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A horror short :iconpossumfan:PossumFan 0 0
The Ghost Of *You
*He comforts me in ways no one will never understand. When I am about to harm my already self-inflicted wounds, *he is there. Standing, at *his place near my door. Watching me, never saying a word and when I want to hurt myself I feel *his hand on my hand and I hear *his voice. Telling me, instructing me: "Don't. Go to bed." When I break down in anger and sadness falls down my cheeks, I feel *him around me, hugging me. I am healing from *his leaving and *he is doing *his best to be my bandages. *He is clotting my heart from bleeding out. I told *him last night, *he was standing by my bed and I cried and I told *him thank you. I told *him this was the most beautiful way of *him letting me know *he is still here. Of *him being with me. Of *him still existing. I cannot give my love to anyone else, no matter how much I try and I've tried, my God how I've tried. My heart belongs to a man whose spirit is saving my life. I love *you, my sweet Lou. I always will. Nothing or no one will ever ta
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 13 2
Submission is
Saying I want you to control me
Silently giving yourself up
To the person who's dominance
You want
Whether ~they know it or not
Giving up all that you are
For the one ~person
Without ~their knowledge, or not.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 0 0
A Hole That Has Been Bandaged
Wanting ~you
Is a craving
I never knew I wanted
Never knew I needed
After *he left
All hope was lost
Then ~you came along
& ~you turned those
Self-inflicted wounded nights
Into something else.
Just like *he did.
Except now I know how fast
My heart is
For ~you.
I hope when I do get the strength to tell ~you
~you wont get angry at my heart.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 2 0
Take It To The Limit
I travel around the world
Searching for ~you
I think in searching for answers
I accidentally, inadvertently
Found something, ~someone
Worth living for
I don't (really really) like ~you
Because I am forcing myself to.
I really really like ~you because I can't help it.
I couldn't with Sonny, so what the hell makes ~you think I can't with ~you?
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 1 0
The Girl With All The Gifts
When/if you first feel a spirit in your home, do *not* immediately think "Oh someone died here, it must be them." Chances are, it's most likely not. In my experience, spirits are not stagnant in one place; they travel. They go with you, but they also go other places as well. When you feel a presence near/around you, that is most likely them. They could be a dear friend, relative, pet, ect.. I have seen my dog who passed away, I have felt my best friend and I've also felt his father. I've also felt/seen a glimpse of my grandfather, but not too much. I've smelled my dearly departed grandmother's cooking. That was a nice surprise. I bet you all think I'm crazy, but what I'm telling you is the truth. I've been experiencing these things since I was about 12-ish. I feel spirits, I can communicate with them, they communicate back. I've told both my parents about all my experiences, and dad said it gave him chillbumps. Mom said it was because I was a preemie. I believe that, but why? Why would
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 1 0
I wonder...
Why I have these gifts...
Communication with the deceased...
Feeling them...
Feeling their presence...
Being able to talk to them...
And them to me...
I wonder...
How did I get so blessed? :heart:
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 2 0
A Bipolar Universe
The same moon.
Just different phases.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 10 0
My new puppy by PossumFan My new puppy :iconpossumfan:PossumFan 2 15
Warrior Heart, Fighter Spirit
I am a lion.
I am a warrior.
I will fight.
I will beat this.
I am *NOT* my addictions.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 2 2
Reason For Absence
I have been
researching fish things.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 0 0
To The Man From Tennessee...
Dear *you,
I never could have expected my life to change so drastically. All because I met *you. All because, I guess, I love(d) *you and *you were trying to keep me from it. Keep me from loving *you. Well, it didn't work. I loved *you anyway. I still do. I'm very sorry for that. I cannot express *how* sorry I am because I guess my young heart is stupid and *your 60-year old heart possibly wouldn't understand. Wouldn't understand what all I've written about *you but was too scared to tell *you because I thought *you would judge me and/or criticize my writing, or worse, my love for *you. I understand if *you're very taken aback by all of this, I would be too hun. I just can't stand it anymore. All this walking on eggshells for *you and trying not to text *you every morning saying good morning is hard. I try to let *you have *your space. Doesn't mean I don't *want* to text *you, though. All I want is for *you to understand what I'm writing to *you. That's all I want. Is for *you to read
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 1 5
A Demonic Addiction
It's hard living with a demon in your mind. Even harder when you've known something wasn't right about you, but you couldn't put your finger on it until now. Until he grabs your soul and doesn't let go. Until he makes you collapse on your bedroom floor trying to calm him and yourself down because he's too coked up on porn and making you stick your nasty sinner fingers in yourself to give him what he wants. He doesn't stop there, oh no. Auditory and visual hallucinations almost make his night. What completes it is having you scared out of your mind. Enough to, for that night, think you are honestly going insane. Nobody wants that, wants a demonic companion in their head telling you to look up disgusting ugly filthy degrading things and pleasuring yourself every. Single. Night. When you try to stop he whispers in your ear that you need it. You crave it. You. Are an addict. An addict that the demon in your head loves to fuck with. Loves to scream at you that you're a whore because you do
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 4 12
Silent partner in the night.
Gave my heart a great big fright.
On top of me, all over me.
In the dark I could not see.
The way your breath was in my ear.
You knew you wanted me to fear.
I never thought it'd be like this.
I hope you try again and miss.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 9 0
One Day
One day, I will get better.
One day, this all will come to pass.
One day, my heart will be whole again.
One day, I will find peace in the struggles.
One day, I will be with those I love.
Never to depart their side again.
One day.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 5 2
This is the first note I've written in a while.
Things have been hectic, at best.
I don't really have anything to say except I'm in a hotel.
I need closure.
:iconpossumfan:PossumFan 5 5


