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I have been off-line for a little bit, and didn't realize I scored a DD for "The Musician".
I must offer my thanks to elindialforeststar and SylwiaTelari for their part in making this happen.
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I was pleasantly surprised today to discover that my little dude Hoko had scored himself a DD
Many thanks to Labyrinth Creations for putting him up!
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  • Reading: Rose Tremain
  • Watching: Angry Boys
  • Playing: my banjo
  • Eating: more than necessary
  • Drinking: good red
We have had lots of rain here in SE Queensland. Some unfortunate folks have had their homes flooded. Thankfully now the skies are blue again and things can start to get back to normal. I have had a drought of creativity of late but hope to remedy that soon with a flood of my own (painting of course!)
  • Listening to: Dave Mathews
  • Reading: John Harding
  • Watching: the weather
  • Playing: my guitar
  • Eating: more than necessary
  • Drinking: horses neck
I thought I should update for no particular reason except that my last entry was in summer, and now I am sitting here freezing in late winter. No complaints considering that our winter here is a doddle compared to most - no snow, no frost, no ice or blizzards.
Anyway back to it...happy creating you all!
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  • Reading: Ben Elton
  • Watching: the weather
  • Playing: my guitar
  • Eating: more than necessary
  • Drinking: sauvignon blanc
While the northern hemisphere shivers under snow and cold, we are sitting here in Aus having a full-on swelter. I can't speak for the rest of the country but here in Queensland it is so humid you could almost wring water out of the air - lucky we are tough! (laughs at this point and dreams of those un-eco-friendly air conditioners)
It's funny how hot steamy weather can smother the creative urge...hopefully this will pass soon!
  • Listening to: Don McGlashon
  • Reading: Eckhardt Tolle
  • Watching: Tennis
  • Playing: my new banjo
  • Eating: cold stuff
  • Drinking: sauvignon blanc
I am having a painting exhibition in Brisbane on the weekend of 14-15 November at a historic Homestead called "Hughesville House" - 2497 Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains (just off the freeway). It's open from 10am to 5pm both days.
...would love to see any bris based deviantArtists there if you are interested!
For anyone wanting to come, please note!...Access is from San Mateo Bvd behind the venue - check your street directory.
Some of the recent images from my dA gallery will be on show.
  • Listening to: Otis Taylor, Seven Worlds Collide
  • Reading: ...about JC Leyendecker
  • Watching: Hungry Beast
  • Playing: my new banjo
  • Eating: Pesto
  • Drinking: coffee
I was pleased to be invited to participate in an exhibition in New York this September. There is an annual fantastical artwork book called Spectrum which had some of my work in it a few years back. Now they are having their second only exhibition and have asked if I would like to put in my little Homo Digitalis sculpture. I only wish it wasn't so far away - I would love to see the show!
  • Listening to: Rufus Wainwright - Debussy
  • Reading: learning lines for a play
  • Watching: BBC Planet Earth
  • Playing: 12 string
  • Eating: wintery stuff
  • Drinking: coffee
Hi Folks

After much procrastination and detouring I now have a new website up that includes an online gallery and shopping page  Now you can see the identity of the monster responsible for this dA gallery. If you have any critique of the site please let me know - I always value feedback!

All the best for the festive season!:)
  • Listening to: Herbie Hancock - The Muttonbirds
  • Reading: Krakatoa
  • Watching: Face Painting - Bill Leak
  • Playing: 12 string
  • Eating: more than is absolutely neccessary!
  • Drinking: as above
Hi Folks

I have completed my painting exhibition and am now doing all the things that I had left unattended before. The show was great fun - I sold 21 pictures and have 2 potential commissions to consider. There were many visitors who asked a lot of interesting questions - I talked a lot and appreciated their interest.
Now it's back to life as (almost) normal!

Thanks to everyone who comments on, or fave's my work - it is always appreciated.
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  • Watching: Scrubs
  • Playing: banjo
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I have plucked up sufficient courage to stage a solo painting exhibition in the big smoke (Brisbane).

The show will open at 6:30pm on Friday May 30 and will continue from 9 to 5 every day until the following Wednesday June 4

The venue is the Circle Gallery - upstairs, 274 Montague Road, West End, Brisbane

Any inquiries, contact me here or

The show will feature some of the artwork on my dA page and lots of other varied work - some straight traditional and plein air - some straight out of my spinning head - and some tinted with fantasy - and selection of life studies (figures)

Any deviantArtists in the area are assured of a warm welcome - Come and say hello!
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  • Watching: manners
  • Playing: banjo
  • Eating: ...with restraint
If you wish to see more of my work try
  • Listening to: John Butler Elvis Costello
  • Reading: Philip Reeve Barbara Kingsolver
I would just like to say thanks to all those who have favourited my work and/or befriended me! I am quite flattered and pleased at the response I have had.
  • Listening to: John Butler Elvis Costello
  • Reading: Philip Reeve Barbara Kingsolver