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Since I have no frickin money for bills and Steam sales, I think it is time for me to update my commission info and start taking in some plushie commissions

So without further ado, here's my commission info as of now:
  • Due to the current world events, aka the global plague, my current go-to plushie material is fleece. However, I can and will use minky/other plushie-suitable fabrics I have in my closets and whatever I can find from our local fabric store, but full minky plushies are currently out of options due to aforementioned reasons.
  • Parts of different materials can be added to the plush (like fimo parts, wired limbs etc.), which may affect the price of the plushie depending on my material stock. Ask me more details about it when making your order!
  • The starting price for all plushies is 60€, this price covers the basic material costs and 5 hours worth of work (I charge 10€/hour), so the more complicated the plushie is, the more time and materials it will most likely take. DM me for more details.
  • My plushies are usually finished within a week from ordering. Since I'll get local materials due to current world events, I don't need to wait for any materials to arrive via mail my way.
  • The size of the plushies vary due to the different designs, but the average plushie size is around 30x30x30 cm. However, smaller plushies can be discussed. At this moment I won't be making big plushies due to aforementioned reasons.
  • The customer will pay for the shipping, which varies from the country the customer lives in. Unfortunately I can only get the price of the shipping after the plushie's finished, but the shipping prices vary from 10€ to 30€. For Finnish folks, I will ship through Ärräpaketti.
  • I'll send payments through Paypal invoices. For Finnish folks, I also accept tilisiirto.
This is the main info I can think about for starters, so don't hesitate to DM me if you want more details! 
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Onko suomalaisena mahdollista maksaa pankkisiirrolla, vai onko ihan täysin Paypal only?
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Tilisiirto käy suomalaisille, voisin itseasiassa muokata sen tuonne tietoihin 'u'd
Ja Suomen sisällähän tosiaan toimii ärräpaketti, niin sekin antaa vähän tarkemman hinnan postitukselle!