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Skewed Time -- Chapter 7
"Oh, by the Maker, no!  PLEASE!  I BEG THEE!!!!!"  She screamed and ran off, praying that they'd miss.  She could HEAR the arrows flying past her head as she rushed toward the cover of trees.  She heard someone shouting out to the bowmen to cease fire JUST as she reached the trees.  In her panic, she hit a tree root and fell.  Gasping, the green female dragon twisted herself in the fall, JUST managing to keep from crushing the precious bundle in her arms.  Her son…her infant son.  She needed to pay more attention.  Another second and she could have been her own son's death.  THANKFULLY, such was not the case.  She shook as she glanced back to see who had ordered them to stop firing at her, and saw a human in regal armor, wearing a blue cape.  Another-a different one with regal armor but HIS cape being red, was quickly walking tow where she'd entered the
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 13
Skewed Time -- Chapter 6
Alake shook the next morning from the chill of the open air.  She turned to pull the blanket over her a little closer, and found Gregor's arm…
…wrapped…around her?  With a VERY happy sigh, Alake turned herself around in the bed to face Gregor.  She frowned slightly when he woke up, "Oh…I did not mean to…"
"Love, 'tis well enough that I awoke.  Thy beauty is as plentiful as ever, dearest."
…that word again.  She REALLY liked hearing it, but…"Love…Master, we…"
"Alake.  I am not thy master.  'Twas merely a title given to me when I bought thee to remove thy chains.  In mine eyes, thou shall never be mine slave.  Thou didst become the mother of mine child, and I would have thee as mine wife."
Her eyes widened in excitement and fear, "But…the laws…"
"Laws care not about love."
"Master, this is wrong.  I…our child…"
"I am not thy
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 6
Skewed Time -- Chapter 5
Great…just great.  Babe sighed and picked himself up.  No one was coming near him.  Too many rumors of him being some magical golem sent to destroy everything…bah.  He should ju…"Hi there…"  He called out softly, turning his hearing back on so that he could hold the conversation.  A little boy…a mountain dragon that sort of resembled himself as a kid, was cautiously edging nearer to him…"My name is Babe.  Who're you?"
"??  Praythee, kind sir, but…I know not what thou may have just asked of me."
"Your name?"
"Cleave Tylerson…"
"Cl…heh.  Nice."
"You laugh at mine name?"
"No…at a coincidence.  You see…my last name is Cleave."
"Babe Cleave…"
"Right.  I found it interesting.  I mean, you have a first name that is my last name.  Just…kind of cool, you know?"
"I…I suppose."  He shrugged
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 3
Skewed Time -- Chapter 4
Ugh…more dire news.  Always at the middle of the night.  Hara yawned and stretched out her arm toward a wooden perch.  She blew out a soft stream of air toward the perch to wake its occupant.  Her pet winged serpent, Tiok.  He hissed slightly and slithered onto her arm and around it as she stood up, forcing herself out of bed.  Upset at being woken so late, she quickly donned a more presentable nightshift and went to the door.  Both of her best guardians were on the other side, pounding frantically for her to wake up and answer them.  She did, cross, "The news is always dire, but does it cause harm to allow rest in the night?"
"Aye.  This time it does, Majesty."  Rohan, the elder of the two brothers, and by far the most regal looking, spoke first.  He was still dressed in his breastplate and had his shield with him.  It was a reversed triangle shape, sharp points
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 3
Skewed Time--Chapter 3
Morning found them all well-rested.  Even Babe felt good about the day.  There hadn't been a single thing within a mile of them that had been larger than a rabbit.  He stood up and waited beside the carriage as the rest of the group went about getting themselves ready.  At one point, Gregor came up to Babe with a sword in his hands, "Sir Babe!  It came to mine attention upon the rising morn that thou did not have a blade with thee.  I felt it appropriate then to deliver unto thee the blade I used before Inferno found mine hand."
Babe smiled and took the blade, eyeing it a little.  After a long moment, he shook his head, "Greg, this…thank you, but a blade would only make me a problem for you guys."
"I…I beg forgiveness of thee, but you speak in a tongue that is both familiar and completely unbeknownst to me."
"Where I come from, it's normal.  I like the sword, but I can't use it."
"You know not how
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 5
Skewed Time--Chapter 2
Babe took a new look at the five in front of him.  At the five heroes that would help Talmar lead so many anthros to the island, where they lived safely ever after.  His gaze landed specifically one the one that had directed him to Maerith.  The same guy he'd jokingly thought of as Gregor.  He paused, not entirely sure what to say, but…"Excuse me…you're Gregor, right?"
"…aye.  I am Gregor, borne of the house, Nenta.  You know of me?"
"Yes sir…I…I know a great deal about you.  It…it is an honor, sir."
"And what of thee?"
"Thine own name, kind sir?"
"Oh!  Oh…Babe Cleave."
"A babe?  What of a babe?  I humbly requested thy name."
"No, that IS my name.  Babe Cleave."
"What demon possessed yon mother to name thee such?"
"No, I KNOW what you asked, I just…"  He paused and shook his head, breathing out heavily
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 1
Skewed Time--Prologue
"Huh?  Oh!  Bill!  Bill, you dropped your keys again."  Babe called out.  Of course, Bill didn't hear him.  He was bent over a sheet with LOTS of numbers on it.  A complex equation that Babe's robotic sensors couldn't decipher.  With a smile and a shrug, Babe set the keys on a counter nearby and walked up to his mechanic, "Hey.  RELAX a little.  It's not like you're testing a living subject this time."
Bill snorted, "Meh.  I want me machine to WORK, ye know.  I missed ONE calculation last time.  Kia's wee one aged twenty years because I got one number wrong.  If that happens again, I promised I'd give up on this beauty."  He pushed his glasses back up his muzzle and scowled at the paper, "Eh…mebbe I'm over-reactin.  Ye know?  It's just me phone this time.  I needed it a couple days back, so, if this work
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 3 2
Skewed Time--Chapter 1
"…BACK!  DRIVE THEM BACK!!!!!!"  What?  Babe shook his head as his sensors finally rebooted.  Who was shouting?  It was a voice he'd never heard before.  He was able to take in his surroundings once his vision came back online.
…a forest?  Nothing like the forest around Billy's lab.  WHOA!  Babe crouched down and went still, watching the battle he was suddenly right in the middle of.  No one had seen him yet, but that arrow had come REALLY clo-wait.
…an ARROW?  Babe scowled and let his sensors fill him in.  Seven Anthros…he only knew that because his scan showed seven figures with tails.  One was in a Pegasus-drawn carriage, sitting VERY still.  He was getting some odd energy readings from that one, but they were subtle….like the person was on a caffeine rush or something.  Imperceptible, but different from a regu
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 10
IRONMAN by zaratus IRONMAN :iconzaratus:zaratus 2,754 231 and outcome the wolf by Reza-ilyasa and outcome the wolf :iconreza-ilyasa:Reza-ilyasa 6,767 490 Rock on Don by fawriel Rock on Don :iconfawriel:fawriel 2 4 BRAZIL OUT... by Vitor-Leal BRAZIL OUT... :iconvitor-leal:Vitor-Leal 1 4 Don Simons by leikogryffinnoir Don Simons :iconleikogryffinnoir:leikogryffinnoir 1 1


