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welcome to Positive-Mindsets , a group solely focused on creating a happier, more critique-positive and constructive deviantART!!
Positive-Mindsets is run by a small but vigilant team of deviants!! you'll be able to see our entire team to your right, in the "Admins" section!!

each member of the Positive-Mindsets team has our own job!! for instance, one team member will handle group submissions, another team member will handle group events, another team member will handle group member relations, and more!!

if you need to ask a question about a specific thing, please check out our "About Us" tab and see who's working with that subject!! if no one appears to be working with that subject, send us a note and we'll answer your question and try to hire someone to handle that subject for in the future!!
Even though we are about support and acceptance, we have a few rules!!

1) the harassment of admin team members/fellow group members is prohibited.
2) the scamming of admin team members/fellow group members is prohibited.
3) the sexualization of underage persons/minors is prohibited. sexualizing admin team members/fellow group members is a big no-no as well.

if it is found out that you are breaking any of the above rules, our whole admin team will be reporting you to the deviantART help desk IMMEDIATELY.
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the Positive-Mindsets team has a goal of making this group super!! to make this dream of ours come true, we are setting up a special account to gather donations to make our goal a reality!!
GOAL: 30/4,796 points
DONATIONS ACCOUNT: P-ositive-Mindsets
our team will leave small donations in the account from time to time, but other than that we require support from you to make our dream of becoming a super group a reality!!
(no points will be removed from the account unless we are ordering super group.)

we welcome you with open arms!!

the Positive-Mindsets team like to see our group as one big family, so we hope for this group to be an open, loving environment for all of those who are a part of it, perfect for maintaining positive outlooks on life and to grow as an artist!!
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we accept 18 and under deviants, 18 and over deviants, cis/het deviants, lgbt+ deviants, artists, writers, artisan crafters, you name it; basically any age range, ethnicity, background, art media, gender, sexuality, and more can join and be a part of our family!!

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!! we:thumb719069093:love:thumb719069093:you !!

the Positive-Mindsets team is always here for you!! we offer non-stop support to everyone, whether they are a member of the group or not!!
we can provide stress relief, daily/weekly positive reminders(and will sometimes leave them randomly when we notice someone is having a hard time), a listening ear(or three!!), even help with a stressful/difficult school assignment!!
feel free to note the group or any admin team member you're comfortable with whenever you need a helping hand!! we are all on constantly throughout the day!! group watch stops at about 10 PM every night from september to june, however!! after those months the group watch will be 24/7!!

:thumb719069093:suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255:thumb719069093:
:thumb719069093:calming music for stress relief/study:thumb719069093:
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thank you so much for reading this all the way to the end!! i hope this is enough information for everyone, but if not, feel free to note the group with any questions you may have!!

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What's up folks? The group has changed and became very inactive in the last weeks, so here are the most important news:

1) New admin!
As you may have noticed, the original founder of this group left a couple of weeks ago and gave me the admin rights. Also most of the co-founders who were there from the beginning left the group as well.
I'd love to keep the group alive since the positivity subject is something I haven't seen on DA on a regular basis. The problem is that I don't have enough time because I'm very busy with my internships and school - which leads us to the next topic...

2) Co-admins wanted!
The group has been inactive for a while and to have a successful restart, new co-admins are needed! Please send me a note if you'd like to volunteer, new faces and ideas are always welcome! <3

Also here is a little reminder about the Featured folder:
The "Featured" folder is intended to be a "staff pick" folder with the possibility to upload emergency adopts, commission journals etc.
Members of the group are allowed to recommend their favorite art by other artists - please do not submit your own works to this folder, but use the fitting folders (Digital, Traditional etc.) instead.
Thank you very much!!

I hope everyone of you has a wonderful day <3
~ DannyWade
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