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May 9, 2009
HALO: SPARTAN BLACK, an awesome work with the lines, composition and perspective by ~PORTELA and coloured by the talented =ulises-arreola
Featured by Thiefoworld
Suggested by VegaNya
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Ok, this is the project I´m working right now...

A five issue HALO limited series for MARVEL written by the great Fred Van Lente, pecilled and inked by me, and wonderfully colored by Ulises Arreola :iconulises-arreola: ... is really a pleasure to work with them again :)

I will show more as soon as I can ;)

more info abot the series: [link]
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quechur's avatar

spectacular illustration for a great franchise

Is to bad that they died in the halo 5 comic
AgentKay004's avatar
This looks very cool.
Sal9098's avatar
Gotta love DAT black Spartan
Bolt187's avatar
For some reason, I've always thought that they should have claws or some sort of pointy end on the tip of their fingers. Am I the only one?
Lone-wolfkay's avatar
Awesome work I think my bf has this I'm not sure :D
Z0M8I3-5MURF-X7's avatar
this was a great series and it read like a book. great job
ninjaboy240's avatar
i dont care you the hell you are, if 4 Spartans show up in front of you, you are completely and utterly FUCKED!!!
spartanREDEMPTIOM's avatar
Shadow Clone Technique?
ninjaboy240's avatar
shadow clone technique with STYLE
ninjaboy240's avatar
OH come on you know its true
spartanREDEMPTIOM's avatar
yup. is a special spartan jutsu....
ninjaboy240's avatar
now if only the ODST'S had it
My-hamster's avatar
I like the art style!
TheAssasino's avatar
looool i was just reading through the first comic again and came across a scene i wanted to draw(thanks to you,of course!)
'mazin work,man.
i wanna go get the other comics to and to my first, now!:)
Arunel's avatar
This is amazing!!!
Great Artwork!!!
IIAngelxVegetaII's avatar
O.O wow...............i just cant say how great this pic god...your my idle right now... -.-
TsukiRima's avatar
YOU'RE THE ONE THAT DID THIS COMIC??? I saw this pic on Halopedia. I loved it. It's frigging epic.
Then again, only THE BEST for Halo.
I love you -Caboose
ayvie's avatar
Just love it!
Shadow clone Jutsu
DeadpoolKnight's avatar
hey look Tex clone's!... TEX CLONE'S?!?!!?!? WERE GANNA DIEEEEEEEEE TT_TT
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