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Top 20 All My Opinions On All The Ships Part 4

2 min read

heres the part 4

1- Ella The Doll X Stanley

im ok with this ship.

2- Ella The Doll X Theodore

its adorable.

3- Flor X Toy Bonnie

i ship it because it's cute.

4- Toy Bonnie X Toy Chica

it looks perfect, but i don't ship it, but i respect and like it.

5- Toy Bonnie X Mangle

very adorable and cute

6- Toy Bonnie X Bonnie

uh, idk

7- Toy Bonnie X Funtime Foxynne\Funtime Foxy


8- Funtime Federica X Circus Boby

i just ship it.

9- Funtime Ballora X Funtime Puppet

it's my otp.

10- Funtime Circus Baby X Funtime Ennard

i ship it because i like it.

11- Funtime Lolbit X Yenndo

i ship this ship because its very cool.

12- Yenndo X Ennard

i think that this ship it's very cool, tbh.

13- Funtime Lolbit X Funtime Foxynne\Funtime Foxy

it's nice, i guess.

14- Funtime Lolbit X Funtime Chica

it looks cool.

15- Funtime Lolbit X Funtime Freddy

it looks good.

16- Funtime Foxynne\Funtime Foxy X Ennard

well, tbh, i love this ship, i ship this ship because it's unique and very adorable, no matter if f.foxy it's trans or funtime foxy and ennard are both male, this ship it's very amazing and wonderful and i don't really understand why people (not my watchers and not my friends) hate or dislike it, dislike and hate a another lgbt ship, and also, i remember that when the ships of fnaf sister location was grow i was choosing between ennallora and ennaby and then f.ennoxy appeared infront of my eyes and i choosed to ship it, btw, if i ship it it's because it's so adorable, wonderful, precious, sweet, little and pretty, and i think that this ship should get more love.

17- Funtime Foxynne\Funtime Foxy X Funtime Freddy

well, it's a cute ship.

18- Funtime Foxynne\Funtime Foxy X Funtime Chica

i just don't like it.

19- Withered Bonnie x Mangle

i think this ship looks a little bit weird, no offense.

20- Withered Bonnie x Toy Bonnie

uh.. ok?

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Callout :)

6 min read

Callout for 'lil miss perfect Ranshka.

Who in the fuck do you think you are, you act all tough and like a fucking queen. You are legit harassing my Husband over a stupid break up and mistakes he made last year, instead of trying insult him as a fucking karen look at yourself first, look what you are doing, you make people hate him for mistakes he regrets and wants to fix. What you are doing is legit harassement okay? You are what 21? Then why on earth do you insult Yuuki his work just because he put you on his banlist? I'll let you know that all of yuukis models, the textures are made by me and him and really close friends and the base edits are edited by us with blender too heads are also our own fucking edits. Some parts are mine or some he requested from people. Others p2u or f2u. He still learns how to make motions, and you're there INSULTING his actual work saying "theres more interesting animators, you're not important" that's fucking rude!!

You basically make it sound like all his efford and work is shit, do you have any idea how tough motions are to make? He is even practicing his own parts wich in fact he already made a few, he just does not make puplic downloads.

And saying ''you're not important'' is also wrong. You know he has a real life family right?

One that cares about him and would cry if they lose him?

You literally are just bullying him at this fucking point.

This is harassement and it does not fucking matter that you did not record the discord call. YOU shared it so that makes you just as much guilty and it is HIGHLY illegal you could pay a giant fee for that I'll have you know that.

You are a fucking disgrace and awful. And you can't even understand the fact that insulting a transmale as a cunt, slut or bitch is very offensive and a transphobic action. How fucking dumb are you to not even know that? You instead believe he uses gender as an excuse when he is DEFENDING himself as a TRANSMALE. You have offendet him as a trans person in MANY ways and calling him a KAREN is another one.

Are you transphobic? Because at the moment you sound like it a lot.

He left you alone and shit and now you randomly insult him? You're really fucking awful and so is your cult. Non of you seem to understand that what you did is stupid as hell. Harassement because of a simple ass break up. Get fucking over it already.

Also learn fucking english first Woman. Yuuki does not speak english either and he is better than you. So who really is the dumb one? Yuuki who already gradiuated school and has a simple job and is married, or you who harasses him without even understanding how much he regrets his mistakes and works on being better.

Also yes you forced him and riley to an apology. "How about YOU apologise" so don't say nobody told them to. It was you who did.

And he did apologise and meant it. And YOU STILL would not shut your face, at this point you really are just looking for reasons to make him go down.

His honest apology:

Screenshot 20210725-134541 Chrome

If you carry on I will be the one contacting the police. Oh wait we already fucking did. And yes the police department stated themself that your actions are illegal, harassement, cyberbullying and can give you bad consequences IF we really send out a report torwards you. Evidences have already been gathered. Do you really want this?

And if you call me that fucking vocaloid again I swear to god. I'm 18 and not fucking 14.

And I will tell you right now, the renders that includet nudity that Yuuki showed puplic, did not involve sexual meanings nor genitals. I was literally sitting next to him when he made them. You can't just go around and spread lies that he sexualizes minors and minor OC's.

All his OC's are 18 and above. You would know if you were to care.

