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Bunny Toadstool by deeed
Pelican bird Soft Sculpture by zlatafantasydolls
Kiwi Griffin by SweetSign
BJD Furry Crow, Fantasy animal bjd, Handma by zlatafantasydolls
23in Buffalo Bison Floppy Plush by AnimalArtKingdom
Furry Female Fox by RainBeforeDawn
Bunny Girl 3 by RainBeforeDawn
Alios the Summer Spirit - Handmade OOAK Art Doll by whatleyswildlife
[Needle felted] Black-throated blue warbler by Riesz-Aurea
[Needle felted] Magnolia warbler by Riesz-Aurea
[Needle felted] Prothonotary warbler by Riesz-Aurea
[Needle felted] Northern parula by Riesz-Aurea
OOAK Farosh Thunder Dragon Art Doll - Scale by UmbraTundra
Kobold by RainBeforeDawn
Blue wingless Dragon 4 by RainBeforeDawn
Rainbow Velvet 02 by Keila-the-fawncat
Needle Felted Hickory by Lophornis
Female Tiefling in Chainmail 2 by RainBeforeDawn
Lillith, Theodor and Sunny the teddy bear by SweetSign
Original fantasy Bjd - Forrest Dryad by Imagine-doll
The pink Alexa by vonBorowsky
Forrest dryad BJD by Imagine-doll
top 2 by maha00

Mature Content

Happy Yule 2018! aka Loki Tree by scargeear
Needlefelt Dragonair by k-times-two
Needle Felted Tapejara by Lophornis
Pale Kappa by SweetSign
Underwater Cyclop by SweetSign
Work In Progress, only submit if it is a WIP
Art Doll | Faux Bunny | Velvet Mulaney by FrostedCanid
Art Doll | Faux Bunny | Chantilly Conrad by FrostedCanid
Troll  by FaunleyFae
Sculpts in Progress by Hauket
First Dolls, only submit if it's your first
Skunk 3 Tail 2 by RainBeforeDawn
Sebastinhoso Articulano by ryoshi-un
Hefe the Raptor [Posable Art Doll] by TheSym
Reindeer art doll 'Ruska' by LisanOtuspaja
DIY Poseable Creature part 1 by AstaraBriarart
DIY How to Make Your Own Art Doll (NOW LIVE!) by Tiyku


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Art dolls in a traditional sense are of humans or humanoids and are typically displayed on stands in cabinets. This is a group for the growing number of deviants who make posable art doll creatures or animals which can be picked up, played with, posed and are generally loved to death!

  • Only one deviation of a doll can be accepted. You can submit a deviation that has several images from different angles, but not two deviations of the same doll. So choose the one you think is best. :)
  • Posable doesn't mean that the doll HAS to have a wire armature, it could be acrylic, wood, string, ball jointed, even just weighted arms with beans or rice, but it must be intended for interaction.
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Hey guys it's the time of year again, please follow the link to my page and note me there not here.  <3…
Just a friendly reminder that per group rules it's one submission per creation.  I'm often pretty busy these days so I zip through approving things and if there are multiples of one doll I select what I feel is the best photo that shows it off, just so there are no hurt feelings about declined submissions.  =)  One deviation with multiple photos on it is perfectly fine!  Happy new years all!  =)
I'm very sorry guys, I've been dealing with the holidays and family and health stuff but I am back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful winter holiday of choice.  =)  <3
Hey guys I'm terribly sorry but a bunch of stuff expired, pretty sure Mag hasn't been on for a while now and I was dealing with my home which was hit by hurricane Irma.  All is well, my apologies.  =)
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Are join requests still being accepted?
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Sorry just accepted, I try and get to the group maintenance every other day but weekends are a lil hectic for me.  =)
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Wasn't sure if I should just randomly note OOAKers or whatnot lol but I'm new into the foray, and have everything I need for at least 1 then I'll need more wire. But for 2 things. Fur and eyes. I'll be making Perri as my 1st OOAK. Paradigm's Peridot and need eyes/fur 
Eviecats Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi there!  As an admin I have to say I don't get notifications of front page stuff, not sure if Mag does but she's very busy now days and I typically stop by every couple days to accept works.  So I'm sorry if you feel you were ignored, but I had no notification for any of your posts (plus the 10th was my birthday so i wasn't around da then.  ;)  )  I paint my own eyes personally, I got glass cabs off etsy and molded them and cast them in castin craft clear resin and paint the backs, there are several you tube videos on painting eyes that I found useful when I started out.  For fur I order mine mostly from fabric, they have a nice sale bin and I gave up hand dying fur long ago, some people are masters at it but I found it made the fur stiff and bleeds off onto your hands if they are damp at all.  I would avoid buying fur off etsy, they are resellers and usually double the price for smaller pieces, if you want value you really need to buy fur in scrap bags or by the full yard.
Song-Wolf-Farm Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I figured it out, thanks:)  There's only 1 animal on my list of well...4 that I have planned so far...that I'm lost on as far as fur...
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