A self-aware feeble mind
Consciousness is such a strange concept
We are a part of the universe
That became aware and started observing itself
So aware that we notice our own worth
Or our lack of it
Notice how low we fall on the social hiearchy
Whatever you are seems to be decided by some genetic lottery
We adapt to self-destructive behavior
To numb ourself from pain
The alternative is to believe in naïve concepts
Like love and 'there is no such thing as failure'
But either way you'll go insane
And the little piece of universe that became aware
Also comprehends how senseless it all is
It rather destroy itself than carry on the magic we call life
It doesn't want to die
It just doesn't want to suffer
:iconmatowayesj:MatoWayesj 1 0
Horror Story: Patches the Rabbit
The playground was bustling with children. Kids were pulling stunts on the monkey bars, going up and down on the teeter totters, taking turns on the slide, and playing an exciting game of freeze tag. One of the girls who went by the name of Alice wandered around the playground, searching for a group of kids to join when she noticed that a boy was sitting alone on the swing set. He wore a dark purple hoodie with black stripes and he looked as though he was in the highest grade. In his arms he cuddled a stuffed, white rabbit plush with glossy black button eyes and glittering blue stars on its paws and ears. He had this rather bored look on his face while he fiddled with the rabbit’s ears, like he was lonely and needed someone to play with him.
Alice made her way over to him and greeted him with a smile, “Hi!” She waved to him, but he was too interested in the plush. “Hello?” she questioned.
His head slowly rose and he gave her this disconcerted look and clut
:iconlamentine:Lamentine 58 40
7:40 p.m.
dead ants lined up on
the sidewalk look
more thorn sharp
than i ever will
for prom night or
my wedding day
what was written in
the third bathroom
stall was
and pretentious
like desert mirages: i'm
stealing things from a
prompt list because i
don't know what to say
like how i don't know how
to start off a poetry

