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Commissions were open, then closed, NOW THEY'RE OPEN AGAIN!!

I don't have a Paypal because my birthday is in 1997.

Besides, not everything is pay.

Send a request by note.
If you want to stay anonymous, then say so on the note.

No porn. Seriously, I'm 14.
No excessive gore. I can do violent images, but moderate.
Shipping is fine. Hetero or not. Just remember, no sexual implications.
If asking for a job involving money, send a note, then go to my profile page and donate the proper points. Once I see the deposit, I'll start working on your request.
I prefer pony stuff because that's my sweet spot. If you have another idea, then we'll talk.

Traditional Drawing
These are black and white sketches of ponies. As many as you want.
If it's an OC, provide a crude sketch or reference from Pony Creator or whatever.

Canon Characters (up to 6): FREE
Additional Characters: 1 :points: for every extra (Ex. 9 characters = 3 :points:)
Original Characters: FREE

Add Color: 2 :points:
Add Background: 5 :points:

These are high resolution and high quality images made digitally.
OC Guidelines are the same as above.

Characters from the Show (up to 3): FREE
Characters from the Show (more than 3): 2 :points: for every one more.
Anything with a Background: 15 :points: and high priority
Objects from the Show (any amount): FREE
Original Character: FREE
Cutie Marks (any kind): FREE

Send in a rough script. Sorry, no color.
10 :points:

See? Most of this stuff is free! I'm in no desperate need for money. I'm just in an art slump.
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