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Paint it Black
A painting inspired by the classic Rolling Stones song. The basis for this image is a picture of a US Marine walking along with his M14 rifle over his shoulder, taken in Vietnam.
Acrylic on canvas
Samuel and the Smilodon
He'd been following it for days. He had only found the remains at first, slaughtered deer, gutted boars and elk torn apart for their meat. Samuel had wanted it. This was the biggest cat he'd even encountered. He'd fought them before but this one....was huge. After the first week, he'd caught sight of it, a mound of rippling muscle and flesh, topped by two immense curving fangs. But it had run, a doe dangling from its bloody jaws, sprinting off into the woods before he could hurl a spear.
This cat was different. As a Incubi, Samuel had fought bear, tiger, leopard and lion. Even the men who now filled the lands were easy prey for him to devour. But this was a true opponent, a real rival.

Across the lands, plains and hills he follow its trail. Carcass after carcass that had been gored and butchered. Even a hunting party of men were ripped apart in seconds, their blood pooling in the earth. He only let it fuel him. This was truly a worthy opponent. He appiled fresh warpaint, sharpening his spears, readying his claws and preparing his body for the encounter. His powerful nose lead him there, following everything: blood, droppings, fur and kills. The creature was marking its territory, spraying trees with its scent. It was marking out its territory, carving out a place amid the other cats. But its attempt to stake a new claim in the wilds, only lead Sameal to it like a moth to flame.

He found it out on the plains. Ripping into an elk, waiting. Resting. He'd stalked behind, hiding his height amid the tightly clumped shrubs and bushes. The spear was perfectly balenced in his hand, his muscles bulging as he pulled back and readied to throw.
The strike flew towards the beast's shoulder and imbedded in deep. It snarled, baring its fangs pawing at the bloodied flank, before leaping up from its kill. Its huge body pounded, muscles rippling as it ran towards him, flesh rippling with the force of its strides. Samuel bared his own fangs, pulling up to full height before hurling the second spear. It flew across the gap, stabbing deep into the monster's neck and throwing it off stride. It howled, but corrected it's course, teeth bared, eyes narrowed in rage and anger.
Drawing his dagger from his belt, Samuel ran towards him, brow knotted with concentration, claws outstreched.

The two met, colliding with a crash of flesh on flesh. The cat's claws sliced across his chest and back, its mouth snapping as it tried to slit open his throat. The Incubi's dagger stabbed in and out, thrusting forwards and back into the fur, drawing gouts of black feline blood, his own claws stabbing at it's face and snout.

They rolled about, kicking up clouds of dust and grit, painting their bodies with the soil. Samuel wrapped his legs around the monster's flanks, trying to pin it under his own weight. They bucked and kicked, slashing as one tried to climb atop the other, attempting to pin the other down to deliver the final strike. Blood dripped into the dirt, coagulating amid the hard soil, the grass sticking into their backs.

Its jaws slashed inches from its neck, his fists smashing into it's face and snout. Blood dripped down his forearms as he stabbed his nails into its nose and cheeks, trying to rip away its skin. The beast's claws dug into his arm, slashing into his tendons, snapping and snarling at his face to try and rip him apart. Samuel snarled back, roaring as he leaned forwards and bit into the beat's neck, pulling away a blood chunk of flesh in his mouth. In response, the cat whined and spasmed, allowing him to free his knife hand and bury the flint blade into it's neck, pushing it in as far as it would go and allowing the thick gore, hot as soup to spill out, all over him, getting in his eyes and staining into his furs.

At last, the beast huffed and shook, blood dripping from its wicked fangs. Its eyes spasamed, tongue slipping out from its jaws as it kneeled over in death. The barrel-like chest of the monster finally slowed, taking its last few breaths before it was finally still.

From underneath crawled Samuel, the hot sun beating down upon his back. He lay there, chest panting as sweat dripped from his brow, the pain that decorated his form worn away in the heat of battle, his body painted with dust and dirt. Blood ran from the damage across his torso and arms, turning dark as it clumped with the mud. Taking deep breaths, he let his raging heartbeat slow and the mania of battle left him like the leaves blowing away in the wind.
The Incubi glanced over at the massive head of the cat, its huge yellow eyes glassy and unfocused, jaws hanging agape and lifeless. From there, he looked to his knife, buried deep in it's throat. Reaching forwards, he grasped it and pulled it out, before starting to saw away.

He would take his head. It would make a fine trophy.

This was part of a trade with the eternally lovely :iconcharlottelaantz: do drew me a simply beautiful portrait of a naga belly dancer. This was several months ago and I have been incredibly slow in doing my half here, of her amazing demon boy Samuel and how he got his sabre-toothed cat skull.
So to Mamafloof, I want to apologise for being so so slow and hope that you like the picture and that you forgive me. I'll be doing some more arts of your wonderful nature incubi to make up for it, in the future.

To see more of Mamafloof's fantastic work, and to see her own species, the Nature Incubi (of which Sameal is one) please head over to her stunning gallery:…
To see the serenely beautiful Naga Dancer that she drew for me, have a look here:
The horse is such a creature of beauty. A simple, kind animal dragged into our own cruel desire for war. But when the horse and warrior are one, few forces on heaven and earth can withstand them.


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