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By Postmorteum
glazed by davespertine electric blue bloom by sth22art The time passes by by Mymosa
Another point of view by klapouch astenschmiede by LeadToDeath Long Road Back From Hell by mpg13artworks Night sky by Zoroo
tex 0026 by sth22art Seagull by Maciej-Koniuszy:thumb187739903:
Networking by adamlack Foggy Bridge by bloknayrb 148 by Sasha-Seyd
''''''' by BaSkuS rainy morning reflection by valaddoch spiritual reflection by valaddoch
Apex by vrupatel:thumb188291395::thumb186093833:
BatchPic004c by Crypt012 CS 055 by sth22art Impermanence by DivineInvention
Air Supply by vrupatel Aqueduct IR by Maciej-Koniuszy Escape To The Void by EmilStojek
Coventry Cathedral III by sth22art born never asked by sth22art X by ulyce
Geometries (Part 2) by Einsilbig FilM by MRBee30 4629 by mitazu08
Foggy Morning at the Reservoir by CiRcUsSpiDeR Twin Dragons by Tim-Wilko:thumb90221578: Sunbittern by CBasco
Crown by Jini-Eggplant X rated by relhom unterm Wasserfall by CaveCanem42
:thumb310997150: Spectral Analysis by kparks orthogonal view by anaumceski
cloud shadows by eocjtlels night city by sharpi Contra by CharlieA-Photos
:thumb173432938: twin reflection by valaddoch:thumb310574562:
x - Daffodil by TriinErg x - Spikes by TriinErg Dionaea Muscipula by TriinErg


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It is my pleasure! :)
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Thank you so much for adding my work in this beautiful feature :)
Postmorteum's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug:
Tiroko's avatar
Aww thank you so much :tighthug:
Postmorteum's avatar
You're very welcome. :huggle:
vrupatel's avatar
It is such a huge huge honor to be a part of such an awesome feature amongst some of the most established artists. Thank you, sincerely and kindly. :)
Postmorteum's avatar
You're absolutely welcome. It is certainly my pleasure. :heart: :hug:
bloknayrb's avatar
Wow, thanks for the feature! These are all awesome photos.
Postmorteum's avatar
You're very welcome! Indeed, very talented artists, including yourself! :aww:
mitazu08's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my artwork! It's much appreciated! :rose::hug:
Postmorteum's avatar
You're very welcome, it's certainly my pleasure. :heart: :cuddle:
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Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. :)
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You're absolutely welcome. :rose:
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Thank you very much! :aww:
Postmorteum's avatar
You're very welcome! :heart:
Morethenselfies's avatar
This is a style that I will never be able to grasp/to reproduce.
It's finding that beauty in lines and abstract things and add some color with it.
I mean, who would ever think to stop and photograph some branches? :o Or windows? Or, or...

That said, I see a lot of great stuff in there.
Maybe it's time I took a step back and went outside and just look for ordinary things and view them with another point of view. :)

Nice stuff! Thanks for sharing it! :hug:
Postmorteum's avatar
You certainly could. Just go outside. :aww:


I'm glad you found this feature inspiring. :cuddle:

And thank you immensely for the support! :glomp:
Morethenselfies's avatar
Hmm, rainy day tomorrow... Hmmm. :p
It's my pleasure! Thank you for all the effort and time and support! :hug:x3

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