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Since some of you may have trouble placing your stock in the right category which will result in a declined submission as of April 2015, we will give you a rundown on our categories.

If an image may fit in more than one category, choose the one where it fits best (usually the main focus of any image)


This is our Artworks Folder! Here you find the lovely works created by dA Members using stock you can find in our Galleries! This is folder is by invitation only! Note the group with your artwork.

Animals of all kinds: they are sorted by their class. If an animal doesn't fit in one of the subfolders, it goes in the main folder.
The subfolders are Mammals, Birds, Fish, Equine, Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates and Mythical & Magical Animals. Mythical and Magical could also be called Fantasy ANimals as it will include Unicorns or Dragons as well as half-animal/half-human beings like Centaur, Satyr, etc.

Everything Nature, partially sorted in subfolders: If  it doesn't fit in one of the subfolders like eg. Rainbows, it goes in the main folder.
The subfolders are "Trees & Branches", "Grass, Shrubs, Vines", Flowers, "Fungi - Shrooms", "Rocks, Cliffs, Stones, Pebbles" and "Fruit & Veggies".

Pretty self-explanatory: People in all kinds of outfits, sorted into subfolders. If  it doesn't fit in one of the subfolders like eg. groups consisting of both sex, whether adults or children, it goes in the main folder.
The subfolders are Female, Male, Children (any age), Anatomy (also human bones and skulls) and Fantasy Characters (Aliens, Zombies etc.)

Environmental scenes, divided by visible features. May partially overlap with Exterior.
The subfolders are Landscapes, Cityscapes, Waterscapes, Skyscapes and Spacescapes

Exterior & Architecture
Everything outside, partially divided into themes.   Exterior enfolds a wide range of items like Benches, Wishing Wells, Gazebos, Alcoves, Pergolas, Grottos, Patio Furniture, Beach Furniture, Trellis, Fences, Streetlamps, SunDials, Birdhouses, Parasols, Pools, Birdbaths, Walls, Ponds, Flower Beds, Fountains, Planters, Garden stuff, Yards, Park stuff, Sidewalks, Streets, etc
The subfolders are Architecture, "Archways & Gates", Monuments (eg Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Tadj Mahal), "Cemetery & Graveyard" and "Exterior Structures"

Everything inside; partially divided into themes. If  it doesn't fit in one of the subfolders, it goes in the main folder.
 The subfolders are "Furniture and Furnishings", Toys, Household Items (and Tools), "Music Instruments", "Lamps, Candles, Lights" and Technology (computer, robots, cameras, phones)

If it can transport humans or items, it goes into here. Most Transportation stock should fit one of the subfolders.
The subfolders are "Transport Air" , "Transport Land" , "Transport Sea" and "Transport Space"

Official Holidays items with subfolders for some major holidays. If  it doesn't fit in one of the subfolders, it goes in the main folder.
The subfolders are Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine.

Pretty self-explanatory: you can wear it, it goes in here. One subfolder for Jewelry & Accessories

Food & Drink
Pretty self-explanatory: you can eat or drink it, it goes in here.

Fireworks + Fire
Fireworks and Fires like bonfires, or just flames.

All kind of weapons, from medieval swords to guns & pistols.

All kind of wings: Fae & Bug Wings, Feather and Angel wings, Bat & Demon wings.

Pretty self-explanatory: all things Steampunk

Signs and Symbols
Stuff like Road/Traffic Signs, Signs, Symbols, Logos, Heraldry, Pictograms

If you're totally unsure where to submit your stock to, use the Miscellanous folder. We will sort it from time to time. 

But do not abuse the Misc folder as it is the easiest way for you to submit. Try to sort your stock in the folders. Abusing this folder will first result in declined deviations and by repeated action will get you blocked/banned from the group.

Fractal Stock
Pretty self-explanatory: all things fractal.

PreMade Backgrounds
Pretty self-explanatory: premade backgrounds, whether they're photomanipulations or 3D rendered backgrounds.

Frames and Borders
Pretty self-explanatory: Frames and Borders to enhance your images.

All kind of textures: if you have submitted it to dA's Textures category, it goes in here.

PhotoShop Add-Ons - Brushes, Styles, Patterns + Actions
Photoshop Add-Ons include files like ABR (Brushes), ASL (Layer Styles), ACN (Actions), PAT (Patterns), GRD (Gradients). May also include these kind of stock for other softwares like Paintshop Pro, Gimp, etc.

Exclusive Stock and Prize Packs
All kind of stock available thru the Premium Content Platform as well as outside Artists stores. Also includes Prize Stocks for Contests.

Tutorials about anything related to stock

Journals and Blogs related to either Stock issues and explainations, Contests held or any other stock-related topic.

The Gallery is a constant work in progress, therefore changes may be made in the future!

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Stefan's Rose There are still a lot of folders but not nearly as many as there was and SO much more organized! I'll be forever grateful for the revamp of the gallery Rainbow Rose 
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Makes life easier to have an easy system.  Now we just need to make sure that members do submit correctly. No exceptions!
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Thanks for all you've done Clap 
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