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By PostaKiwi
Well... finally I'll make the production of Toothless; at this moment there are only 3 existing sculptures, so the following Toothless would be the fourth out of the mold.La la la la 
It is made with an internal metal structure, is cast in resin and some parts like the wings are made with fiberglass; the size is approximately of 15cm high, 45cm width and 35cm long; weighs about 2kg or less.I am a dummy! 

Toothless price would be of=
386 USD + shipping

Here links to the Toothless sculpture:

And I can do the following variants:
1. The wings are deployable in the original model for easy transport; but if you prefer the wings can be attached to the bodyas a whole.
2. The artificial tail that Hiccup create for Toothless is made of leather so I paint it brown; but if you prefer the red design Toothless use at the end of the movie, I'll make it.

The payment would be made by PayPal; so if you want to buy a Toothless:happybounce:  send me a private message here on deviant, or directly send an email to: 

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oh... I so want this.. I will start saving and hope to order one soon.  He is awesome!!!

You mention that the wings come off.  How does he look with the seams at the wings? can you post a picture?
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I don't have a sculpture of toothless with me right now to show you how it looks :( but the idea of removing the wings is only for shipping purposes; it doesn't look sexy without them xD
If I would order in the next few weeks a sculpture, would it be finished and shipped before december so it would arrive before christmas? How long do you need to finish such a sculpture? And the shipping to Switzerland, is it save, so the sculpture would arrive as one piece and would not be broken? (sorry if I have some grammar mistakes^^)
By the way, do you live in Europe?

And yes, I'm very interested in one of these :)
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I'm from Mexico
And I need a month to finish one sculpture; The sculpture is very endurable, the material is hard to break, and I'll wrap it very smoothly for a safe trip :3 
Still accepting orders for this?
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$386 is more than a fair price for a wonderful sculpt such as this.

I'm curious, does the purchase of one of these fantastic statues include the paint job? If so, you have yourself a possible customer. I would assume it does, but just want to be sure.
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Yep, include the paint job; the sculpture will be painted like the Toothless in the picture :3
Thank you for your kind words :3!!!! 
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I only give kind words where they're deserved, and that's definitely the case here! As somebody who molds and cast objects frequently, I know supplies aren't cheap! Not to mention the incredible skillset that goes into making a statue such as this. 0_0

I'll probably be sending you an e-mail in a bit. I have to get a few things sorted out before I would commit to purchasing a cast. :)
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You are the best!
Again thank you so much :3 
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thats alot of money :/
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Yep, thats for the material, size and the hours to make only one Toothless ToT Sorry if I've disappointed you .__.
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