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Base Zyra Plant Pets set

Set of papercraft templates for the plant pets of league of legends' zyra. Comes with the base models of the thornspitter and vinelasher plants she summons and a larger seed template that is not to scale with the other two. The seed is about 3.5 in. tall and wide, the spitter is 4 in. tall and about 4 in. wide (depending on how you arrange the vines), and the lasher is about 4 in. tall and 4 in. wide (for the same reason as the spitter). Both plants are two page long and the seed's template is 3 pages.
If you want to make any of these models, you can download the set from here. Point Right… Point Left All .pdo files are also open if you want the model larger or smaller than the current size. Any feedback to make it better/easier to make would be appreciated.
Zyra and the plant things © Riot Games.
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any chance that you will make Zyra?
Which software is used for the design of Papercraft ?
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I use pepakura designer.
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so i downloaded pepakura but.... how do i open the file??? the one i downloaded is a .rar file and from what i understood peparuka only opens .pdo right? if im wrong pls tell meh (this is my first one ^-^) so i kindly ask for help n_n
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.rar files are compressed files. you will need a program like WinRAR or 7zip to open it. inside it are the .pdo files pepakura opens.
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nevermind i just forgot to install winrar ^-^ silly me
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Almost has the look of the plants in Day of the trifids (movie)
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you are absolutely the best, thank you so much ^o^
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