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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Forty-Two
(TW: Attempted Suicide)
Zeke paced the length of the men’s bathroom. One hand remained clutched to the bottom of his stomach, the other continuously swapped between the small of his back and anxiously rubbing his mouth. He felt another stab of pain in the same area and leaned against the tiled wall. He moaned softly behind his hand, still wracking his brain for some solution to his plight. Could he keep it together long enough to find Frieda? What could he even say was happening to him? What even was this agony? Could the baby be dyi-?
No. He couldn’t even consider that. Not then.
As the pain dulled, he stumbled to one of the sinks and began running the cold tap. Zeke took a few handfuls of water to his mouth, then used a spare towel to wipe down his perspiring face. He forced himself to make eye contact with his pale countenance in the mirror. Zeke breathed, hoping it might suppress any latent panic bubbling to the surface.
“Alright…everything’ll b
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Let Us Try to be Human
He had beautiful eyes, that much was certain. As Victor held the lit wick in front of the Creature’s eyes, he watched the yellow- no, the golden pupils follow the dancing flame back and forth. Aside from the blood vessels that had ruptured around his irises, giving them a red and stained look, the eyes seemed to be working. The basic motor responses, at least, seemed to be working. Victor observed slight twitches in his muscles, but no major movement yet. He expected it might take days, even weeks for his creation to be fully able to-
But the man instantly sat straight up and unhinged a blood-curdling scream. Victor’s heart froze and he stumbled back and dropped the candlestick. All prior giddiness of success that filled him was quickly draining and being replaced with mortal terror. He watched as his creation struggled to find purchase on the slick mortician’s table. He kept trying to stand, or even crawl, only to have his uncoordinated limbs slide out from under him
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Forty-One
The medical convention was held, appropriately, in the building of medicine at a prominent New York university. Said university held a longtime partnership with Bellevue, using the university’s medical facility as almost an add-on to their main hospital building, so the university’s department was large and well-funded. The floors were all polished white marble, and the walls were hearty grey stone. It had spacious operating theaters, well-stocked classrooms, and all the latest books. And it was clear they followed Joseph Lister’s methods closely, because everything was kept gleamingly clean. Being built within the past decade, it also had indoor plumbing, which still amazed the students that came from more rural parts of the county.
Bellevue shared anything and everything with the medical department, from supplies, to patients, to corpses. And despite recent laws fighting against roadblocks, cadavers were still hard to come by, and any donation was extremely generous
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Forty
“‘But what you don’t know, gentlemen, is that I left out a very crucial detail about this experiment’,” Zeke paused for effect. “‘The truth is that, I myself am’…no, no, no!”
Zeke looked at his notes, furiously striking through the proposed dialogue. Every other piece of the presentation was perfect, he was completely confident about the research, diagrams, and displaying the model womb. But when it came to the ultimate reveal, that there was no anonymous carrier, the words never seemed right.
Zeke tried again. “‘What I mean to say, gentlemen, is that there is no mother…’ Ah, but there is. Emily is the…damn!”
Zeke stood from the desk and began pacing around the hotel room. He nervously rubbed his mouth, only after which he noticed everything under his nose was covered in ink. He growled, plunging a rag into the nearby washbasin, and furiously scrubbed at his face. He held the sides of the ba
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Nine
“Now, so we’re on the same page, do you want William to know that you’re-”
“Absolutely not!” Carla snapped.
“Alright! Calm down! Just a question,” he threw his hands up.
‘If looks could kill,’ Zeke thought.
Frieda gently rubbed Carla’s shoulder, which was quite tense. It was clear to them that she was on edge, a bit overwhelmed by all the noise and excitement of New York proper. Carla had been reluctant to travel with them, almost up until the carriage trip itself. She tried faking a stomach ache, but not being a very good liar, Frieda put her in the coach regardless. Now, in the heart of the city, she was continuously jumping at every horse and buggy that zoomed past. She clung to Frieda like a drowning person to a life ring, appearing heterosexual now being the least of her worries. Still, she didn’t know William Howell, and far be it from her to announce her intimate relationship with a woman to every random per
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Eight
Zeke stared at the chaise lounge, which sat empty. He blinked. Emily was sitting against one of the pillows, wearing her beautiful green dress, eyes wide open and vacant. Zeke gritted his teeth and closed his eyes again. When he opened them, a handful of anonymous Middlesport residents sat and chatted quietly, the blackness of their clothes seeming to blend into a giant, inky blob. For most of the funeral attendees, Zeke wasn’t even there. Had anyone cared to notice, they would have seen his sallow, sunken features, his sleepless eyes, how tightly he was clutching his glass, and that he had already refilled it a second time. They would have seen how haunted he was, if they had cared to look closer.
‘My own brother doesn’t even care,’ Zeke thought bitterly, and reflexively took another swallow from his glass.  
The only attendees that seemed to give more than a passing glance and condolences to Zeke were Emily’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Quinn
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Seven
Zeke continued scrubbing the floor of the entryway. His back hurt from leaning over, from putting all his weight on his hands and knees, and from the repetitive motion of moving the brush. Still, even with all the dusting, scrubbing, organizing, and sweeping he’d been doing all morning, the house still didn’t feel clean enough. For what? Zeke was clueless, only manipulated by a powerful urge to clean absolutely everything. He’d been going at it since 6 that morning.
Zeke leaned back to sit on his bare heels, trying to momentarily settle the vicious indigestion. The baby rolled, pressing upwards, and making the heartburn worse. The lock of the front door clicked, and Zeke glanced up to see Frieda and Carla walk through the front door. They shut the door, and began to strip off their heavy coats, stomping the ice and mud off their boots.
“Shoes off,” Zeke instructed.
“Pardon?” Carla asked.
“Shoes off,” he repeated, then added, “
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Six
“May I talk to you about something?”
Carla didn’t look up from Mrs. Gerard’s mouth. “Of course, love. Could you tilt her head back a little?”
Frieda moved the unconscious woman’s head further back on the table, widening her already gaping maw.
“Lovely. I think I can get it now,” Dr. Wilkins muttered, sticking the pliers closer to her back teeth.
“I’ve been thinking some things over…” Frieda said.
“Wonderful,” Carla said vaguely. She clamped the metal on the rotted tooth.
“I haven’t talked to Zeke about this yet, so don’t say anything to him.”
“I wouldn’t dare...”
Frieda could tell Carla wasn’t really paying attention, but she decided to continue.
“I’m going to quit my job.”
