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Read the Picture Description

Please read the Picture Description, especially if you're on a club site!!

The Artist deserves your :+fav:s, not the Clubs who give some more exposure to their members, but didn't create the pics!

A special companion Stamp is "Fav the Artist, not the Club!"

Feel free to grab, but please either leave a comment or :+fav: it :nod: or do both!! :giggle: Thanks!! :bow:
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Used it here, thanks! I really hope people will read the description of my pic :meow:

Fear of Flying by labba94
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Welcome and thanks!
Don't get your hopes up too high....there are always people asking questions already answered in descriptions (which they would have known if they had indeed read the description)  :slump: 
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How do you use a stamp in the description?
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Copy the thumbcode into the description; but it may only work for Premium Members.
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Ok thanks. Yeah it probably won't x3
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OMG people really DO need to read the description! There was this one time I posted a PewDiePie fanart which also had Madotsuki in it, I specifically said RIGHT there in the description that Cry played Yume Nikki, so to me it still counts, and someone commented saying "WHAT THE HELL IS MADOTSUKI DOING IN THERE?!" And I told them to READ. THE. FUCKING. DESCRIPTION.

I dunno if it counts though because then she decided to be a bitch about it :iconunamusedplz:
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I have no idea what you're talking about reg. your fanart - but everytime someone asks something what is already stated in the description counts!! Especially when people bitch about it afterwards...

I really hate it when people ask how do I use this reg. my journal and gallery skins as I do write extensive descriptions and have also an extensive step by step guide in the downloadable skins which they would know if they had read the descriptions.... I can get bitchy then, too.
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IKR? So many people...Too lazy to read the description.
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Agreed. So many questions would be answered if people would just read the description. >.<
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Very very nice ;D
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Nice stamp :)
But wouldn't this be in the picture description, so if they see it they'll already be reading the description?
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AH YES! this is it!! QuQ)
i completely agreeeeeee
UGH i'm so sick of those who keeps asking the obvious questions;;
i've wrote the explanation on the description but--UGH some ppl just won't understand sdkjfhasfsk
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Very much agreed; great stamp!
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Yes yes yes..I hate being asked questions I've already answered in my description!
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me too!

Thanks for the comment! :D
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