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Each week, we interview a different artist and share their art and featured answers on our official Facebook page. This week's featured artist is Kate-FoX!

What a wonderful night, isn't it?

Artists often say that they feel that they "must create." Do you have a similar drive? What pulls you to continue to make art? Why is art important to you?

Drawing has always been my favorite pastime and entertainment. I just like to follow goals that I set myself, experiment and bring my ideas to life.

You have spoken in the past about the importance of "learning to learn." What have you found in your studies that allow you to identify important information? What is the most recent technique or aspect of your art that you worked on learning more about?

I try to try something new in almost every picture. It can be a new palette, brushes that I haven’t yet used, things that I have never painted before, some new software functions or even a completely different application (Realistic Paint Tool). For example, I still do not know all the Adobe Photoshop capabilities.

The last thing I experimented with were ways of making a beautiful star sky the way I see it in my mind, as well as how to properly fit my characters into this composition.

Water Mage

How do you make sure your artistic growth doesn't stagnate? What's the biggest change you've noticed in your work over the years?

I love learning and trying new things. I often change the style, approaches to art, composition, colors. After trying as many different approaches, tools, styles, software, etc. as possible, you will be able to form something original. Also, do not forget about your “visual experience”. It’s also important to know how to properly use references. “You are what you eat”, right?

You are writing a story that takes place in the world you illustrate. What challenges do you find in writing over illustrating? Do you often discover things through drawing explorations that you then write about or vice versa?

My main problem now is that I have a ton of ideas and nowhere near enough time. Having to put my energy into Patreon and the comics, I wasn’t able to do much writing. Previously, I would use that time to do research, and work on my story and world related articles. Nowadays writing the story itself is far from the top of my To-Do list.

Therefore, many of my illustrations are sketches for the future episodes of my story or even standalone “little art stories”. Showing a little story in a single picture is quite an interesting task. On top of that, I add my usual experiments, and so I grow further as an artist.

To the cloud village.

What tips would you give someone who is looking to create their own fictional world and OCs? What are some things to avoid?

This is a difficult question for me. I've made a lot of mistakes myself. If you paint around your world and OCs, then about 90% of people look at the picture in front of them, not the story behind it. It’s a good idea to focus attention on the original designs and distinctive features that will make your world and characters recognizable. It's the same with your style and presentation.

Have you ever suffered burnout from art? How did you recover or how do you avoid burnout in the first place?

I was lucky enough to avoid burnout. Drawing is wonderful and, as I said, it has always been entertaining and relaxing. As far as I can tell burnout is a sort of fatigue, and you could avoid it by balancing work and rest.

Claus cafe

How has the internet and streaming shaped your perception of art? Does having an audience that looks forward to your art add pressure to your process?

The Internet allowed me to get into computer graphics. The very moment I found out about digital art, I wanted to try it for myself. There were no streams yet, and tutorials were very difficult to find. Now my entire visual base is formed thanks to the Internet. My audience is loyal, I don’t feel pressured by them and I’m very grateful for it.

See more of Kate-FoX's work in her DeviantArt gallery! In addition, Core Members can visit the Core Lounge this month to join her for an AMA and see her art in action in April's Creative Crate!

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Hi all! Ready for some free points? ^ω^

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Brenda, why are you doing a special spree?

A: I am actually a lot happy that the project is growing again after the arrival of the eclipse. It was very difficult. I worked very hard to be able to organize things, define the new methods and the profile design. I had to attract new donors too. The tasks were not easy but I feel that I now have wonderful new people on my side now. And let's celebrate this with lots of points! ✿♥‿♥✿


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I'm putting oc organic models up for public use for SFM users! These can be used just like the FNAF models on the workshop. Recolor, port to VR chat, use in animations, whatever you'd like! Have fun!!! Download them here on MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/994pkc8qa7x9d83/My_Organic_OC_Models.rar/file

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Decided to remove from storage the AU. At first I was honestly embarrassed about it but I think it's high time I stop being embarrassed and just show my AU to the public again:

Switched Destinies: Dream's Ref
Switched Destinies: Nightmare's Ref
Switched Destinies: Cross's Ref
Switched Destinies: Killer's Ref

And here is the tragedy that befall Cross TTuTT Remember it's an AU. It is just it's own thing.

It does not correlate with Xtale nor Underverse

Switched Destinies AU Comic: Dream and Cross

Here is Nighty before running away:

LETS ENFORCE POSITIVES! .:Switched Destinies AU:.

This AU is currently a mess right now and I plan to improve it now that I've gotten better at art and am slowly regaining my confidence with this. It took long but I think I can finally start to work better on this again and improve. Sorry that this was missing from it's folder for a long time now. But the references and comic about Cross has return. I will update each ref when I have time and will do better. Thanks for reading this if you did.

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hello! i am looking for unwanted/low quality/cheap/free characters!

i am going to be redesigning them and then reselling them for profit. if this is not okay with you, OR it goes against the original designer's tos, please do not offer me ANY characters on this journal. also dont offer if you lost the original designer because i won't take uncredited characters.

if this is okay with you and does not go against the original designer's tos, please offer them up! fair warning, i am not going to be spending much on these, and i may do a headshot sketch or something for them, but i don't want to spend all of my time paying for these lmao. i just want to get these lads some good homes after i redesign them!

i also have a toyhouse, so if any character you're offering has a th, please link it!! i will gladly take ones with ready-made toyhouses.

please leave a comment if you have a character to offer!!

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