“Aha!” Carla yanked the tooth free from the woman’s jaw, holding it aloft. Frieda could almost smell it across the table. It was slightly green
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Butterhill Prom Aftermath
“Don’t worry. You can chill here until the drama blows over. My family loves you!” Ditto unlocked the front door to his house.
“Your mom is out of town, your dad is at his restaurant, and your little sister has a crush on me,” Kelly said.
“Were my parents here, they’d still love you.”
“Not once they find out about the baby. Like everyone else is going to.”
“Hey, that wasn’t your fault! Milton is like a freakin’ bloodhound. He smelled it on you, or something.”
“I’m surprised Principal Miller didn’t find out first. You should have seen the way he looked at me in the bathroom that day.”
“I can picture it. Trust me. He gives me the creeps.”
Ditto and Kelly climbed the dark stairs to the second floor.
“Julie’s probably out like a light, but just in case, let’s stick to my room,” Ditto whispered.
They locked themselves in Ditto’s cave of a room
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Five
A thud sounded from upstairs. It wasn’t terribly loud, but it was enough to wake Zeke from his light slumber. He hesitantly raised his head from the surface of the desk. Blinking slowly, he tried to get his bearings. It was dark, already in the thick of the evening. He’d slept longer than he’d intended, though he hadn’t intended to sleep at all. Lighting a nearby candle, he lifted his eyes to the ceiling. He started to call out to Emily, but the name caught in his throat. She was probably asleep at this hour; he certainly wouldn’t want to wake her.
But he remembered the noise which had awoken him, and a feeling of nausea washed over him. He snatched the candle from its spot, and hurried to the staircase. His legs felt weak and airy, but they managed to get him up all nineteen steps without a stumble. He paused at the top step. His eyes traveled down the long hallway, but his body went no further.
‘I don’t want to go back there,
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Four
It was two in the afternoon. The slam of the front door echoed through the Howell residence. Frieda pounded the snow sludge off her shoes, ridding herself of her thick winter coat. She picked her bag back up, and could hear the faint rattle of glass under the dark leather.
“Dr. Howell?” She called out, giving her boots a few more stomps against the carpet.
There was no response. She sighed, entering the lab. Frieda rested her satchel on his desk. She made her way to the stairs, and gathering her cumbersome skirt in her hands, stomped her way up the steps. Frieda briskly arrived at Zeke’s bedroom door, and gave a series of sharp knocks.
“Zeke, it’s incredibly late. How in God’s name aren’t you up yet?” She said.
She heard shifting of bedsheets, but no verbal response. Again. The door surprisingly wasn’t locked, and Frieda decided to just enter. She found Zeke curled up on his side of the bed, all sheets pushed off him, and wearing no
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'Labor of Love' Rehash: 4
“Lu!” Baldwin cried out in pure agony.
“Who’s ‘Lou?’” Asked Dr. Gillian.
“Short for ‘Lulu,’” Lulu Lips muttered, wiping Daniel’s forehead with the soaked rag. “I’m here, baby. You’ve got this.”
Her other tentacle was practically blue at this point from the amount of pressure Baldwin’s hand had been putting on it. In a span of a little under an hour, three of the four babies had been delivered. The second came a little slower than her eager sister, but still fairly quick at fifteen minutes later. The third arrived even faster in the following ten minutes. The fourth, however, was more than content with taking her sweet time. It had been almost forty minutes of nonstop pain; forty minutes, and she wasn’t even crowning yet. Daniel’s pigment had gone completely white from stress and effort. Lulu was terrified something was wrong, although the doctor had assured the coupl
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'Labor of Love' Rehash: 3
It had happened. Daniel Baldwin didn’t think it was possible, but his contractions had become even more unbearable than they’d been before. He lay on his side, hugging a pillow to his chest. His eyes were squeezed shut in concentration, his glasses were situated on the collar of his gown, and his tail wound tightly around the railing of the bed. Lulu looked on piteously from her bedside chair, unsure of what her role was or what could have possibly helped at this moment. Should she rub his back? More hand squeezing? Lie next to him? Sit distantly, silent as a rock, doing absolutely nothing?
Lulu had opted for the final option.
Dan let out a sigh of release, blinking tiredly and giving Lu a small smile. He adjusted his position, if only slightly, before settling down again.
“You okay?” He mumbled.
“Me,” Lulu scoffed, “okay, I guess, but who cares? How are you coping?”
“I care,” he said, “and I’m fine. Been better, s
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9 Weeks: Chapter 24
Chapter 24: Afterbirth
My heart sank. I tried to keep my composure, but I wasn’t feeling especially strong in the moment.
“What did you say?” I asked the nurse.
“The…the baby. Your baby, she’s…” The nurse trailed off, but I didn’t egg her on.
My chest hurt; I felt nauseous all over again. I folded my tail up close to my stomach and buried my head in my palms. I took deep breaths, and fought more sobbing.
“Would you like to hold her?” A voice said, but it wasn’t the nurse.
I looked up at Dr. Herrington, who had a small bundle settled in his fins. I froze, a lump forming in the pit of my throat. My mind fought for a witty response like “sure” or “why not?” or “I might as well get it over with.” Instead, I only nodded. My arms were shaking violently as the tiny fry was placed within them. The bundle was warm and surprisingly light, but in that moment it was a chunk of lead to me. I
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The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Thirty-Three
“The baby moved last night.”
Frieda continued to stare out the window. Zeke could feel the irritation practically radiating off of her.  
“So Carla said,” Frieda said numbly.
“I thought you might feel relieved.”
“For your sake, I suppose I am,” she said curtly.  
Zeke joined her at the window. “What are you watching?”
She hesitated, but decided to respond. “The police are searching Montgomery’s caravan. They’ll probably take it into custody, not that there’s exactly much evidence.”
“Right…” Zeke murmured.
“I need to go. Carla might need help with her patients,” she said, starting to walk towards the stairs.
“Frieda, I’m not oblivious. I know why you’re acting so bitterly towards me.”
The assistant stopped, and turned to face Zeke.
“Oh? Do you, now?” Frieda crossed her arms and gave the doctor a hard glare.
“I realize
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'Labor of Love' Rehash: 2
“Ugh, this is taking FOREVER,” Bea groaned, “It’s been at least two hours. Does anyone have a deck of cards? Wait, what am I saying? I have a cellphone.”
“I’m glad you came to your senses. Thought you were going crazy for a sec,” Shellsea said.
“It might take a lot longer,” Jumbo said.
“How do you mean?” Albert asked.
“Scientifically speaking, the estimated times for a seahorse’s delivery has a huge range.”
Oscar peered up from his handheld game. “Such as?”
“It could be anything from a few hours, to as long as a few days!” Jumbo laughed awkwardly.
“Oh guh-reat! Never takes that long on TV…” Bea sighed, eying the 15% battery of her phone. The likelihood of its life continuing more than a few more hours was not likely, and she didn’t have her charger.
“Are you saying we could be stranded here?” Albert squeaked.
“Hey, as long as I
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Please enjoy my art with an open mind and heart! :heart: :pride:
(LGBT and Mpreg Content Inside)


