipient of the DeviantArt Deviousness Award! My thanks and appreciation to the Staff and CV's who've been there to help and support me in my time being here.

Customization is at a crossroads of sorts again with Windows 11 on the horizon. I'm hoping the process involved to port existing Windows 10 themes becomes easier in the future. I have a few newer themes that support both. My latest project NUX for Windows has been updated to include light, dark and all dark (BIB) modes.

NUX for Windows


Check out these artists and be sure to show your support!

JaxCore - Season 2
Verdant Mountain
Simplify Dot - Windows Cursors
Mountain View
The Sun Goes Down
Craft Icons - An iOS Iconpack
Big Sur | Monterey HDs
Windows 11 Start Menu
Windows 11 Cursors Concept
Curtains | 4K
Neon Tech
Jelly - 4 Free Walls
AudioChanger with ContextMenu
VS cursor (version 8.0)
Es solo fantasia
Windows 11 Light Blue Variant
Angry Creative Wallpaper Multi colors
Khaybar by Jelle Dekkers
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