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alright guys i need your help ...

Lately many people have sent me messages about commissions, currently I have them closed until the old commissions are finished

therefore I have had to work on adoptables to generate some money to pay my bills ..

The adoptables that I uploaded, a couple of kittens, the money is destined mainly for my parents ... Venezuela is a difficult country and my mother has to spend around 200 dollars to buy enough food, since everything in Venezuela is very expensive.

So because I have been focused on finishing the commissions ... I have several sketches for adoptable but it takes a lot of time for me ... right now I have to make another commissions to be able to open new positions in the future ...

can I ask for your help?

Would you donate some money to me?

I am too ashamed to ask for free money, but if you are in your hands, help me.

why do i ask for help? I had to use the money in the account to pay the bills, including apartment, food, services and internet ...

The money raised in the previous adoptables will be destined to my parents since they only know that I take care of them while I live in Colombia ...

I apologize to all of you to get to this extreme .. but at this moment I feel very tired and I am very depressed u.u

People who are against donations, refrain from commenting on my journal, I am too tired and depressed to bear any more comments.

I know it is an excuse ... I have to be responsible and earn my money with a lot of effort ... but I am working on the old commissions so as not to saturate myself with more commissions and not make people wait for a long time

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i said i was gonna do NSFW 18+ art im probably gonna change my mind. Im alittle embarrassing about posting it. plus seems like alot of you are complaining about it anyways. It was gonna be some art with my Shadow characters. And unfortunately... sigh.. PennyXPapyrus. Before you get on my ass my friends been asking me to do it, so yeah.. probably the ONLY NSFW art im gonna do of them. I don't know if you guys wanna see it. Leave a comment showing me you may wanna see it. I may post NSFW art on my Newgrounds account.

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AFTER ALL THESE DAYS... I CAN FINALLY HAVE SOME TIME TO JUDG- oh sorry.. Im very excited about judging... So here am i again! im back from the judging. and today, i'll be judging your entries! Both the design and the artwork itself. Note that im not good with the character designs so.. expect this will be sucked. I also noticed that some people werent competing on the camp anymore.. but that's alright! do whatever you wanna do.

Object War 13 Challenge 5 Love Lab

OOOO!!! this actually is interesting... i like how the paper bag's shape is the same shape of the heart. hmm maybe place the glasses got tapped on the sides? Because there's tape on the sides and the glass would just fall though.. dont worry, you can still wear it.


OW Round 2 - Challenge 4: Fusion Confusion

This seems interesting.. Electro fusing with louie? Catnip is up to something again... So for the design.. the design looks neat!! the hair and the body should be glowing... The other headphones looked like they're in the front thingy.. Over all, It's still a cool idea!


Day 6 A New Juice Mix

What did you get when you mixed an Apple to an Orange? ORAPPLE! get it- anyways... the i like the design! That brown stick can be the straw right? can be the edges of the bandit green and the rest of them is orange or apple stuff? It'll assemble the orange flavor... Now for the background... I like those blurry effects on the bg...


OW13 Challenge Round 8 - Fusion Confusion

W..wha? where's the context? I literally don't get what is going on so... But i do get the entry that they're supposed to be blocky.. but still though.. i really need explanation. Unless if it's for the disguises... Judging about the artwork.. still simple though.. Why the other half of the bow didnt got affected by the red paint?


OW 13 round 2 - Fusion Confusion

:rubeyes: I HAVE BEEN MIND BLOWN- This one really looks cleaver! FB bring blocky all along?! Blocky.. what were you doing- Is the bg a JPG image? im just asking since i can see the changes... Im not saying it's bad to use JPG imagines but...


Bugster + Flamingo and... Spider Flamingo???

I really like the design!! I like the color choice in there... It's spider flamingo or something.. But there's one thing i noticed about the design.. The bg colors look good!


OW 13 - Challenge 8

Heartbook? That's a good choice! i have seen some heart locket likes before... but the problem is it looks like they have many pages in there only if you meant them to be a book box... (6.7/10)

OW 13 R2 C4: Fusion Confusion

Just in time to see me judging the entries! However can be the body look like a bit sappy like? it wouldnt be just only tokens... The body looks like someone threw the blueberry on them.. (6.4/10)

OW13 C8

I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE- Wait... isnt this.. supposed to be... fusing your.. oc... into another.. character? I.. i really dont understand... i... i...


Apologies to say something less here.. Like i said, im not good at judging by the fusions designs, itself. Yeah. I know. It really sucked... I really hope you all understand tho.. I just wanna try to judge someone's entries...

Let me know if i made a mistake alright?

hhhere i go!!

Trumpet Candelot (Candelot Playing Trumpet) Icon

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I am in the market for some Pixel Animation commissions, I want a new icon for DA but also some smaller pic animations for my stream page :)

Character I want is of Vinca:

Vinca - New WoF Sona

I am willing to pay paypal or points.

Please comment below your prices and examples and I'll note you if I'm interested :)

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Hello. Club-Dreamiverse here with a announcement:

Everyone is free to make their own RP fandom list (all fandoms or split into parts covering favorite franchises from what mediums in whatever order they choose) if they please. And set standards too.

Here are the mediums:

- Web content

- TV shows

- Video games

- Cartoons

- Movies

- Books

- Comics (including comic strips and manga; I myself combined anime and manga together (in a RP fandom list at least) since the anime I've looked up are based on manga in one way or another and TV Tropes has a anime/manga selection in most of the tropes and I myself was a troper)

- Anime

- Toys

Feel free to combine your favorites from different mediums into one list or split them into different RP fandom lists or whatever way you want. The choice is yours.

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