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Mature content
The Gay Bar (mpreg birth) :iconisaac-lastname:isaac-lastname 101 2
Alba's birth by Tenkamchi-Sama
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Alba's birth :icontenkamchi-sama:Tenkamchi-Sama 45 4
Penny Dreadful sketchcard by whu-wei Penny Dreadful sketchcard :iconwhu-wei:whu-wei 19 5 Eva Green miniature by whu-wei Eva Green miniature :iconwhu-wei:whu-wei 29 10 Little Scorpion by sMokaForger Little Scorpion :iconsmokaforger:sMokaForger 33 2 Penny Dreadful - Vanessa -Fast Sketch ( Eva Green) by BusyBert Penny Dreadful - Vanessa -Fast Sketch ( Eva Green) :iconbusybert:BusyBert 34 18 Penny Dreadful sketchcard by whu-wei Penny Dreadful sketchcard :iconwhu-wei:whu-wei 33 10 Dreadful Pennies (Commission) by kuabci Dreadful Pennies (Commission) :iconkuabci:kuabci 41 13 Helen McCrory  ~ Penny Dreadful by lemgras330 Helen McCrory ~ Penny Dreadful :iconlemgras330:lemgras330 47 55 Penny Dreadful Frankenstein by MissKuney Penny Dreadful Frankenstein :iconmisskuney:MissKuney 99 21
I have a fan art folder that always loves new additions! Thank You! ;P



