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It has been done: The Gods of Maa remakes are finally finished, now all three parts polished with enhanced graphics, unified artstyle through the entire series and lore improved by the feedback I’ve gotten!

This has been a passion project of mine that began in 2014, has reached a satisfying conclusion today in 2021 (for the time being anyway)

Gods of Maa is a one-man-made (apart from the musics that is) non-profit game series. It is a trilogy that consist of three kinetic novels with QTE elements in battles, made with Ren'Py.

The games’ genre falls somewhere between fantasy and steampunk, with story philosophical elements that may or may not destroy your emotions, and a plethora of interesting, hilarious and down-right depressing characters.
Depending on how fast reader you are, each game will offer you 6 to 8 hours of story.

The games are as following:

  • The first game of the series is Pristine Sin, which tells a story about Blake, a rebel hell-bent on vengeance, who finds a gentle amnesia-suffering demon named Eddo from a desert. Later the two are accompanied by a quirky girl Suki who is a fellow rebel, and the three of them end up on a quest to find five beings called angels, before the empire of Circinus find them to exploit their powers to conquer the world.
  • The second game is called Corrupted Blessing, a prequel to the first one, which tells a tale of a loud young demon named Achmetha (Achme for short) who is going to the overworld for the first time in his life to seek for his missing big brother. On Achme’s journey, he meets a carefree young halfling - half demon, half human - Lilian, who hears a voice in her head, and a grumpy demon hunter human Vladimir. The three heroes embark on a journey to find out what kind of shady business is going on in the empire, and how does this relate to Achme’s big brother, and both the human and demon realms.
  • The third and final game is Mechanical Prayer, a sequel to the first two games, which tells the story of a shy boy called Murdoc, who becomes an angel against his will with the power to read people’s minds. Murdoc is then guided by a mysterious girl called Sona and a fierce mercenary by the name of Ace of Spades, the three go on a dangerous journey to find out what happened to one of the five missing angels, before a new threat called Egregore does.

(Also, once you have played through the games, I’d really appreciate if you gave me feedback about them.  I worked really hard on this, so feedback is highly appreciated~)

UPDATES: Last updated in 30.08.2021, update featuring:
-Dialogue fixes
-Bug fixes
-Improved battle sequence artworks and added QTE prompts
-Improved backgrounds

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Am so proud of you making it this far <3

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Oh no, don't make me play through PS again. I don't have time to play, why do you tempt me so?? ; _;
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*holds you at gunpoint* Sorry mate, I don't think you have a choice

Jk, just take your time with it xD Whatever you choose to do, I am already happy that you have played through the original build of the game ;u;
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*raises hands* 
have mercy ; _;

But yeah, we'll see. Would be neat to play it again (and to suffer more, my poor heart) if time allows for it >8O