It's just awful what you're doing. He has apologised to you and WANTED to find peace and a solution..what did you do? You just blocked him! How much of a narcisst can you be?

You are speaking of apology here and there, he did it and you carry on making it seem like he does not feel bad at all.

And apparantly my IQ is higher than yours since I very well know how to speak english better than you.

Be careful what the hell you say online. You're going too far and if you don't stalk his account then how do you know what he posts hmm? :)

Sending your cute white knights I see because you're too pathetic to do shit yourself. Unlike Yuuki I won't stay nice. Go ahead and type your broken english novels, you're just making yourself look more like a fool :)

Agatha00 is right about you. You see yourself as SOOOOOO MATURE, when in reality you yourself are a child. You bully someone lower than you to make yourself feel better.

So what? Because you can make clothing parts you think you're special? No.

I wanted to stay out of all this but your crap gives me no other choice. I'm tired of it.

You are attacking a person who has mental struggles and make fun of his work. It is not okay.

Instead of forcing him to reconcider stuff, do it yourself too at this current moment, you are not better at all.

He tried to reach out to you with the help of a Friend to make peace. You did not care.

Narcisst pretty much?

Do me a favor and act your age, I as an 18 year old am offendet that you call yourself ''adult''

I will add this wich is proof of your harassement and illegal sharing of a recorded call. Such as insulting a transmale as a cunt.

That is not call out honey. It's harassement.

Screenshot 20210725-114411 Chrome

Screenshot 20210725-115113 Chrome

Screenshot 20210725-114433 Chrome

Screenshot 20210725-114137 Chrome

That's it from me, enjoy making your rants and crap while I am being mature not stalking other their accounts. Maybe get laid or some shit you sound like you need it.

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Request Open!

3 min read

This request set will be a double drawing! One normal drawing of usernames and another with usernames that have not been drawn in a while!

I will leave this journal open for people to leave their request until July 31st 2021 at 11:00 PM EST. After that, no more requests will be accepted until the next request journal and I will randomly from draw usernames collected to fill each of the slots and keep things fair. Just a heads up, that requests may take a tad longer than normal due to me still trying to start my career. Be sure to read the rules below before dropping a request!

Rules and Important Information

  1. No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Content (meaning no excessive gore, no nudity, etc.) and No Fetish Content

  2. If you have an OC, you must send a reference, either by picture or worded description of their appearance, through notes. You may also send any other references you deem necessary for your piece.

  3. REQUESTS/ART TRADE SLOTS ARE FILLED BY DRAWING RANDOM NAMES OUT OF A HAT AFTER A SET TIME AND DATE. (The reason for this is because of past issues of people wanting to be served first.)

  4. If your name is not picked, I'm sorry. It's nothing against you, it's just that I do this as a hobby and don't always get time to work on art all day.

  5. You must make your request either on the journal OR in notes BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE or it will be ignored.

  6. All chosen requesters/trade partners usernames will be shown in a slot in the appropriate journal.

  7. When the request/my end of the art trade is done, a link to the finished piece with the word 'DONE' will appear in the journal next to the username and ALSO a comment/note reply with a link to the finished piece will be sent.

  8. If you make your request in advance of the journal being posted, it will be ignored.

  9. You MUST say if you want your piece done in color otherwise you will get a sketch.

  10. You can request up to 5 characters per 1 request/trade slot; any requests/art trades with more than 5 characters will be ignored.

  11. REMEMBER: 1 situation + up to 5 characters + color OR sketch (+ references if applicable) = 1 request /comment

  12. I will finish all requests/art trades as soon as possible. If your request or my part of the art trade is not completed within 2 weeks, I will let you know as soon as I can about what's going on or feel free to contact me.

  13. Feel free to ask questions if you have concerns or want clarification.

  14. I will do my best to update when future requests/art trade will be available either in journals or status updates. There is NO need to frequently message me asking about this (by frequent I mean every week OR every upload OR every day).

Drawing 1




Drawing 2




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1 min read

Hi everyone. Sad Wave I hope you are all doing well. :heart: Sadly, tonight is the night... the night my family and I say goodbye to our beloved dog Sasha... Its gonna be really hard saying goodbye... :tears: :cries: :sniff: As mentioned in a previous journal, I may be quite absent from here and other media's, as I'll need some alone time. We love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Sasha!!!! You've brought us soooooooooo much happiness and we've had so many great adventures together. You will truly and dearly be missed our sweet little angel! :tears: :heart:

My Dog Sasha

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MicpX0v2Q4A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYmgt35yN88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EQIS_26rU8

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Closed Commission example requests

1 min read

I have these traditional commissions I’m trying to advertise. So I need more examples.


so what u will do is open two slots of requests to advertise them. This is free. this will close in 24 hours, so 11 am USA central time. At the end I will choose two that interest me and draw a half body fully shaded drawing for each. what you need to do to get a slot is follow me and stay following me, even if you don’t get chosen. You also must share this journal in another journal or status update. Then you must link it in the comment. You must tell me your character or oc and give me a good half body reference of them. I’m best at humans or humanoid. No nsfw or fetish stuff. slot one-open

slot two- open

here are some examples of my drawings.

Sonic Traditional commission
Contest entry
Jack skellington
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