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Hey, there! I'm (obviously) not very active on DA, but I'm here for my annual update! ^_^;;

I'll be at the following shows this year, selling my needlefelted dolls, resin sculptures, and more!

Traders Village Comic-Con: April 28 & 29 (Houston, TX)
Comicpalooza: May 25 - 27 (Houston, TX)
Staple! Independent Media Expo: September 8 & 9 (Austin, TX)

I'll try to keep this list updated throughout the year. Until then, please feel free to follow me on instagram, twitter, or tumblr! I update those sites much more often!

\\ Peace out! //

Hello, there! My updates on here are few and far between, but here are some events that I will be attending this year in the Houston/Austin area:

2nd Annual Tiny Show: Jan 28 & 29
Cheap Date 3: Feb 3, 7-11pm
Parks & Rec Tribute Show : Feb 3
Traders Village Comicon: April 29 & 30

 I'll try to keep this list up-to-date as the year goes by, but you may also check my twitter/tumblr/instagram for more regular updates and entries! Cheers!

Here are a few pieces I recently made for Animation Nation, an animation-inspired show at East End Studio Gallery.

The event will take place on Nov 28 & Dec 5, 6-9pm

Animationnationshow by post-hummus

I'll be at ZineFest Houston this Saturday, October 4th! It's a one-day event, held at the Printing Museum from 2-8pm.

There will be prints, stickers, pins, and mini originals at table 35!

FINAL TABLER MAP 2014 -table35 by post-hummus
Last week, I was part of the Hot N Sticky post-it note show at East End Studio Gallery!
It was my first time exhibiting in a gallery setting, and I had a fanta-stick time! Here's a peek of my set-up:

Hotnstickyshowsetup by post-hummus

It was a great experience; met lots of talented and supportive people who share the same sticky-note obsession!
I might add a few more detailed shots to Scraps on here (since they're mostly WIP).

Certainly looking forward to attending/participating in future shows at EESG! :heart:
I'll be at Comicpalooza this weekend along with my table buddy, Jimmy! It's only the largest comic convention in Houston, no biggie! It'll span 4 days in length this year. Wow. We'll be at booth 721! It appears we somehow got placed in the Dealer's Room, so our wares might seem a little out of place compared to surrounding tables. We'll see how it goes!

These rad folks will also be there, tables 1536-1544:

:iconjessijordan: :iconemilyvonzombie: :icontcshelton: :iconibroussardart: :iconzachq:

Until next update!

-Sasha B.
I'll be at table E15 (along with Talented Artist Pal James Ferry) at Space City Con this weekend (Jan 3-5) at the Moody Gardens Hotel on Galveston Island! This will be my first time attempting to hawk my art wares at any sort of venue, so I'm not entirely sure of what to expect, but many of my friends will be there, and I'd have it no other way!  

Here are a few of my peeps that will be there:

:iconjessijordan: :iconjamiekinosian: :icontcshelton: :iconibroussardart: :iconzachq:

Also, I will be cosplaying as Spock on Saturday, so if anyone has trouble finding us on that day...just look for the most illogical Vulcan you will probably ever witness in the entirety of your life.
Well! Hiatus indeed; it has been forever and a half! Apologies on that. I've only recently started drawing on a more consistent basis--and hope to continue to do so!

In the meantime, I'll be uploading some older doodles to my Scraps.

Thanks to anyone who has +faved/commented while I've been away. You're too kind. :)
WOW, long time no see, huh? A LOT has happened since I last updated here, and I'm pretty busy with a full-time job nowadays. However, I'll be trying to update with more art soon!

Thank you to all who have commented or +faved my work while I was gone!

Hope you all are having a good new year! :)
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Wow, sorry about the delay! Hope you're wearing green for St. Patty's! :)

I've uploaded a ton of new art/sketches, especially in the scraps sure to check it out!

Also, I'm moving soon (irl), so I won't be able to check DA for awhile. Sorry! Too busy packing!

Until next journal! :D
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Wow, I finally have 1,000 pageviews! Thanks to everyone who's visited or +faved my works. :) I'll upload something new soon to celebrate!
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I'm not dead, I swear!

I feel terrible about not having any new art up here in FOREVER, but I've recently been busy with a new job (my excuse). ;;

HOWEVER, I'm not working as many hours as I was before... So hopefulllyyyy I can make some new arts. I think my scanner may be working, so I can get some real media stuff on this thang.

I wish everyone has a good holiday!
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Sorry for the lack of artage and whatnot! Things have been pretty busy for me. I spent a week in Seattle, and in roughly 2 weeks I'll be in San Francisco!

lockpicke and I have actually bought some webspace and will soon have a site up and (somewhat) functioning!

I think I'll still post arts here, at least until I figure out this whole website thing. :D

I usually post more conceptual stuff at my lj, post_hummus  !!!

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One side says, "You're a failure if you can't do this, just this once"

The other tells me, "You can do this, just not at this time. Try and try again."

Last night I felt like giving up.
This morning...I felt happy, and realized that it doesn't really matter, it's so small compared to the rest of the other factors that make up life.

But that doesn't make it any easier.
When I put the mask on, both sides are still there, opposing each other.
(oooh metaphors)

Yes, I'm talking about college. :)

(of course, this may be influenced by the meds, and the fact that i got a job today!)
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I LIVE. Just a bit. It's the last day of spring break for me, which isn't too helpful considering I worked more this week than I usually do...(read: feet death). I may be getting another job that's actually art-related, which would be awesome, but I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best.

I'll try to submit more traditional works from now on, although they'll be taken thru digicam since I don't have a scanner.
I feel as though I can't totally "finish" anything I draw digitally for some reason. It's just not the same, feeling your work in your hands, having more control of where the damn colour goes. I draw on the comp like I would with traditional media, so it seems more frusturating with all the shortcuts and tricks that make coloring seem so easy to others, but just makes me scratch my head in confuzzlement.

Perhaps I'm just a retard when it comes to technology, but oh well! We can't win 'em all.

Hope everyone had a good St. Patty's Day, and hard-earned luck makes itself apparent at least once in the next year for you all.
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If I had just one wish for this year, it's that it will have as many changes as 2006 had. Not all changes were necessarily good...but there's some part of it that I thrive on; I don't do well in stagnant waters.

Last year was the year of becoming an individual.
This year I'd like to participate in the world.
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I've been meaning to update this place, although the end of this college semester is demanding much of my time, so uploading pics will have to wait until I have a decent amount of spare time.

Until then!
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Welp, I think it's time to oopdot this place a little bit. I was kind of in a slump the last...month or so. But I think I'm doing better now, so yeah. Expect new things!

Also. I got a <Flickr Account, which I think I will be using a lot :D
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Rest.In.Peace Steve Irwin

may heaven be full of wildlife to keep ya company.

o vell, tinakins finally guilted me into getting an account.