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Lux - template

The papercraft template for Lux, the lady of luminosity, in her classic skin.
When finished with this, she will be at a height of 10in and about 4in wide(the pdo will say 6in, but its just because of the distance that the staff is from her), and there are 163 pieces. Be aware that there are a lot of small pieces to this model.
If you feel like making your own Lux, you can download it here. :pointr:… :pointl: The .pdo are also open if you want them larger or smaller than the current size. Any feedback to make it better/easier if you make this would be appreciated.
Lux © Riot Games.

Double rainbow? What does it mean?
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What is the order of construction ?
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There is a numbered.pdf in the .rar set that has the parts numbered to how i build it. You dont have to follow it perfectly, but it is easiest way i saw building it and the tabs are set up that way. Youre free to change the tabs and how you build the segments to however you want to though.
Thank you very much for answering!
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Are there instructions on how to stick them all together? And instructions on where to stick them?
sorry this is my first time making something like this >.<
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Its no problem.
I've tried numbering them the way i see the easiest way possible to build this. Since this is a first, if you follow the order it should come out fine.
Do you have pepakura? If you open the .pdo files in pepakura viewer, a connecting line will appear when you hover over any edge of a part that touch to its surrounding parts.
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amazing i will do her and send u a pic^^
u will DO her... what?
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