Happy Hallowmas!!

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Happy Hallowmas!!

"Happy what??" - you're asking? Quite simple!
Hallowmas, also known as the Triduum of All Hallows (Triduum of All Saints), is the triduum encompassing the Western Christian observances of All Hallows' Eve (Hallowe'en), All Saints' Day (All Hallows) and All Souls' Day.
It lasts from October 31 to November 2 annually. Hallowmas is a time to remember the dead, including martyrs, saints and all faithful departed Christians.


Li'l Witch of All Hallows by RavenMoonDesigns Sweet Kitten Halloween by tinca2 ..I Had Halloween Once, It Was Awful.. by DamaskRose0503 Happy Halloween by amziss
Halloween VI - Morticia by poserfan<da:thumb id="333201067"/> Halloween Cat by tinca2<da:thumb id="102543362"/>
Halloween 2012 by Enamorte Halloween VIII by poserfan Halloween night by Anna-Marine The Moon is Full Tonight by Enamorte
Old hag by veprikov  Halloween Spells by DaniaArts Happy Halloween by Tsvetka
A Magical Infusion by RavenMoonDesigns Midnight Witchery by RavenMoonDesigns My First Spell by nhdevilgirl Trick Or Treat? by poserfan
'tis the season to be spooky by CapnDeek373  Halloween VII by poserfan Happy Halloween 2013 by LenaZLair Sable by MisDmeanor
 <da:thumb id="332785990"/> Forbidden Library by JoeDiamondD Jack's Lament by LT-Arts Yet Another Halloween Party by Fredy3D
Skull and Skeleton Hands lit by WDWParksGal-Stock Halloween 2004 by WDWParksGal Ghostly Shopping on Main St WDW by WDWParksGal-Stock
Halloween Mansion by MorJer Halloween Tree by MorJer Clawing Back to the Top Visual by WDWParksGal House of Witchcraft by sweetpoison67
Halloween Cinderella by mari-na Halloween 2012 by UnidColor halloween by sandara
Ada and Zedock by Dani3D Trick or Treat by Frollein-Zombie The Witches Race by Dani3D
Dia De Los Muertos

Day Of The Dead - design for Spiral direct by Anna-Marine Dia de los Muertos by AlixBranwyn Dia de los Muertos by Autonoe
La Mujer De Los Muertos by feodome Muerte Meow by Myrcury-Art Dia de los Muertos - Crossbones by AlixBranwyn<da:thumb id="220508068"/>
Dia de los Muertos by Aggro-Kulture REZA POR NOSOTROS by Lestat-Danyael<da:thumb id="184699825"/> Happy Helloween All by Voodica
Halloween Candy by tinca2 Dia De Los Muertos by macabre7 Calavera Girl by kmt95


The Witching HourA chill swept through the air. It was dark. Midnight. The forest was silent, every pair of small eyes turned to a tiny stone house in the middle of a perfectly round clearing.
From the door of this small house stepped a tall young woman. Her black dress clung to her, accentuating her curves. The sharp features of her face were as warm and fluid as they were cold and hard; a balance achieved only by the practice of Magick.
Her dark purple eyes swent the forest.
"Arise and take flight!" She called, her hands outstretched.
Every living being within five miles of that tiny stone house fled. Many who were injured found their wounds gone- healed by the touch of magick that came from the woman.
You feel that same urge to flee strike you, but your grip on the tree is strong. You manage to stay, to watch the mysterious Witch.
"May any eyes that linger here,
Not turn away because of fear.
But let them stay and know not why,
With not a sound or fearful cry."
The Witch's words froze you in place.
SamhainThe shadows dancing upon the pond,
Their lights like floating embers;
The message has come at last,
Like it has for many winters.
The flames are burning deep within,
Their ashes of days long past;
The harvest has finally come,
To free us all at last.
The cleansing purity of it all,
The spirits so nearby too;
With such a desperate call,
We know what we will do.
The hour is late and here we are,
The cards to show our fate;
Samhain has come yet again,
We must not let it wait.
A Bizarre HalloweenA Bizarre Halloween
Floating in the dark, starless night
Are luminous eyes with a mysterious stare
Their unblinking gaze sends chills up my spine
This black cat is giving me quite a scare!
He followed me all the way from school
I tried to shake him off my trail
But every time I turned around
He was still behind me, waving his tail!
I ran with my backpack thumping behind me
My footsteps loud as thunder, striking the ground
My heart was pumping and racing inside me
Yet the cat still followed me, not making a sound
It was the hour when the sky turned dark
That I realized I was hopelessly lost
Running like that was very foolish
And, oh! What a price it had cost!
With my backpack alone to protect me
I am stuck on an unknown street
While kids run up to strangers' doors
And all scream 'TRICK-OR-TREAT'!
The glow-in-the-dark jack-o-lanterns
Are starting to look quite sinister
So I get up and ring a doorbell and
Gather all courage I can administer
Before long, thanks to a stranger
I'm at the fro

