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Supergirl I



Supergirl :superman:

Super Name: Supergirl
Real Name: Kara Zor-El
Identity: Secret Identity
Aliases: Linda Lee Danvers, Linda Lee, Carole Zorelle, Superwoman, The Girl of Steel, The Maid of Might, The Princess of Power, Mighty Maid
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 123 lbs (55.79 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Citizenship: American
Race: Kryptonian
Place of Birth: Argo City, Krypton
Place of Death: Antimatter Universe

Marital Status: Single

Base Of Operations: Argo City, Midvale Orphanage/Midvale, Stanhope College/San Francisco, Santa Augusta/Florida, New York City/New York, Chicago/Illinois

Occupation: Adventurer; Student, Actress

Known Relatives: Zor-El (father/deceased), Alura (mother/deceased), Jor-El (uncle/deceased), Lara Lor-Van (aunt/deceased), Superman/Clark Kent (cousin), Fred Danvers (foster-father), Edna Danvers (foster-mother),

Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes


V3++, Milly Skin @ DAZ3D
Youniss' Maya @ RMP Free
Jada Hair @ DAZ3D (highly postworked)
Tunic Set @ DAZ3D
FlareSkirt @ Sicowan (no longer available)
Supergirl for Tunic, Belt @ Hasdrubal, Animotions (no longer available)
Instant Clothes @ RMP
Custom Background by myself
Poser 6, PS

:pointr: Before vs. After View / Postwork Meme :pointl:

All resources used were created by, gifted to, and/or purchased by me
All rights reserved © JMTH

Many thanks in advance if you're adding this artwork to your :+fav:s and/or leave a comment!! -- I really appreciate your support! :cuddle:

Thanks for viewing! :D

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Please do not redistribute, claim, copy or edit my art. I retain all copyrights. If you want to share this artwork, please use the SHARE buttons to the right. My art is not to be used for tubes, sig tags, web pages, or otherwise altered and is not to be published elsewhere unless given written permission by me. Using and/or publishing my art without my permission is art theft!

Supergirl © DC Comics
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Thats beautiful. And amazing. :heart: I LOVE the lips. And the eyes