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VIKING-ICONS-Complete Version

This is the complete version of VIKING-ICONS,hope you like it.
© 2011 - 2021 poseit
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These are beautiful. You're great at what you do, so keep doin' it!
These are very cute. Thank you :)
gracias por el aporte
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@nucleardood - calm down, it doesn't have to be FACTIOUS, it's just for fun. The chinese guy made a great art (FICTICIOUS) work, it's very beautiful.
That's great. Thanks.
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i like the ’Horn Cup'~ha~
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呵呵我自己都觉得这个"Horn Cup"的造型有点“非主流”~~~:aww:
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great realization but vikings never wore horned helmet ;)
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Yes, I agree with you, but I made the icon just to increase their recognizability,after all most people would think that the horned helmet is a symbol of the Vikings. :-)
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Great Work! +Fav
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WOW 到处都能见到你的身影!
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Featured in The Look of The Week Episode 22:
Thanks for letting me feature your awesome art!
We also reached 5,000 Subscribers on YouTube with over 840,200 Video views!
Thanks again!
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You need a drink so that you can chill?
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Well, I think the five years since I made this post, I've become rather chill.
I'm sure you feel better about yourself for your clever little retort. Good for you.

I would advice you to comment on comments no older than a few months.
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I am very sorry, I am just a Chinese student,I did not in-depth understanding the culture of northern Europe.This set of icons just for my own interests,just a personal work. Thank you for your detailed comments,it will be useful for me in the future, thanks again!:-)
The level of research required to catch up with you is not minor, especially given the readily available misinformation and imagery out there.

This is not a scholarly dissertation on early Icelandic imagery, it's a set of icons for an iconic mythological setting.

I'll happily Lore geek with the best, but it's really obvious that this is not the setting.

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thank you~~~:love:
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This is the first set of icon that I have downloaded in ages. These are great
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thanks David~~~:aww:your comment is sweet~~
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