The :iconportraitclub: rules, submission guidelines, and gallery explanations.

The basics :
:bulletpurple:Each member may submit one piece each week.
:bulletpurple:The main subject of the piece must be human. We do not consider pictures of animals as being portraits.
:bulletpurple:The main subject (the person) should be in focus.
:bulletpurple:Most of the face must be visible, including one eye – which can be open or closed.
:bulletpurple:You must be either the model or the artist. We do not accept works you have 'acquired'.
:bulletpurple:We accept nearly everything... from sculpture to oil paintings. Photography to pencil sketches.
:bulletpurple:BUT : We don't accept manipulations. Light retouching is fine, but manips are a no-no. We also do not accept works with multiple shots included.
:bulletpurple:Submissions must be of a high quality. We do not accept 'myspace' shots, snapshots or poor-quality shots. Please think about the entire frames subject matter, the lighting, focus, etc. We will decline submissions if we feel they are of a standard which is not appropriate for the group.
:bulletpurple:The submission must be sent to the most appropriate gallery section. The easiest way of working out which gallery section to submit to is to a) read the explanations at the bottom of this, and b) to use the same gallery section as you used in your own gallery.
:bulletpurple:For artistic nude submissions, (or submissions where the model is scantily dressed), the model must be over eighteen. You will be asked whether this is the case. This is to keep the club on the right side of the dA rules, and the law, so please don't be offended when we ask you.
:bulletpurple:Submissions must meet dA's submission rules. If they do not, we will decline the submission, and report the image.
:bulletpurple:We will not accept anything that promotes the Nazis, dictatorial groups / regimes, racism, sexism, or general hate.
:bulletpurple:We will not accept crotch shots, so don't even bother submitting them.
:bulletpurple:Our decision may be discussed, but at the end of the day is final.

Etiquette :
We do expect a certain level of behaviour from the members of the club, and you can expect certain things from us.
:bulletyellow:We aim to deal with every single submission within a week time-frame.
:bulletyellow:We aim to comment on every single declined submission, with a quick word of why it was declined. Some people may be offered a spot in our critique pool.
:bulletyellow:We aim to be polite and well-spoken at all times (don't think us angels though... we all have bad days!)
:bulletyellow:We aim to respond to most comments within a couple of days, a week at most. Notes are responded to as soon as possible (please remember we are in Europe, so if you are in the states, we may not get to see your note until the next day).
:bulletyellow:We aim to write a critique on every image in the critique pool (this may take time)
:bulletyellow:As far as possible, we try to stay objective in our running of the club, and the decisions we make whilst fulfilling our roles.
:bulletyellow:As much as possible, we will seek the opinion of the group, and work with the majority viewpoint.

:bulletorange:We do expect you to be polite and respect our decisions. We will not accept rudeness. If you are rude to anyone within the team, you will be banned from the group.
:bulletorange:If you ask for a critique, and then receive one, have the decency and manners to thank the person who took time out of their busy life to help you. If you ignore and hide critiques you requested, you'll probably be asked to leave the group.
:bulletorange:If you have a problem with a decision we make, please go away and think about it for a wee bit, and then calmly ask us to explain further. Remember we give up our own time, freely, for you. Be polite.
:bulletorange:If you want to discuss a rule, a policy, or general management of the club, please note us. We love to chat to you guys!
:bulletorange:Remember that our submission guidelines are flexible, and can be bent.

Gallery Sections :
:bulletblack:  'Featured' :bulletwhite:
The featured gallery section exists for us to place winners of our competitions. You cannot submit to this section.

:bulletblack:  Admins' personal favourites :bulletwhite:
As the name suggests, this is where we put a few of the submissions that really stood out to us. You cannot submit to this section.

:bulletblack: Expressive, Emotive  :bulletwhite:
This gallery section is the default location for submissions if you do not manually chose a gallery section. If you submit to this gallery section when the image should not be in this section, your work will be declined (and then you will not be able to resubmit again for another week)
This section is for works that convey strong emotions, or are particularly expressive of an idea or concept. If you have not put your work in 'expressive, emotive' in your own gallery, it probably shouldn't be in this gallery section of the club.

:bulletblack: Classic  :bulletwhite:
This gallery section is for classically styled works. This means a fairly plain, unobtrusive background, against which a model has been deliberately posed with careful lighting and props (or lack of)

:bulletblack: Glamour, Fashion  :bulletwhite:
This gallery section is for those shots that seem like they've just walked out of a magazine. Fashion is fairly obvious, and glamour – we're looking for beauty, and a spark in the submissions to this gallery section.

:bulletblack: Spontaneous  :bulletwhite:
This gallery section is for those spontaneous, off the cuff shots that just work out.

:bulletblack: Street  :bulletwhite:
This gallery section is NOT for formal, organised, set up, pre-planned, modelled shots that just so happen to be outside.
Street photography is a candid shot of a person or event that tells a story. Think of it like journalistic shots.

:bulletblack: Nude  :bulletwhite:
We accept artistic nude work. Please note the term 'artistic'. Naked or semi-naked works should go into this gallery section. Crotch shots can sod off.

:bulletblack: Children  :bulletwhite:
This gallery section is for infants, children and young teens.

:bulletblack: Silhouettes  :bulletwhite:
This gallery section is the only gallery section which will be moderated with a reasonably high level of subjectivity and personal taste. Submissions must be of a similar or higher quality and/or standard to those already in this gallery section.
Futhermore, the silhouette must be an intentional aspect of an image with fully considered lighting and composition, not simply the result of incorrect exposure. Thanks to EveryNextDream there!

:bulletblack: Misc  :bulletwhite:
Misc isn't a negative folder, but it's the folder for everything else. If you can't find a gallery section that suits your submission, you can either a) ask us, or b) stick it in misc.

I hope this clears up a few things!
Let us know what you think.

Mike and Lydia.

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