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Social Media Icons


Social Media Icons for dA Use

Icons/Buttons to use on dA only; can be used in journals, profiles, descriptions, chats, comments, widgets (though the last two may be only available to premium members)

Initial Icons 07-2012: Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Twitter (Bird), Digg, Reddit, Blogger, MySpace, Photobucket, Delicious, Flickr (fr),, Newsvine, Livejournal, Squidoo
Update 08-2012: Ebay, Etsy
Update 11-2013
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, FanFiction.Net, Behance, Dribble, Vimeo, Google+, Steam, Technorati, Xing, Skype, Zazzle, Formspring, Spring.Me, Dopplr, Forrst, MSN, ICQ, Evernote, Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo, Wordpress
Update 07-2014: We
♥It (2x), Feedburner,, Weasyl
Update 08-2014: Soundcloud, Quotev, Livestream, (2x), FurAffinity,
Update 06-2015: Storenvy, Wattpad, Patreon
Update 07-2015: About.Me, 500px, Goodreads (2x), Flickr (Dots), Digg (new), Twitter (t)
Update 01-2016: Wysp, FictionPress, A03, new dA logo in smaller size
Update 05-2016: (new), Instagram (new),, Artrift, ArtStation, Gumroad, RedBubble, Society6, Ebay (new), Snapchat,,, Vine

How to use?

Go to this gallery where you'll find each icon as single image and the usage code in the description.

Missing something? -- Read this first before making a request --

Your icon isn't there? Leave a comment under the gallery or this deviation. Please add links to the website in question; and if they have more than one logo to your desired logo as well!!!

If I have to google them myself (as I cannot know all the sites), I'm totally inclined on not doing them at all. Also, remember I'll only add icons for Social Media sites - no Game sites,etc. I also don't make icons for sites in alpha/beta stage with invitation only. If the site is not open for the general audience (aka all), I'm not doing the logo (example: is still in alpha stage and invitation only for quite some time already)

Also make sure that the requested icon is not already available here on dA (search dA first; you can start with linux-rules who has quite a collection of icons available in 4 sizes). If it's already done by another user and it represents the icon correctly, I'm not doing it again (except the quality of said icon is subpar; then I may consider it).

Leaving enquiries about other icons on single icon deviations will be ignored. Ask here (preferably) or under the main gallery

Want more customization?

Check out my Journal and Gallery skins

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seems last update was in 2016, so unsure if its worth to mention it.....

icon pack looks great and was considering using it for my streaming channel for social media links, but missing one that is a bit important for gamers and streamers on twitch, for DISCORD communications app.

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where's my reddit ;-;

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do u have trello??
linux-rules's avatar
I will be responding with links to real comments in order to not fill your deviation with my icons. hope is fine. greetings
poserfan's avatar
Sure.  The users will be happy to have them.  And new ones will see them and don't need to ask.  :D
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Hello, would it be possible to add one for Mercari?

It's a simple blue icon with an M and a tilted square over the M on the right side.
Eiirlys's avatar
Can you make an Inkitt, Dreame, and Underlined icon? The underlined website use to be figment. 

Thank you in advance!!
linux-rules's avatar
it is like 1 year and four months later but here you are:…
Eiirlys's avatar
LOL THANK YOU!!! It's fine, you were most likely busy with life, so it's understandable!!
linux-rules's avatar
well, I am not poserfan, I am a bit freak about logos :) Also if you want more you can comment here:…
hayyifas's avatar
Could you do one for Amino?

This is the logo for the over all app…:
hayyifas's avatar
FaithyDash's avatar
You should make one for discord users! ^^
zenlivv's avatar
could you please make one for
StarryJaneWatson's avatar
Could you make one for
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