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Freebie Pajaro Trousers + PhD Glasses for G8F

Looks, it's a freebie outfit! Woo-woo. This collection contains a unique pant with detachable wings, two tops, a metal collar, earrings, and—not pictured—a pair of eyeglasses. 

UPDATE: Next texture sets here: here: and here:


You can see examples of these in use throughout my gallery, and i'll be posting new images soon. Originally, I tried to get Daz to offer this, and received a lot of advice, especially from SickleYield and a tremendous amount of help from KindredArts. Seriously, Andy, infinite gratitude. Unfortunately, Daz was, um, skeptical about the commercial prospects of my admittedly high-fashion impulses. After a number of rounds of back-and-forth with another, more conventional outfit, I decided I didn't have the energy to continue to pursue being a PA at this time. As a result, I'm offering this outfit, and my very recently created PhD glasses as a freebie. In a few days, I'll be posting a couple of new texture sets for this as well. (The clay render preview here doesn't show the texture this downloads with, which is a simple white fabric with some edge stitching. The buttons are in the same nickel shader, though. That shader, by the way, is included as an extra freebie. I really adore the look of nickel plating.)

The UVs are solid to outstanding—nothing I hate more than bad UVs! Everything is rigged, although probably not to the standards of the better PAs. Because the wings fold down over the belt, that can cause problems even after dForce and I'm not good enough at Daz rigging to fix that (yet). The buttons are hooked up so they should stay in place properly while posing or simming, but I sometimes run into problems. The PhD Glasses have texture zones so you can do a contemporary double-sided look, plus morphs to adjust the earpieces and to fold them for off-the-face posing.


There is a terms and conditions EULA, which is you can use this for personal and commercial use, including modifying it, but you can't redistribute it. BUT AS A TERM OF USE, YOU MUST REPORT PROBLEMS TO ME. I'm releasing this because I put a lot of work in it and I'd like to see it used, but I also want to get the quality assurance feedback I'd hoped to get from Daz so I can learn how to make better, more useful product. I can't do that if people run into problems and don't tell me. So, please tell me if you have a problem, particularly with dForce or posing. I don't guarantee a solution (you get what you pay for), but I may released an update. Sometime. Also, please let me see your renders with these clothes! It would be extra good if you link to this page so others can find it. 

If I tell you, you'll just feel guilty for taking it for free. Let's pretend I knocked it off in a weekend while stoned on THC edibles and watching Mad Men reruns.

Spanish. Seriously, get your ass Duolingo or something like that and learn Spanish. 

Software used: Everything was modeled in Modo Indie and textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop, except for the jewelry and glasses, which don't use texture maps.
© 2019 - 2021 Poses17
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thank you very much

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Love the attitude and thank you for the outfit.

As a consideration for a place to sell that won't make you jump through a 1000 hoops, check Fantasy Attic and they only take 25% of the profits, not 40 or 50 like some places I won't mention.

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Your entire description made me smirk and giggle a little, thank you XD

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Well... that is a VERY nifty outfit. I'm going to take a look at it. This looks like something that ought to work well with d-force.

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It's designed for dForce. In part because I'm not very good at making non-dForce stuff :p

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well, why should you when d-force gives so much better results? From the moment I discovered marvellous designer I never did like the conforming stuff, it rarely looked good unless it was armour.

Very nice. Thank you.

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hi, great looking cloth, can I have your permission to import it to a game called VAM? @Poses17

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For your personal use? If it's for your personal use (not commercial use) and doing so doesn't in any way challenge my rights, I'm fine with it. If, like some games, they make a copyright claim on anything you import, then no. Thanks for asking.

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here is what it looks like in game

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thanks for reply. Have you heard of VAM this game?

There is no way to export game asset once shared in the community. I dont do paid content even I using my patreon as a hub and cdn. Can you let me know if its ok or not to share in that game, will make sure content imported well and credit given.

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So this is a free to play game? If so, then I'm fine with that.

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oof, I dont think the game is. minimal is $2 per mouth. I will just keep it to myself this case. thx

i have limited knowledge (last week i had never heard of Daz studio!) but i've managed to get up and running with few hitches, even to the point of setting up a 3rd party directory and successfully kitting it out with some amazing free stuff... now the vast majority of creators use a standard structure within the Zip that seamlessly merges in a coherent manner with all of the other content in my library and yours do too but foe some reason Daz can't find the textures... now the only difference your files have to all others is the .store file in every folder, maybe a understanding of this requirement will help me troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you.

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Sorry, I need to repackage this—the files are there, but because they mirror my unconventional structure, they're not in the right places for most users. I have the knowledge now, so it's just a matter of making the time when I'm focused on some other projects (and despairing over the state of the world).

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Thank you for this. If I run into any problems I'll let you know. I'm a former Runtime DNA tester so I'm good at pushing limits. :)

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Thanks. That would be great!

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Cool. Thanks.

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No biggie - its a really cool outfit and Daz missed out by not selling this

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Thanks, and nice work. :) By the way I can deeply relate to what you said about getting quality feedback for our freebies. I know that half the reason for my own are to test the waters and see what may not be an issue for me but is for someone else. Also the sheer time it takes to create what is considered by the community to be a working garment for Daz is not to be taken lightly. Sometimes it's not even the more difficult parts that consume most of the time! Thanks again.

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You're welcome. Getting good feedback is definitely hard. I know there are parts of this set that aren't ideal, but I think I've only gotten one comment about it, despite 1,000+ downloads. Hopefully, that means most people aren't encountering issues, but I would have liked to have heard from people who were.

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