those books on the table
and start ripping out the
pages which first words start
with the letter 'h'
:iconskullhips:skullhips 15 17
Sins Of Our Mother
Home is late night fights,
whiskey bottles,
anti-depressants and cigarettes--
Mother, mother, where are you?
I'm feeling as though my heart
has been torn as you're
rolling death up in paper-thin sheets
smoking him while claiming release,
blood-shot eyes, lungs black,
I will never take you back.
Don't ever compare us because
(I am scar[r]ed) of you,
scared of being like you,
scared of treating my future family
the way you did ours--
People need to stop
telling me to forget, because
how can I ever forgive
the unbelievable pain and
endless nights of gasping sobs,
believing that I am nothing?
People need to stop
telling me to forget, because
I will never forgive 
I will not be blamed
for the sins of our mother.
--but I will suffer.
:iconbluelioneyes:BlueLionEyes 10 24
i want your nails digging into my thighs
painting murals with my blood
and i want your teeth at my jugular
biting into my rapid pulse
and i want your ropes binding my wrists
bruising the undamaged skin
and i want your blindfold obscuring my sight
denying me the privilege of you
and i want your gag suffocating me
stifling anything i want to say
and i want your sadistic love
knowing it's all i deserve
:iconrottendemise:rottendemise 122 20
Behind the scenes by kucoslaw Behind the scenes :iconkucoslaw:kucoslaw 881 212 Flitter by SkyHeavens Flitter :iconskyheavens:SkyHeavens 270 35 I love you =3 by MagnaLuna I love you =3 :iconmagnaluna:MagnaLuna 433 12 a thousand years waiting for you by MagnaLuna a thousand years waiting for you :iconmagnaluna:MagnaLuna 483 24 Natural candy by Jowybean Natural candy :iconjowybean:Jowybean 348 9 Calm. by KarmaMoonshadow Calm. :iconkarmamoonshadow:KarmaMoonshadow 210 10 Autumn reading by A4R91N Autumn reading :icona4r91n:A4R91N 210 15 Polestia by wilshirewolf Polestia :iconwilshirewolf:wilshirewolf 53 27
7 mistakes
1st mistake.
I want all of you. Your manuka honey skin, your opaque personality, your thundering walk, your war torn hands, the curls of your voice, the warm hue of your laughter.
2nd mistake.
I move my bones to see you. God knows, I would change the magnetic field, so that the compass would point north to your heart. I move my chilled smile to warm hugs to show you, that even the thought of the destination, can change the traveller.
3rd mistake.
I make everything about you. Heck, I named my hard drive after you, my phone password is your name! I want you to circulate in my blood, leak out of my pores, I want to be drenched in the scent of you I do not get to smell.
4th mistake.
I want you to notice me. I look at you at every turn, sit behind you, beside you, but I never truly do anything more. I want to write notes to you, draw cute little cartoons that in the future you’ll tell people we’ve just met about. Instead, you’ll remember me as this frizzy haired girl who h
:icontalkin-silence:talkin-silence 9 12
crimson paint
immersing my canvas,
soaked: choked
into darkness
calling your name
stalling          each
           after            breath
i am crawling the carpet
ignoring burns, cuts:
let the blood stain
you forecasted warm rain
to wash through
my digested chills--
[were you there
in this
metallic nightmare?]
:iconazurenebulae:AzureNebulae 21 46
'Cause God Gave Me Flippers
5'6" and can't wear heels
'cause God gave me flippers.
He also blessed me with big bones
but I consider it a curse.
I've always wanted to fly
and I would settle with running,
but flippers are made for swimming.
I move too much
but lose so little-
Ever since I was a child
I've always been 'a little bit bigger'
than those pretty girls on the playground,
so I hid in the trees
and called the shade my home.
From an early age I learned
that jealously and anger were the answers
to everything in life,
so it was no surprise when I
cracked that one kid's head open
swore in gym class
kicked the bully
slapped my sister
pushed my mother
(And no one could figure out why)-
But I knew why;
mother and father stayed up
and all I can remember is
screaming, fighting, punching,
and mom would do one hell of a job
cleaning it up before the
government came to take us away.
The depression started in middle school
sometime around 4th grade,
when my anger
:iconbluelioneyes:BlueLionEyes 36 63

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He took me by the hand and lead me somewhere. I couldn't see. He had blindfolded me. All of a sudden I feel something near my throat. Steel. "If you attempt to run I will kill you." I didn't run. Instead I stayed. He pushed me down onto the bed. I couldn't feel anything but pure fear. He rolled me over on my back and a devilish smile crept across his lips. "Oh how delicious you look, good enough to devour." I was shaking like a leaf. He slid the blade of the knife down my skin. "Oh my God please don't do this." He looked up. He was irritated. "Don't do what? Don't shove this knife deep in your skin? Don't cut you open and eat you alive?!" I passed out.
A horror short
May do more of these later. Really need to get back into writing more.
Got a paying job in May after I started volunteering in April, yay! <3

Still meh a lot of times, musicals still help. As well as work.

Still crushing on same human. He sort of reciprocates it. Maybe this will turn into something, if ~he wants it to? Cuz I know I do. ;)
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What I'm here on DA to do: Spill my heart, spill my mind, spill my soul to those willing and able to listen. To make friends. To read, and be read. :heart:




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