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Marilith Euryale - Aspect of Chaos

A picture of my OC, drawn by gotgituey [link] .

The demon Euryale is an ancient creature from the Abyss, contracted to serve the great summoner Praetorius with the promise of many kills. This picture is as she appears when shifted into her Aspect of Chaos form, a newly discovered berserker state that changes not only her appearance, but many of her supernatural abilities when excited (she normally has black hair and bronze scales [link] ). Since she has forgotten her origin and her past (perhaps some cataclysmic fall from power befell her), it is unknown whether this is an evolution or a return toward her original form and strength.
More information on Euryale and other characters in the Skyland world can be found here [link] and in the gallery.
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Jan 30, 2012, 9:17:55 AM
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Shouldn't she be a gorgon? :p
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Wow! :wow: This looks absolutely amazing! I really love the colours and light effects here. The details are truly stunning! You did a wonderful job on the pose and expression, in my opinion!
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Wow, this is just badass. I love her expression - just the right amounts of gleeful and dangerous. I like the way the colours brighten and darken to draw attention to certain parts of the work.
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Ya, it came out really well. Suits her perfectly IMO.
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@_@ That's amazing.
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Very beautiful pic but I also love the name you picked, I can appreciate a man who knows his mythology!
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All the names of the major creatures contracted to the summoner are Greek myth based - Prometheus, Tysiphone, Dardanos, Euryale, and Ianthe (not yet pictured).
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Well, that's how I like to pepper my DnD as well, to the point where my old setting essentially revolved around classical deities instead of the official DnD pantheon.
I'm a sucker for classical myth (especially monsters), not just Greek but Scandinavian, Egyptian, Shinto and even a dash of Aztec, Celtic and Hindu.
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I'd say...... SHE'S CRAZY!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!! AHHHH!!!! *Runs around like a chicken with it's head cut off, screaming at the top of his lungs, before suddenly stopping and regaining his composure.* I would say that she is unlocking a long forgotten power that may or may not be her true power, but just something like an instinctual side of her. Anywho, I doubt she'd want to stay that way for a long time. Green scales with red hair is like a cry for the fashon police to arrest you. :P
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Ya, while like this her scales also shift colors slowly. But in all honestly lets see the fashion police try it - she's twice the size of a normal marilith and CR >30.
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Well... I guess not. But maybe there can be someone there to calm her down. Someone she trusts and wouldn't hurt. And since her scales change color, I guess it'll work. Just be careful with that plaid color. Sometimes it looks monsterous. :D

Now... is there any possible way to join in the RP? I'm bored and have found that the best entertainment for me is interacting with other people. Playing games doesn't appeal to me that much anymore. Not as dynamic as a real person. If there was an RP AI, then I'd want to get that so I can have kick ass RPs whenever I want. :D Seriously though, anyway I can join in?
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No one said the Abyss puts fashion first.
But there's really no way to do this game, we never do online as a rule and are pretty packed now that we are fumbling through epic levels and a party reunion after a time skip.
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Aw. Damn. Would have had fun to try and join in.
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Yay!!! First post!!!!
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