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shut up you gay fucking nerds! Radi0TV is funny! I don't give a fucking crap what TIRArt or any other Channel Reviewers you watch said, Radi0TV is fucking funny! You're the one who doesn't understand anything about Radi0TV! His art is suppose to laugh, not to piss off but you assholes did by just taking him seriously! You know these types of people who can't enjoy anything but just to be a sad person, if you're so fucking stupid to understand that it's a funny art and not a hate art, you're way beyond stupid as fuck! And if you're just throwing hate towards his masterpiece you can just fly off because it funny if you're like 9/11 and about 24/7 you would be just like 9/11 flying off here because you're so fucking overwhelmed how dumb you are to just calling his masterpiece a hate art, and you know what if you think this isn't funny then nothing is funny to your worthless little unpopular unoriginal opinion, your stupid hobbies and interest you like are dead to them! You're not huffing some raunchy ass farts so you cleary must be retarded as fuck and you know what the fuck I'm talking about! These fucking types of people who watch shit online like @Sub4Box42 @dagamerboiishere @xXBri-The-DemonXx @TIRArt @ZertyArtTV @MikanYT @Yellow-Spider-Kitty These ass wipes! These assholes only exist to false ranting on people for no fucking reason, these people who just can't fucking stop talking shit about The Loud House! Shit like that! Shit Tier and Shit Opinion! These people I mentioned that earier are just harassing innocent users like nuggettheballoongirl, trustaman, citytoon, cecilcircle, bart-toons, funnytime77, themilitarybrat5000, Miigz03, AceMoonThunder, Dimension101 and AProudHomestuck! Phillz1 is a funny guy aswell, he had rights to send alveena2011 accurate real life face and I want to beat Bronco6666, because Bronco6666 is fucking stupid and he should just shut up! And about other assholes like @Storm-Spryzen @CawCawTitanicBirb @ninjazombie32413 @BlastGenius that likes to deny about their real life faces me and my friends showed, and best part is that this one homeless guy named @DanTEHMan2001 just fucking got his birthday ruined like he deserved! I laughed so hard about this and then later @katamariluv who is a furry who wanted to marry Homeless Dan so fucking bad and later another asshole came @MintStarMari trying to request @Sub4Box42 to rant on Radi0TV and she got stopped! I hope Shok will kill @MintStarMari because she is so fucking retarded that she is going to die in a car crash with explosion! And then the rest of the souless mindfuck zombies and walking robots came out of nowhere and does the same shit like the rest of them I mentioned here, anyways thats it from now so feel free to make hate comments and post this to anyone to talk shit about my truth.

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Spread AS MUCH AWARNESS AS POSSIBLE about this user and every single one of his alt accounts idk how many there are and I'm not gonna look quit yet REPORT HIM there is no option YOU MUST REPORT HIM unless you don't have the ability too do so.

There is this person running around that goes by the name @//Xalrun1 and he has five or 4 other alts they all are the same just with a different number at the end I think it goes intel 5 he claims that people are photoshopping his pictures and never said any of the things he did actually say he also claims that people are pretending too be minors???? He is a gross disgusting person and he has a "Wall of fame" that he uses for some god damn stupid reason here it is: Hall of Fame

1 min read This is a list of exceptional and extra special niggers who I'm gonna leak the personal info of for fun in the future. Princess-Josie-Riki Photoshopped conversations of me and her that didn't exist. Cardendra47: *eyes glow amber* Damn moron... *facepalms at the moronic idiot* (what kind of special ed retard fucking talks like this?) Nightfall8240 Little bitch cunt pretending to be a minor and photo-shopped a bunch of conversations we never had. Probably works with Riki to prank me. Jhericho1 Old ass pedophile geezer who sexualizes tickling children and claims to be asexual. Looooool Dont-Wannabe-Perfect Stupid brat who thinks she got shit on me but just ended up blocking me 'cause I saw through her lmao. So easy. ksuniverse Won't stop making statuses about me. he might have an obsession. worldofcaitlyn Same as Princess-Josie-Riki. More to be added soon.

*UPDATE* there is this person name @Jhericho1 that is defending a pedo calling 13 year old's and other minors pedos and reporting every one too cybertip and one other place Report and block this bastard before you do anything else he is a threat. If you need proof just look in the comments in this post.

Here is a convo we had:

Screenshot (87)
Screenshot (88)

I guarantee if he finds this post he will say it was photoshopped see what i mean when i say he is degusting?

Here is a post (s) that @Nightfall8240 made about him:

Here is a post about @Jhericho1 from @Nightfall8240

Read the comment below the status update the person who posted mentioned Xalrun multiple times;

ahh here is a conversation with Xalrun ONCE AGAIN proving him as digusting (have no idea if the link works)


Some status's from @ksuniverse : status #1 https://www.deviantart.com/ksuniverse/status-update/i-did-block-xalrun1-for-878533574

status #2 https://www.deviantart.com/ksuniverse/status-update/did-i-mention-to-tell-878626350

2 comments were posted on this poor fellow status by xalrun please read them and the status just cause:

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Thanks to: @SoraFan810 for the considerable amount of info, And also to @xXNoemiteaXx

so there is this person on DVNT, @xXNoemiteaXxEvil and they have admitted to be Peachy. As we know, peachy was a pedophile.

Her profile: https://www.deviantart.com/xxnoemiteaxxevil


Screenshot (4)

Apart from that, as from what I've heard, from @MasterLink4eva , She has also posted a disgusting comment on @Gemcakes 's profile. And Also She is an Impostor of @xXNoemiteaXx . She also stole art from her and other People like @SilverDiamondX . Apart from that, If someone tries to defend people who she has stolen art from/ posted comments on, She would just reply with a "*RIPS YOUR CLOTHES*". She has also been pestering people who she has stolen art from to Watch her.

If She tries you to Add her as a friend, Please Immediately do Block her and report her.

She also has another DVNT Profile . Link: https://www.deviantart.com/peachygoldrockstar10




I will also like to include @Xalrun1 , they have been supporting her and have been rude to people defending their art. According to their reply at @SilverDiamondX 's comment, they are just 'jealous' because they don't steal art


She has also given death threats to @DinhDu2024 . I suggest you all report them already!

Edit# 3

So she tried to get back at me by attacking my best friend. Not only that, She had replied me with link of a porn site, completely ignoring the fact that I am a minor and am uncomfortable about this

Screenshot (6)
Screenshot (5)
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Hi guys! Long time no see, I hope you have been good especially through this pandemic. I am currently having a issue and would like to ask for your help if possible.

I came here recently and noticed that @lunaarianagrande has been using people's wings recolored with no credit or permission so i commented and she deleted my comments and blocked me. I'm gonna try and file for DMCA but they usually don't do much unless they copy an entire picture so I'm going to ask if you could report the pictures and inform other artists if their work was used.

It would be of great help, since it seems time hasn't changed anything, people still steal for no reason.

Love you, hope 2021 is gonna be great for everyone 💕

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The first community event from the DeviantArt Collective has launched! Feel free to join @stumpyfongo in creating a community banner with a "Lost Woods" theme!

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