Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Tribute

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I thought it would be great to do a gigantic HARRY POTTER FEAUTRE for the Half Blood Prince movie coming out tomorrow, July Fifteenth, in the United States.

I hope if you happen to browse through this article you'll see amazing Harry Potter art that you haven't ever seen before. I hope you get inspired to maybe even draw some of your own Harry Potter Pictures.


I hope you enjoy viewing these pieces as much as I did finding them.

Harry And Hedwig by Clsportraits Dobby from Harry Potter by boy140495 Neville Longbottom by LMRourke Ron by babymint34 Harry and Dobby by Avanirose Severus Snape by paradokusu A man and his dragon by Foxfeather248 Rubeus Hagrid card by Patilda:thumb112725901: Fawkes by WildWoodArtsCo :thumb11616734: Let It Be by KatArtIllustrations:thumb122336546: Dolores Umbridge card by Patilda The First Year by Ellygator Lord Voldemort by soul-whisper Dumbledore's Choice by foxestacado Harry Potter by StarMasayume Draco Malfoy by Iskierka-12:thumb126804069: Seamus and Dean by Linnpuzzle:thumb127709614: Lord Voldemort by CedricSallam92 Luna Lovegood 2 by nightshine2 :thumb128249525: GetOnWithItThen by Sempraseverus The Gaunts by pahko Hermione and Crookshanks by Ederoi DP 5 - Emma Watson by Powerdusk Ron Weasly by Minso harry flying by blastedgoose cho by keerakeera:thumb17277096::thumb20667969: Snape by Glay Harry and Ginny by Sahan The Harry Potter Project by cippow25 Roonil Wazlib by neyozeka Harry Potter by Dinaitius Sirius Black by mindofka HP: Hisssss by leelakin Harry Potter - GoF Task Garb by leiaskywalker83 Wormtail by KatArtIllustrations Marauders in Hogsmeade by babycham Polyjuice Potion by cippow25 Tom Riddle by kalicothekat Ginny Weasley In Colour by ChazyChaz Goblet of Fire- detail by ratgirl84 Neville Longbottom by Gimmeswords kreacher by HILLYMINNE Above and Beyond by HarryJPotter dobby by frikibunny8:thumb32872223: The anatomy of the dementor by Ruth-Tay:thumb34034663: my version of fawkes by LobaFeroz Cedric Diggory by Eruadan HARRY POTTER by Jerome-K-Moore Godric Gryffindor by jaceridley Salazar Slytherin by jaceridley Helga Hufflepuff by jaceridley Rowena Ravenclaw by jaceridley Remus Lupin by straysod McGonagall by Blacleria:thumb4546698: Before They Were Marauders by patchworkangel Dumbledore worrying by HILLYMINNE Peter Has Found Love by periwinkle-blue Snape kills by ThanataPhaemo Yule Ball Hermione Colored by nikki13088 Hogwarts Ghosts by cippow25 Tonks by amberfishy Severus Snape by G672:thumb59452107: The Order of the Phoenix by TomScribble :thumb60467717: DH: Flight of Hedwig by clouded-ambition Bellatrix Lestrange by Lyvyan HP: Soggy Ron by Saehral Lucius Malfoy by SarahSilva:thumb63468347: Supreme Potter Nerdness by Kivae Dobby is Free by prueslove Harrypotter by Daniel-Velez Hermione by demonika Draco Malfoy 3 by majah The Dementor by tina-lynn Tonks and Lupin by neysha-sheyla Little Tom Riddle by rose-colligan:thumb71830171: Hogwarts at Sunset by Beeeb Dobby, a Free Elf by shapudl Prof. Quirrel by jlestrange Hermione, Ron, and Harry by WolfenM :thumb83119116: E Watson, R Grint, D Radcliffe by crayon2papier Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as Tom by slytherinfiend Rupert Grint as Ron by kiwikitty37
© 2009 - 2021 Posidendrawer
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neyozeka's avatar
Aww thank you~! Too cute! Love it!
Livadialilacs's avatar
WOWWW I love those. Thanks for doing this.
jaceridley's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring my 4 fan portraits here with some of this Amazing original art. Incredible work to all.
lillyzee's avatar
Amazing...just the best 4 his 8 years of HArry Potter
nightshine2's avatar
Aw thanks for featuring my drawing!
Kivae's avatar
Quite a collection! :) Thanks for the feature! :thanks:
Lyvyan's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature! :love:
KatArtIllustrations's avatar
My gosh what an amazing collection! Thankyou so much for including me in it!!!
Ederoi's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature! :)
soul-whisper's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature!!!^^
crazygrrl's avatar
oooh, this is awesome! :D
Nekolai's avatar
Awesome feature :D

I can't wait to see the new film >.<
Emerald-Depths's avatar
This is an amazing feature. :D I have just come home from seeing the midnight release, and the movie was amazing. :love:
Powerdusk's avatar
Haha great! Thanks for the feature!
Gimmeswords's avatar
thank you for featuring my neville!
Lexi181's avatar
This is amazing thanks so much for putting my work in this feature!!! <3
Demodocus's avatar
Great feature! I'll be watching tonight at midnight! :w00t: Any of these talented artists could make a killing in the creative contest that I'm hosting about "what if Harry Potter became a Broadway musical?" It'll be fun! [link]

Harry Potter: The Musical -- contest [link]
Ellygator's avatar
That's a truly awesome collection! Thanks so much for including my drawing!
Posidendrawer's avatar
i hope you'll heart it that way this artical will become more popular
TomScribble's avatar
thanks for the feature! There's some great work in here I didn't know, thanks for showing it.
Posidendrawer's avatar
i hope youll heart it so the artical may be more popular and more people will see it
foxestacado's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!
Posidendrawer's avatar
your welcome, heart it if you like to make it more popular
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