[Encanto] Mirabel Madrigal

Fantastic Fan Art Friday

Wow it's been a while! We're once again looking at Fan Art features from across DeviantArt! Today, I'm featuring fan art of Disney's latest film Encanto!

Encanto Fanart!
Tio Bruno
Triplet Colours
[Encanto] Isabela Madrigal
Mirabel Madrigal

Daily Deviation Round Up

Here are the Daily Deviations that I recently featured. As always, have a great weekend!

Breath of the Atlantic
Storm Serpents
Indie Celebration
Borealis Sea
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The @Ry-Spirit tutorial on how to draw #Pikachu was so good, the staff over here at DeviantArt had to get in on the fun. We hope you enjoy!


First we have @outofoatmilk from Community, @OpssGirl from the Operations Team, and @pgorniak from DT!

My first Pika!
Pikachu Tutorial Submission 2


This adorably animated Pikachu is from @toproin UX/UI. They are, in fact, TOO pro. (click to animate)



Ooo, a collaboration! We love to see it. Pikachu by @MattInRealLife in Marketing with a background by the DeviantArt Collective's @TsaoShin (You can also grab Tsaoshin's backgrounds from their subscriptions)!

Pikachu on Tsao's BG


Next we have a trio of Marketing Team drawings from @Moonbeam13, @TurnedoutTV, and @lollycavalier!

Pika Pika Pika Chu
Neon Pikachu


Blowing us all out of the water, this animated, Eevee-rendered Pikachu by @ArtBIT in DT belongs in The Matrix. (click to animate)

Pikachu - rendered in Eevee!


A colorful lil guy by @PennyDre4dful from our Creative Team!

Oh hey Pikachu


And - is that Tony Hawk Pika Skater 2? @ggMattB in Marketing made this pika, and wishes he could shred this hard.

Thrasher Pikachu

We hope you all enjoyed our pieces, and we want to see yours! Share them in the comments below! Haven't created a Pikachu yet? Don't wait!

Follow the tutorial, upload with the proper tag, and get an awesome badge!

Tutorial January Badge@5x
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Hey there! Just a heads up I'll be accepting shaded sketch commission requests throughout the weekend! Today included! There isn't a guarantee that I'll be able to get to take everyone's requests, but I'll send you a response if I can take your commission! Please send a note or a chat message with your request! ^^

I'm only able to take shaded sketches right now as I'm still working on a few large commissions.

All info can be found on the chart here (be sure to check out the description as well for more info):

PayPal Commission Chart *CLOSED*
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King of the Monsters
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Rjpalmer Monsterking 004


I need some DA points so I decided to open a cheap headshot anime commission for 3 slots :D Hope you're interested! Payment is DA points:points: (Pay via my Donation).

Note: Personal Use only



What I draw ?

  • Original Characters

  • Fanart

  • Kemonomimi, Animal ears

  • Boys and Girls are both okay!

What I can't ?

  • Old man

  • Gore

  • Lewd expression

- Simple background only ( blank or base colour)

- Prices can be increased (maximum 100pts) for detailed character.


Art Sample

271762499 438879871256223 419421520530851733 N
261801332 897804214428821 2223414217725333233 N
271385787 1849948938726957 2692887436362904534 N

Comment below or DM me if you're interested!

List: (1) @Runes-Tales



Thank you so much for reading ^^

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