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How to create a ponytail from a dForce hairThis is a tutorial for DAZ Studio, you don't need any other software. It should only works with hair using dForce cloth engine (most of them are doing that), not those using dForce hair engine (it's a different engine where hair can't be exported as a mesh).I'm using the amazing Classic Long Wavy Hair with dForce by Linday (you can purchase it at ) for Marina and I never found a good dForce ponytail haircut that corresponds to her normal hair. So I wanted to try something : create this haircut myself using my existing haircut (theoretically, it should work with any hair using dForce cloth engine).The solution I propose is to create morphs to transform your normal long hair to ponytail.1 - First, be sure to have a character with a dForce long hair, both of them without any morphs enabled and with all positions and rotations to 0.,2 - Rotate only your character to put his head almost upside down.,3 - Start a dForce simulation of Current Frame and increase Stabilization Time because hair will move a lot.,4 - When the simulation is done, hair should be face down.,5 - Remove the rotation of your character (set it to 0), hair should face up.6 - Select your hair in Scene tab and verify in Mesh Resolution parameters of your hair that Resolution Level is on Base else next steps won't work.,7 - Be sure hair is selected, click on File then Export... and use these parameters to export simulated hair in OBJ format. You can save it to any location.,8 - Right click on Simulation Settings tab, then left click on dForce and finally Clear Selected Objects. Hair should return to its initial state.,9 - Now we will create the first morph, right click on Scene tab, then left click Assets and finally Morph Loader Pro...,10 - Click on Choose Morph Files... and select the OBJ file you previously exported, you can use any name for the morph (it must not exist), you can change Property Group (it will be easier to select it later) and that's all (be sure all other parameters are like on my screenshot because default values could be different), click on Accept. If an error occurs, it's because you exported your hair in high resolution, a wrong object (body for example) or your didn't use the same parameters so please check again.,11 - Your morph should now be created, you can verify it in Shaping tab of your hair. By changing it from 0 to 100%, you should see a difference ,12 - Put your morph to 100%, select your character and apply the rotation like before, to put his head upside down again. The tricky part begins now.13 - Click on Create menu and New Primitive... then select a Torus and put a Major Diameter of 10 cm, Minor Diameter of 2 cm and click on Accept.,14 - Now you should move, rotate and scale your Torus around your hair to be sure it will be large enough to let move the hair inside.,15 - Click on Window menu, Panes (Tabs), Timeline, put at least 30 in frames Total and click on the 20th frame at the top.,16 - Now, you can change the scale of the Torus to simulate a knot (you can temporarily hide the hair else you won't see the Torus)17 - Make visible your hair if you hidden it and simulate it again with Animated (Use Timeline Play Range).,18 - Your should see the torus deforming hair.,19 - Once the simulation is done, you can select any frame from 20 to the last one where you think the result is the best for your ponytail. Then repeat previous steps (5 to 10) to create a morph (select the character, reset the rotation, put hair at base resolution, export OBJ and create the morph). You can too delete the torus excepted if you really want to use it as a knot 20 - Now, we need to freeze part of hair we don't want to simulate (the scalp and hair before the knot). Be sure your morph is enabled at 100%. Click on Create menu, New dForce Modifier Weight Node... and select dForce Modifier Weight Node newly created. Click on Tool Settings tab (if not present, you can enable it in Window menu). In Active Tool select Node Weight Map Brush. You can now remove the red parts you don't want to see simulated, to do that you can increase Sensitivity to 1. Be sure the "P" (paint) tool is selected, paint on the part before the "knot" by pressing simultaneous Alt key and mouse left button and moving your mouse. The red parts should become blue (slight simulation) and then grey (no simulation at all).,21 - You can test your ponytail, pose your character and make a normal simulation (you can also return back to frame 0 from your Timeline). The tail of your ponytail should fall as expected. If you prefer to keep your ponytail in this position, you can create another morph for it. But letting it upward facing makes it easier to pose.22 - Finally save your hair with File, Save As, Support Asset and Figure/Prop Assets... Beware! If you don't change Vendor Name it'll overwrite original files and you'll have to Uninstall/Reinstall it because the Weight Map won't work without your morph anymore ,And voilą Please don't hesitate to comment to say if something is not clear enough, if you tried this method and it works (or not) or anything else...
Depth of Field in DAz Studio 4.10 by deathbycanon

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Divine Avatar Walk Cycle Preview by chimera46
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Threadwatch on Pern by Kestrel01
Rebell Monster Mommy by VectFox
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Her Companion by CyprithTheCat
Entry 4 Classic Fantasy Art by astendar
Ducks In Love by KYRA2410
Barbarian 2 by Everild-Wolfden
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-Alone in the Dark- by ken1171
To Steal a ... by nmastudios by poseraddicts
The Moment by anitalee by poseraddicts
Dawn by karibous-boutique by poseraddicts
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Bianca by Wildcard84

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A New Spear Maiden of A'nar (Updated: 20-5-2014) by spook95613

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a highly motivated and dedicated individual with knowledge of the Poser/Daz community to come on board and help with the group.
Someone of whom will be actively promoting Poser/Daz content and material, news, events and artists.
I'm talking highly motivated and active here, I'm looking for real Poser and/or Daz diehards.
People willing to seek out Poser/Daz related artwork, tutorials and other related content and information.

If interested please comment below.
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