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here is gonna be a collection of greek titles translated from english films. Sometimes, theyre stupid.. sometimes theyre meh ok.. and other time stheyre just rediculus
english title - greek title

1. Shanghai noon - The chinese will whistle three times I dont know what they were trying to do with this one
2. Wallace & Gromit:The curse of the wererabbit - Wallace & Gromit in the giant vegetable garden ok that sounds childish and stupid3.
3. Cinderella man - The man that became legend ok not so very stupid
4. Final destination - I see your death
5. Big momma's house - Don't shoot the granny
6. Gone but not forgotten - The murder's note I haven't seen the film but it has nothing to do with the original title
7. The ice harvest - Robbing the mafia
8, Heroic duo - Burst of fury
9. The powerpuff girls - the powers of good
10. The wicker man = the secret of the scarecrow
11. The ring = danger sign
12. Relative stranger = and these... are my parents
13: RV = crazy vacations on four weels I HATE those childish translations
14. Flushed away = mouse city (i hate those simple almost childish names)
15. blade of the rose = year of the tiger (wtf?)
16. Blue's brothers = the jeneouses in blue (wtf?? blues is music asshole)
17. dungeons and dragons = wizards and dragons (was it so fucking hard to translate dungeon? here Ill do it.  mbuntrumia. There
18. Animal precinct (animal planet) - the animal's neighbourhood. wtf?
19. Life of brian - a prophet but what a prophet (wtf? life of brian was so hard to translate??)
20. Hot fuzz - hot and without bullets (how idiotic)
21. Megas XLR - the giant robot (dies)
22. Open season - the heroes of the forest  
23. The emperor's new groove - the emperor is in a happy mood (w......t........f ):new:

more to come
:thumb42134562: Moment in space XXXVIII by Funerium Speed Space by Superiorgamer Essence of Space by DKF Moment in space XLIX by Funerium Space by QillaP space Loneliness by coolthang Moment in space LXXV by Funerium :thumb21403962: Essence of Space wallpaperpack by DKF Space Resource by Superiorgamer Icarus by leigh-thebault Moment in space XLIII by Funerium Moment in space LXV by Funerium Somewhere in Space by Krzyzowiec Moment in space LXXXIV by Funerium dragon souls in space by oribi Space Crane 2005 by BaciuC :thumb83354682: Space Invader by gisaiagami Outer Space by Crackler
Hello folks. I started a project where I collect names of famous anthropomorphic forms and characters like Gods and cartoon/film characters. Just for fun, and to prove to people taht anthro isnt only OMFG P0RNNNNLOLOLO111111ONETHEEE FOUR
Please contribute :)

anthromorph. Two greek words άνθρωπος which means human and μορφή which means shape. Anthromorth, then, means anything that has a human shape/body

Anubis - Egypt Jackal
Bastet - Egypt cat
Khnum -Egypt Horned Ram
Khepri -Egypt Scarab beetle
Ra -Egypt Hawk
Sekhment -Egypt Lioness
Tawaret -Egypt hippo/lion/crocodile/human mix
Tefnut -Egypt Lioness
Hathor -Egypt cow
Sobek - Egypt Crocodile
Thout -Egypt Ibis
Apophis -Egypt? Goauld
As / Ash - god of the desert - hawk
Auf - god of the sun during nighttime ram
Babi - babboon
Heqet - godess of child birth - frog
Heryshef - "ruler of the rivebanks" - ram :
Mafdet - protection against snakes, scorpions and other dangerous animals - cheetah
Mahes - punishment - lion
Menhit / Menchit - godess of war - lion
nagas snake people
Ganesha - Elephant

Film/Comic characters
Bugs Bunny Rabbit
Duffy Duck duck
Porky Pig pig
Goofy some kind of canine?
Mikey Mouse mouse
Donald duck duck
Taz Tazmanian devil
Silvester cat
Tom cat
Blacksad cat
Willy Gator alligator
Pink Panther Panther
Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles turtles
Felix the cat Cat
Garfield cat
Hethcliff cat
Rogger Rabbi rabbit
Yogi Bear bear
Booboo bear
Sly racoon
Barney dinosaur
Franklin turtle
Robin Hood characters <foxes, bears, crocodiles, hippos etc</i>
Babar elephant
Alvin and the chipmunks chipmunks :new:

Daxter the otsel
lots of digimon
Sonic hedghehog :new:

Minotaur Bull
m/ everyone
This jurnal is after a chat between me and his Holyness :icona-teivos:
A new religion: the metal religion. Of course all metalheads know that this religion is not "new" but old and ancient and respected.
Pope: :iconposeidonsimons-s:
Holy man :icona-teivos:
If you want to change your religion and be one of us, tell me and I will gladly forgive your sins and add you in our followers list.
All followers recieve an extra superdoOper cool cyborg

Now my fellow brothers, let us quote our bible...
The great prophets Manowar say this for the creation of our religion:

In the beginning there was silence and darkness All across the earth
Then came the wind and a hole in the sky Thunder and lightning came crashing down Hit the earth and split the ground Fire burned high in the sky
From down below fire melted the stone The ground shook and started to pound

The gods made heavy metal and they saw that is was good
They said to play it louder than Hell We promised that we would
When losers say it's over with you know that it's a lie
The gods made heavy metal and it's never gonna die

We are the true believers It's our turn to show the world
In the fire of heavy metal we were burned It's more than our religion it's the only way to live But the enemies of metal we can't forgive
Cause we believe in the power and the might
And the gods who made metal are with us tonight

Now brothers, this will be our prayer.. we say it in the morning, at night and before we sleep.
And a few rules from our biblle:

1. You wont attack and/or kill fellow metallist. It doesnt matter if he isnt the same color or religion as you
2. saying "what is judas priest" is a deadly sin and will send you to the pits of hell
3. nu-metal doesnt have a place here
4. If you-re not into metal you are not my friend <vers. txt manowar>
5. Saying " *metal band name* sucks" or "its too hard and disharmonic for me" is a deadly sin too
6. you greet a fellow metallist by  m/ and saying "hail"
7. you proof a metallist by letting a hammer fall on his head. If he survives, he IS a metalhead. If he DOESNT survive, you dont care, do you?
8. The longer your hair is, the better! Note: this rule doesnt count for military metal

more orders and commands soon
I beg your forgiveness on any spellings. Even the great Pope will make mistakes...

Heres a club I found about metalheads. :iconmetalheads:


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