HarbingerI have no doubt my lady rides
Upon a steed whose coursing strides
Carry her through the Hallowed eventide.
Dressed in cloaks of gold and wine,
Beneath her hood a crown of fine
Gold filigree crowns her auburn hair.
Her steed is black as the eve it rides,
Lantern glows light yellow eyes,
His hulking form moves silently through the wood.
The crows soar, swooping, in her wake,
Their onyx wings her path forsake.
The raucous calls herald her advent.
Leaves of fire bedeck the boughs,
The tongues of flame the branch enshroud.
They light the dimming dusk.
Fog slithers through the litter brown,
A white, ghostly glass o'er the ground
That shatters with the pound of tramping hooves.
Behind her a harvest moon does rise,
And lights the way for her charcoal eyes.
Light allows her passage safe.
From the woods they burst upon
The meadow bathed in moonlight dawn.
She urges her steed faster through the gloom.
Mistress of this holy eve,
She is the one who turned the leaves
It is she who gives magyk to thi
Season of the WitchShe had been cast away from the village on the accusation of witchcraft, something that wasn't entirely true. Elinor had a connection with the spirits, but she never used that connection to perform evil things on others, even if she was tempted from time to time. She only used such powers for good.
Because Elinor had no access to the village, she had no doctor. So when the time came for her to give birth, she knew she had to do it alone.
In the cave she now called home, Elinor agonized over the pain. She knew her time was getting close; being a girl of only twenty-one, she hadn't witnessed many births in her community to know what she was doing.
"Spirits!" she cried, "thou hath always been good to thee. Please, help!"
It didn't matter to Elinor that her connection to these spirits had cost her family, friends, and a safe place to raise her baby. She needed someone on her side, and these spirits were all she had.
In an instant, Elinor felt comfort. She didn't know what was happening, bu

The Witch of NewA child,
filled with dreams galore.
She sees the world as though it were but a toy,
for her to play with as she wills it.
Sunshine and joy,
is all that she sees.
Is all that I saw.
Travels take her far from home.
Interesting people she meets,
some dangerous,
some not.
Far and wide did I travel, searching.
A witch lives in this town,
was the whispers she heard.
A witch that will eat at your bones,
suck the marrow from your eyes in glee,
the townspeople said.
A witch, sparked my undying curiosity.
She went, the little girl full of dreams.
To see the witch,
confront her dreams.
A house down a lane,
a forest in the shade.
A woman at the door beacons her closer.
And forward I did walk, never to return.
Sit dearie sit, said the witch of old.
Sit the dear girl did,
looking in wonderment.
Why do you come,
when so many stay away?
Asks the witch of old.
The little girl answered, in her soft tones.
I answered, the witch of old.
I come to know.
And know you shall my dear, know you shall.
Like a br
<da:thumb id="259581852"/> Witch's BrewThe cauldron sits,
Atop the fire,
To fulfil,
All your desires.
The magic stews,
A witchs' brew,
To suit the tastes,
Of one like you.
A kiss to suit,
The maiden fair,
And for the king,
Is gold so rare,
To a person's eye,
To illicit,
A beautiful cry,
Of love once lost
But now found,
And to one soul,
It now is bound.
Step up, my pretty,
And taste this brew,
And see what it,
Will do to you.

Artisan Crafts

<da:thumb id="184385027"/> Autumn/Halloween Charms by Mad-But-Happy Halloween Cluster Bracelet by RufflesnStripes
Halloween Tree of Life by LittleCLUUs Day of the Dead - Catrina Handpainted Bust by PaintIt13lack Halloween Treats - Size reference by thinkpastel  commission Jack Skeletron by sevichan
  Spooklace by Faeriedivine Halloween Pumpkin Earrings by AlexandraKnickel Halloween Cupcakes 2010 by Sliceofcake
Pumpkin Cupcake Necklace by CatNapCaps Halloween Iced Sugar Cookies by The-Cute-Storm
Journal Skins 4 U

  Happy Halloween Journal - Easy.Install by poserfan Spooky Halloween Journal - Easy.Install by poserfan Pumpkin Avenue Journal V2 - Easy.Install by poserfan
Animated Halloween pumpkin CSS by calleena<da:thumb id="400690873"/>

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