The Guide to Photomanipulation

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Published: August 17, 2005
So you want to learn how to dive into the ever popular digital art style known as photomanipulation. Why wouldn’t you? It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s popular, and it doesn’t take much effort on a piece to get those +favs you long for. Some people think photomanipulation involves conceptual ideas, technical skill, originality, and an eye for composition. But the truth is, the more thought you put into a piece the less +favs you'll get so just ignore those ideas.

Just get rid of that brain of yours because you won't need it. There is no conceptualism in photomanipulation. Now that we’ve got that taken care of, you're ready to create art. Nothing in your photomanipulation needs to mean anything, you don't need to improve your skills, you don't need to experiment, you don’t even have to work hard on a piece, you just stick with this guide and your art will be the coolest thing in town and get all the +favs and popularity you ever wanted.

Your New Style</u>

-Fantasty photomanipulations: It’s the genre for you to make quick, thoughtless, fast art that will get you +favs in no time. The key to fantasy photomanipulations is simply exploring any of these numerous, awe inspiring, unique, creative ideas...

Girl on a dock, girl in a forest, girl with a horse, girl in a church, girl on a balcony, girl about to go up stairs, girl on stairs, girl in an ocean, girl on beach next to ocean, girl in castle, girl in front of a castle, girl with blood, girl standing somewhere, girl on swing, girl looking pretty, girl with wings, girl in a forest, girl with wings, girl with wings, girl with wings, girl on a dock, girl on some stairs, girl ummmm... looking girly, girl with wings, girl with a fox, girl floating in cathedral, girl on a balcony, girl looking girly, girl standing somewhere, girl in ocean, girl standing somewhere, girl stabbing herself with sporks, girl gone insane... oh wait, sorry the last two were just me.

-Dark photomanipulations: This is another genre that all the angsty kids of today will relate to. This is how to do it... you take a face of a girl, apply dodge tool to her face until she's stark white, and then add a tear brush. Because when teens cry, their tears are black and their face is usually radiating a glowing white.

Your New Style Continued…</u>

-Take some stock of a girl, and give her elf ears and white hair. Now that Lord of the Rings is out, it’s the cool and trendy thing to do. Because before it, elves were just Santa's helpers, but now they're chicks with pointy ears. You can also do a self-portrait in this style. I bet you can just hear the sounds now of those +favs clicks, with your new extra sexy elongated ears.

-Just take any girl stock, white her out with dodge tool to the point of no return, and just tone the shadows (the only thing left in the photo) with a color.

-Try alot of self portrait photomanipulations. If you're hot, then you'll be fine, just add a texture to a picture of yourself. Submit alot of these pieces often (at least once a week) and you'll be sure to attract all the guys who can drool over you and the girls with low self esteem who want to look like you.

-If you’re not hot, turn emo goth and take picture with your semi-attractive goth girlfriend/boyfriend, hanging out or looking at eachother. It’s just so romantic, and you'll be sure to attract all the girls/guys who can drool over you/your companion and the girls with low self esteem who want that relationship. Don’t forget to add a texture or a heart somewhere.

-Go to Nainie’s page and +devwatch her. Every time she uploads a new piece, make one similar to it, upload it, and pretend your idea was original.

Colors Schemes</u>

-The "Crayola Colorblind Color Scheme”: Pick out your favorite Crayola colors from when you were in grade school... you know hot pink, pretty purples, and don't forget that sky blue. Now, use one of those as your color scheme for each piece. Who could say its horrid looking when they're blinded by that bright pink work of art?


-Basics: To make your generic photomanipulations, quick and effortless, you need a collection of good generic brushes to put in every single piece you create. Here is a good list of ALL you'll need; Hair, moon, star/sparkle, wing, tear, and bird brushes. Information about these brushes is listed below.

-Windy hair is just really important to express the deepening emotions of that girl standing by the ocean/forest/whatever. With your new hair brushes you simply give the girl a lot of windy fake looking hair and don't need to consider the fact that nothing else in the picture is being affected by this "wind." Remember, all that a good fantasy girl needs is a nice dress, a little angst, and some windy hair.

-The more stars in the piece, the more +favs you get. They can be used to cover any deviation piece. It doesn’t have to be just in the sky anymore, they can be everywhere. Sparkle is a must and without it your blinding deviation just won’t be complete.

-Wings. Just add wings. Why? Because it represents absolutely nothing anymore but looks really cool.

-If there is a sky in the picture you have to add birds, you just have to, not to mention a huge moon brush that takes up half the sky.

How to find it:
-Once you see the most popular fantasy artist upload a new work of art, go find the stock they used (the links are right in their description).
-Go to sxc.hu, get an account, do a search, sort by most downloads (descending) and type in things like ocean, forest, and winter then pick the most popular stock everyone’s seen before.