Cyborg society
copy from my website cause I;m too bored to type:


*spoilers During the Great War (see The Life After story), the humans used dead dragon bodies to turn into cyborgs. But when Chris was turned, the procedure was flawed and he somehow retained his consciousness. He had to turn Max into a cyborg as well in order to save his life. 

During the war, a few others also survived the turn. Those people gathered together and formed a small society underground, where they remain hidden from the rest of the people.




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Evripidou M
Current Residence: Limassol Cyprus
Favourite genre of music: metal
Favourite photographer: I like Hockney's collages, but he isnt a photographer?
Favourite style of art: photography and fantasy art
Operating System: windows XP, AND Mac
Wallpaper of choice: I change it every month
Personal Quote: "...something like that"
here is gonna be a collection of greek titles translated from english films. Sometimes, theyre stupid.. sometimes theyre meh ok.. and other time stheyre just rediculus
english title - greek title

1. Shanghai noon - The chinese will whistle three times I dont know what they were trying to do with this one
2. Wallace & Gromit:The curse of the wererabbit - Wallace & Gromit in the giant vegetable garden ok that sounds childish and stupid3.
3. Cinderella man - The man that became legend ok not so very stupid
4. Final destination - I see your death
5. Big momma's house - Don't shoot the granny
6. Gone but not forgotten - The murder's note I haven't seen the film but it has nothing to do with the original title
7. The ice harvest - Robbing the mafia
8, Heroic duo - Burst of fury
9. The powerpuff girls - the powers of good
10. The wicker man = the secret of the scarecrow
11. The ring = danger sign
12. Relative stranger = and these... are my parents
13: RV = crazy vacations on four weels I HATE those childish translations
14. Flushed away = mouse city (i hate those simple almost childish names)
15. blade of the rose = year of the tiger (wtf?)
16. Blue's brothers = the jeneouses in blue (wtf?? blues is music asshole)
17. dungeons and dragons = wizards and dragons (was it so fucking hard to translate dungeon? here Ill do it.  mbuntrumia. There
18. Animal precinct (animal planet) - the animal's neighbourhood. wtf?
19. Life of brian - a prophet but what a prophet (wtf? life of brian was so hard to translate??)
20. Hot fuzz - hot and without bullets (how idiotic)
21. Megas XLR - the giant robot (dies)
22. Open season - the heroes of the forest  
23. The emperor's new groove - the emperor is in a happy mood (w......t........f ):new:

more to come


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