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MLP: About That Wall...

By postcactus
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Something silly and short.
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thelastairbender20Student Artisan Crafter
I just hope they have wall insurance.
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PonyUniverseHobbyist Digital Artist
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Oops, Dash's cutie mark is backwards. The zig-zag in the lightning bolt is supposed to face the same way as the zig-zag of her hind leg (on her normal model).
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*walks up and opens door* hi
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Aalsth--UkuHobbyist General Artist
Pinkie Pie Squint saysplz rvmp Wtf So small how do you read it?saysplz rvmp cap  
Medley - Smiley VI - mad/angry saysplz rvmp I have no idea but it pisses me offsaysplz rvmp cap
:angry: saysplz rvmp YESSSS! !@#$%^&* HOW U READ?saysplz rvmp cap
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you click on the image 
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Aalsth--UkuHobbyist General Artist
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postcactusHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconpostcrusade::iconsaysplz: You click on the picture.
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Aalsth--UkuHobbyist General Artist
Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter saysplz rvmp ohSweating a little... saysplz rvmp cap
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XxepicpupxXHobbyist General Artist
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Rainbow Dash gives new meaning to braking the forth wall! :D
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and the fifth as well!
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
And the sixth-tenth! XD
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i hear there are two different variations of breaking the fourth wall: breaking the fourth wall and breaking the fourth panel

fourth wall: breaking this means you do or say things hinting out you know your in a story of some kind
fourth panel: breaking this is what dash did, she actually went through the barrier
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Foxstar237Student Artist
So cute! Get someone to animate that!
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the f0urth wall 0_0
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LaurentiusjeHobbyist Traditional Artist
:giggle: :aww:
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small-purple-dragonHobbyist General Artist
ahhhhh, cute ^^
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gallopherHobbyist Traditional Artist
:heart: cute :heart:
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BulbaderpStudent Digital Artist
And that is how you break the fourth wall. LIKE A BOSS!
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You mean,

thats how you break a wall 20% cooler than any other way

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Cutest MLP comic I've seen yet!
:3 I love Pinkie's flailing in the panel where RD crashes through the wall.
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