Hey everyone!

So, my last TSE chapter was posted in March, and the newest chapter has been posted today, in August. 
That's a LONG time, and I am so sorry this is the case.
To explain (sort of) here's everything that has happened between these posts:
  • Graduation: I finally graduated from college this May, which has been nothing but exciting! I'll miss Agnes Scott, but on the other hand...
  • Moving: I moved to Seattle over the summer, which has been a long, big, and tiresome process. But I've wanted to be back here since I moved away as a kid. My excuse for moving back?
  • Graduate School: I got accepted to graduate school. I'm getting a Master's in Library Sciences. I'm starting late next month, and it's been a wild ride to get here.
  • A New Job: After looking for several months, I finally acquired a page position at a library near me. It'll help me get more acquainted with the library system while I earn some money.
This all combined, I just haven't felt like writing. Or I don't feel like writing TSE. I just wanted to give some kind of explanation for why I've been absent. I also want you all to know I read all of your comments, and appreciate all of your favorites and watches! I'm so grateful to have such an amazing following. 

-Porter. B


Kelsey Morgan
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I'm an author in training.
I have a life, so I'm sorry if I don't post things at the speed you'd like.
My characters often talk to me in my head.

Current Residence: You Don't Want to Know
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Favourite style of art: Comics or Literature
Operating System: C-Section
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Shell of choice: Turtle shell?
Skin of choice: Tattooed Skin
Favourite cartoon character: GIR, Perry the Platypus, Stewie and Brian Griffin, Mr. Baldwin, ect.
Personal Quote: "Porter Bailey is my name, procrastinating is my game!"


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