How to use it:
-If you find a really great stock, I mean a just a really good quality, unique, awesome photo stock... just change the colors, add a texture, and submit it. Nobody pays attention to amount of manipulation between stock and photomanipulation anymore. People won’t be able to differentiate a great photo from a quick photomanipulation anyway and they’ll just quickly +fav your work. No worries.

Really, you don’t need to be creative or technically advanced to get those +favs and attention you deserve. Just follow my guide and if anyone questions your amazingness, originality, or skills just call them a fool. You’re too busy getting +favs to listen to criticism. Photomanipulation is just a great style of art to get into because everyone can relate to that girl on the edge of the dock with wings, white face, elf ears, expensive dress, and tear streaming down her face. It’s just so precious.
© 2005 - 2019 PossessedSquirrel
The Guide to Photomanipiulation: Steps to Creating Thoughtless Art You'll Be Applauded For


Perhaps I'll add more later....


And before you ask... yes, I am in fact doing this because I think I'm high and mighy, I want attention, I'm just really envious of these artist's popularity/talent/originality, and because I care so much. So feel free to take this too seriously.
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DeyMiHobbyist Interface Designer
hahahah! very funny! this deserves a :+fav:
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Hell-Bent-WingsStudent Interface Designer
you're pretty damn cool XD
november511's avatar
hey i agree with u .. but u know what i feel .. im new to photo manip .. i like doing it and since im a beginner and this website is about encouraging art folks like u with more experience should actually give us comments and suggestions instead of visiting the same old good artists page and faving them .. we need some encouragement and some tips from u guys .. that would work so much better than sarcasm .. :)
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Ha!! This is AMAZING!!!!!!
Pfft, I'm still laughing five minutes after reading x)
I bow down to your incredible satirical skills.
liannn's avatar
This is one of the best pieces of satire I've seen for a long time =D

Still laughing my head off XD

[not literally 8D]
lifeisamaze's avatar
Hahahaha. Very good and very true. A definite fav!
Quna's avatar
Yay! It's cool, awsome etc.:D Some here were complaining that it's unoriginal, but I wouldn't say so. And every word here is true, I should know - I've tried out some of those things myself:giggle:
Anyway, nice one!:clap:
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This is wonderful. It's very true. While I enjoy some of the aforementioned manipulations, they don't make it into my favorites. They make good eye-candy, but only for the first 1,000 a day. After that it's like a whopping case of deja vu.
Toxiic-Raiinbow's avatar
Toxiic-Raiinbow Photographer
This is too true -.-
I've seen too many MS Paint '';photo manipulations'' it's not funny.
Toxiic-Raiinbow's avatar
Toxiic-Raiinbow Photographer
Silly emoticons.
Meant to say "Photo manipulations"
SneakyTomato's avatar
This is pretty accurate....I don't understand the trend of people dressing women in long flowing dresses...Forget creativity. But where you say, forget all planning, you're for the most correct, in the sense that everything in photomanipulation depends on the correct stock, so you can't plan beforehand on what you'll find.
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SpeedBuzzerStudent Digital Artist
Oh wow, great work! SATIRE IS FUN!

Even if I were (someday) to do a photomanipulation like that, I would still find this FUNNY AS HELL. :D

I don't take myself seriously. Ever.
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killrb323 Photographer
That has to be the longest rant I've ever read. Spot on though, although I may have missed it, I didn't see anything about making sure the girl looks as cut out of carboard as possible.

Faved, Lol.
PossessedSquirrel's avatar
Oh, I can rant much more than this. :) Thanks for the +fav, I'm glad the rant said something.
Kiss-The-Mask's avatar
I think it is a great satire. Unfortunatly, i am one of the people who fav them. But i think you did a great job on it! And much of it is true.
Thank you for voicing your opinions! it's great!
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phyrinxProfessional Artist


*reads comments*
Who would get offended? It's fucking satire.

And it's hilarious.
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madamme-rouge Digital Artist
Oh my Lord you are a genious !
:P You got my atention
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SemetyHobbyist Writer

I try to be original...

but I think I fav some of the ones you're complaining about :(
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all i have to say is...MEOW!!! lol ok im dumb... Or drunk... or just dumb cause i dont drink...
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mirrorkillsHobbyist Digital Artist
EmeralddeLeeuw's avatar
EmeralddeLeeuwHobbyist Digital Artist
:lol: that was harsh but in many cases so very very true :|
KittyD's avatar
KittyDProfessional Digital Artist
:giggle: Nice tuturial. It hit home. :D
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