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Hello hello Deviants!

I'm super excited to announce a new fun challenge!

Introducing the ElfMyself Challenge!


What is it?

Elf Myself!

Essentially, you draw either YOURSELF or a character that REPRESENTS yourself as an ELF!


The way I decided to tackle the challenge was by grabbing a photo of myself as reference and taking inspiration from the photo to create my elf-sona. I tried to think of it as an #OutfitOftheDay but with a twist.


BUT, if you don't want to use a photo of yourself and you want to go with an OC that represents yourself instead, that also works!


I am SO excited to see what you guys come up with for this challenge!!

How to Enter:

  • Make a NEW drawing of yourself or a character that represents you as an Elf!

  • Post your Entry to DeviantART with the tag: "ElfMyself"

  • Mention me: @ChrissaBug in your description so that I get a notification that you have entered and I can come see!!

Deadline: June 25th (20:00CET/11:00PST)

We will look over and feature all the entries during my livestream on the 25th starting at 8pm CET! Make sure to follow my channel and join us!



  • 1st Place: 1 Month Core Pro + 800 Fragments

  • 2nd Place: 1 Month Core + 600 Fragments

  • 3rd Place: 1 Month Core + 400 Fragments


Winners will be announced by June 25th!

If you have any questions, don't forget to leave a comment to this journal.

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Jump-start your creativity and get ready for a quick timed art challenge! The prompt today is a photography challenge, but you don’t need a fancy camera or to be a pro photographer to participate.

Take a photo of something that makes you perceive it as something it’s not. Basically, something “you can’t unsee.”

This type of illusion is called “pareidolia,” and it can be as simple as an electrical socket that looks like a shocked face, a heart shape on a cat’s fur, a rock that looks like the profile of an old man, or a cloud formation that looks like a sheep.


Bienveillant ou malveillant ?
Pareidolia Heart
Conversation with Tree Spirit
Pareidolia: Roman brick
stylish droid
via tortilla
The Penguin
Pareidolia 5
pareidolia2: trashcan in Frascati
The elf in the tree
kero kero
Pareidolia 2
gomo treevari
The Howling
Pareidolia Monster
Face-In Nature
Three Bears
Pareidolia #1
Pareidolia #5

Submit your deviation with the tag #Pareidolia. Deviations submitted before June 17, 2021 at 11:59PM PDT will be awarded 50 fragments soon after the deadline.

Use fragments to award badges to deviations and comments — a way to recognize your fellow deviants with some extra appreciation!

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Thank you for being interested in my commissions! before submitting your request, please look at the following guidelines:

- Payment method is Paypal

- Commissions are first come first serve.

- I have the right to either accept or to decline the commission

- Once I approve the commission, I will send you a DM though deviantart or email you, asking for payment. I will only start the commission once payment is recieved.

- I will send you the sketch of the commission though email, changes can be requested at this point.

-When using my art, credit me

-Don't claim my art to be made by yourself or someone else

-These are the prices for my art, meaning it is the money I receive. Do not subtract any paypal fees from it.

What I will draw-




Mild gore

Any other fandom (as long as I get references)

Ships/ Coupling

What I won't draw-





Any fetishes


Headshot/ Bust up -

sketch only - 2 USD

Coloured sketch with shading and lighting (fully rendered) - 5 USD


-Simple Background is free ( i won't be drawing any complex backgrounds )

-Just specify if you need the background to be transparent or if you want no lineart

-And extra characters cost 50% of the price

-Chat bubbles are free ^^}

examples -

Fell Sans Icon with Filters etc. (Ver. 2)
[ Gift ] For Suri :)
Armena drawing practice

Half body-

Sketch - 3 USD

Coloured sketch with shading and lighting (fully rendered) - 8 USD

example -

Fell sans sketch vs final version
[ Gift for someone I know irl- ] Guru Nanak

Fullbody -

sketch - 4 USD

Coloured sketch with shading and lighting (fully rendered) - 10 USD

example -

Honey Mustard

For ordering, you can either comment below, send me a note on deviantart or email me at mhmlaalwani@gmail.com

Send me the following details:

Type of Commission: (headshot, fullbody, etc.)

Number or Characters: ___________

Character References :

Commission Description: ( If there is any specific pose you want, personality of the characters, specific expression you want, etc.)

Your email: __________



(Headshot/ bust up - coloured : Working on it )



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Hello! I hope you are doing alright!

It's been a while since I last wrote one of these, last month I think I felt like I hadn't done much progress to make one, so I skipped it XD

But well, to put it short, I can't believe I've taken half a year in completing this batch! and I'm still not finished with it.. ^^; but I'm really so close to finish..like haha 95% done.

I'd say it's kind of embarrassing how much this has taken, but I guess I did take a whole lot of commission requests back in January.. so maybe shouldn't be so hard on myself lol but anyways... I want to figure out things so I don't make too many people wait so much for their finished work and that I don't overwork myself too much either, hopefully I find a balance regarding that someday hehe :D

Anyways.. here's what my progress is right now,

Sketch Commission-flat colors:

there's 1 left, it has been a bit on the back for a while, but I hope to retake it again soon, since is just a sketch commission.

Full colored without background:

1 left as well!

this one has multiple characters, so I'm still working on this one!

I think they were 14 in total and I have like 7 done already, so I'm around halfway that one!

4 characters are now in the coloring phase also!

Full colored with background:

1 left too!

is in sketch phase still too

there's other commission that I had from last year that I was waiting for some info before I could start with it, so I'm working on that one as well,

besides of that, I'm also an artist for 2 independent comic projects!

I still can't tell you what they're about, but I'm looking forward to the moment I can show more of them! ^-^

and ok, regarding when commissions open again:

I'm still not sure... but I want to take a break from commission work to dedicate time to these other 2 projects I'm working on and also for personal projects, specially for portfolio and commission info changes .. I may take some aleatory work on the way, but in general I want to have only these 2 projects and personal work to work with for a while :aww:

so anyways, thanks for reading! and thank you all for your patience ^_^

I hope you have a nice and safe weekend!

oh and also Happy pride month! rabbit heart emoji

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I'm looking for someone who can write a fan-fiction for me. Because I have a request. Well, to be more

specific, I would like you to write me the romance

fan-fictions of my favorite pairings. Hmm, since

I'm focusing on The Mystic Stones and MHA, I'll

go with Samantha Powers and Spinner. For instance,

one of them feel sorry for the other for being lonely.

Or it's up to you of how they first met in a different

way like childhood friends, high school, etc. Well, you

get the ideas. The point is I haven't had any new requests

of fan-fictions for a long time. Will you do it for me?

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