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Hello everyone! So, it has been a hot minute. Last time I posted an artwork was Jul 28, 2019. Last time I posted a status update was Jul 28, 2021 (dafuq, same day? just different year lol) So yeah, I come here pretty much on / off now. It's weird how I super prioritized DeviantArt a few years ago when I started it, just to receive more watchers and spread my artworks. For some reason, as soon as the Naruto manga ended, DeviantArt kind of died out. Granted, I have been on this website for 8 years now, and change was bound to happen. However, it is a real shame to see that, although I finally reached a platform of over 4k people on my profile, I receive close to no answers to posts, polls, etc. which was also the reason why I ultimately abandoned this website. Yet, this doesn't mean I stopped creating artworks or other content. Essentially, my main art pages are currently:

my Twitter (@Kortrexarts) and my Instagram (@Kortrexart).

I still check the messages I receive on DeviantArt, and one trend I noticed in my inbox is that some people are interested to use some of my artworks as their desktop wallpapers.

For this reason, I created 10 polls where you can vote for your favorite artwork to become available to download on my Etsy page.

You can find the link to my Etsy page here: www.etsy.com/shop/Kortrex

I'm still currently building the page so bare with me, what you see right now, is not how it will look in the end, when I know which artworks to put on it.

If you find the time, feel free to vote in all the polls here and then just check out the other 9 ones on my profile. Well, if by some chance in this universe, at least 1 person finds this Journal, reads it to the end, and sees this message. Thank you very much. I wish you a really nice day and I hope you are doing well. The past years have not been easy for most of us, so I hope my words can brighten your day at least a little bit. I really appreciate you. Stay healthy everyone, and I hope it doesn't take another year for me to update this profile.


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This is a paid ad for the sponsor @That-RepliQueen-Kyo! <3

For more info, send me a note :note:

Hello everyone :)

@That-RepliQueen-Kyo is hosting a contest with 200$+ as prize. Make sure to join if you can to :nod:

Also: if more people join, the prize poll and the winners amount will increase!

By faving, watch and sending a llama to a sponsor, you get points in reward as well. :love:

- Only watch if you really enjoy sponsor's artwork, don't be a ghost! ;)

Have a lovely weekend all.

:new:s coming this week.

Love you,


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Welcome to the #WerewolfYourPet challenge!


It's my absolute pleasure to bring you this new spooky challenge as part of the DeviantArt Collective!

For this challenge, imagine your pet got bit by a werewolf! Oh no! What would a "were" version of your pet look like? Get creative! I'd love to see what a were-fish, were-horse, or even a were-succulent plant might look like!

What about a were-cockatiel?


Or even a "were" version of a pet rock!


Get spooky! Get creative! Let's get an entire pack of were-pets going!

How Do I Participate?

  • Watch TsaoShin for updates to the challenge

  • Create artwork of your pet as a "werewolf" version of themself

  • Submit your piece on DeviantArt with the tag #WerewolfYourPet

  • Submit your work no later than Midnight ET October 31, 2021

  • Multiple submissions are allowed


I'll feature everyone who participated and used the #WerewolfYourPet tag in a journal here on DeviantArt!

3 random winners will also be chosen to win:

  • 1st Place: 1 Month Core Pro

  • 2nd Place: 1 Month Core+

  • 3rd Place: 1 Month Core

I'm looking forward to seeing your were-pets! Happy painting! Awwoooooo!!

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