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Have you survived the May 20th, 2020 rupture?
Do you still love deviantART?

Then this place is for you!
:iconflyingheartsplz: Share your art here! Every art is accepted! :iconflyingheartsplz:
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Art Creation

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Gallery Folders

Curve by MaraRey
Attraction by MaraRey
Digital Art
(Commission) Orange Rose by MythPy
Feathered serpent by HornedVeles
Cinderella by HornedVeles
Drive by AlgorithmLogic
Traditional Art
Traces of the past by EyweenaPterus
Wonderpus by EyweenaPterus
Art trade: We are one by lunathepup
Apollo butterfly by EyweenaPterus
Writings and Fanfiction
A demon's howl: prologue ,The night was quiet and nice. A fresh breeze was blowing around, caressing the forest's tall trees and blades of grass. The steppe near the forest was being blessed by the wonders of the night as well, by the breeze and the owls ' chants. By the wolves ' howls and the fireflies' shine. But the real protagonists of the night were the Stars themselves, bathing the whole land of Moskova with their, as old as time, immaculate and ethereal light. A Kozzakhi clan was camping in the wide steppe, in a meadow close to the forest and the river. "Kids, come here! Right now! It is bedtime!" the Kozzakhi Hetman said, lurking around the parked vans and showing a serious expression on his face. "Aw, it is already that late?" A little kid replied in a sad tone, laying down his small sword and looking at his father with half-closed green eyes. "But we are not tired yet! We wanna keep playing!" Protested a little girl, standing on her hands, with her red hair covering her ocher face. "You both should go to sleep if you want to feel good tomorrow. However, if you're not tired now, please come to the campfire" replied the clan's chief, who happened to be the boy's dad. The boy's eyes widened as well as his smile. The girl separated her hair from her eyes and laid down on the floor. Both children's faces got illuminated by joy. "Yes, storytime!!" They both shouted happily, approaching the red and warm fire set in the center of the camp, sitting on a log. Around the campfire, the elders and the tribe's chief were sitting down. The chief grabbed an ancient book, opened it, and got closer to the hot flames saying: "Now it is time for lullabies and ancient tales, pay attention to the stories you listen to because they keep secrets and dreams from remote times... let's start with a lullaby because you both seem not wanting to go to sleep tonight"......
Misc doodles 1 by notice-my-babies
Photography and Media
Plume moth by EyweenaPterus
Made More Memories by Leehon
Incoming by Leehon
You're So Lucky by Leehon
NSFW, Mature or Adult
Manners Maketh Man - Eggsy Unwin by Avriia

Mature Content

Nude Female Klonoa [Definitive Edition] by Jo-Vee-Al

Mature Content

Nude Female Klonoa by Jo-Vee-Al
Lady Dimitrescu by Avriia
Fractal Art
What Are They Trying To Protect? by Leehon
Obfuscating The Beast by Leehon
The Mind Forgets, But The Heart Always Remembers by Leehon
The Library In Heaven by Leehon
Pixel Art, Stamps and Icons
Doll - FFX-2 - Lenne by djsoblivion1990
Doll - FFX-2 - Paine by djsoblivion1990
Northern Martian dialect lever NATIVE by EyweenaPterus
Northern Martian dialect lever BEGINNER by EyweenaPterus
Tutorials, Tips and Speedruns
Draw this again: the fingerless wing by EyweenaPterus
Draw this again: nightjars of the antiquity by EyweenaPterus
Draw this again: familliar creature by EyweenaPterus
Draw this again: wing of Darwin by EyweenaPterus
Contests, Journals and Commission Prices
Point Commissions (OPEN)In addition to my paypal commissions, I'm going to open Point Commissions yet again!~ The same rules apply for my paypal commissions, pasted down below! v v vT.O.S- I will start the commission as soon as it is paid. I will not begin a commission if it is not paid off. If the buyer shows difficulty in buying a commission from me, the commission offering will be cancelled. - Please do not rush me to complete your commission. Spam/rushing will be given a warning. If you don't follow this rule and continue said behavior, your commission will be cancelled and your points - cash will be refunded. It is perfectly fine to check in once in a while if your commission still hasn't been done yet but please... don't rush.- My works are not perfect, please bare this in mind while commissioning me. - You will need to send me a reference sheet of the character(s) you'd like me to draw. I don't work off of just descriptions. If you have created any custom SFM models, feel free to send them my way as I do need a model to work with!- Contact me via my social media, notes on DA or comment on my posts for your offering of a commission! We will discuss more there.*NEW* - Traditional works can be mailed to you for a fee, fully laminated and decorated! This fee will be discussed in dms and must be paid in cash via paypal to help ensure the shipment rates. You must be 18+ to order for your piece to be shipped!Prices:,Digital Headshot: 30 Points Traditional Headshot: 50 Points,Digital Halfbody: 60 Points Traditional Halfbody: 100 Points,Digital Fullbody: 90 Points Traditional Fullbody: 150 PointsReference Sheets: 100 PointsIcons: 75 Points Digital Badges: 120 Points Traditional Badges: 150 PointsMore art examples:,If you want to commission me, feel free to comment below or dm! This also goes for my requests and art trades! Thanks again for reading! <3...
[Commission] by Boeing280844
[commission] by Boeing280844
Contest entry: Fursona design by lunathepup

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Almost 60 members in less than 24 hours! That's awesome!!
Welcome everyone! :hug:

I've added three new galleries:
- Fractal Art, by suggestion! Limit 3 artworks per day.
- Pixel Art, Stamps and Icons, for the ones who likes to do stamps and MSPaint art. Limit 3 artworks per day.
- Contests, Journals and Commission Prices, for the ones who are doing raffles, accepting new commishes. Limit 2 per week (you won't do multiple commission price arts and dozens of raffles in one week, right?)

Go artwhore! =D
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Our goal is to unite and spread positivity around the community! :iconlainloveplz:

In case of doubt or trouble, contact any of us. :heart:







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