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Phaesri I changed the 'Cool Poses' folder name to 'Complex Poses' because I feel like too many difficult-to-draw poses are being submitted to 'Basic Poses' rather than 'Cool Poses' where they belong because submitters don't know what goes in 'Cool Poses'.
Fair enough :)
Yeah... my naming scheme is pretty dodgy haha. Sorry about that
nah, 's ok. it makes sense but it just confused a few people
What would I do without you? ^^
Phaesri can you please make it so I (Co-Founder) have full control on Admin Area and Manage Members? I was notified about a member who was apparently stealing art and I want to kick and block them but right now I'm not allowed to do that.
GOsh, sorry for taking so long to read this!!
I changed your conditions (dA won't allow me to change you into a founder) so hopefully they work.
Who is this thief?
their username was UniversArtist. the account has since been deactivated, probably banned because they stole concept art from this p big game company. I also found that UniversArtist is one of many spam bots that join as many groups as they can: Warning if you own/run groups, new bots found
I have blocked all usernames on the current list of bots (including UniversArtist in case they get their account back somehow) so we don't need to worry about them anymore