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This Day will not be Forgotten [READ DESCRIPTION!]



Hello you all again, people that have following me since I joined in dA and after I became 3 months slightly inactive until now. I really want to thank you all, not only you kept watching me but some new joined to the art this portal had to offer.

This is: My first stuff and collaboration of the year. It's also the very first time I use C4D stuff for my designs (I did the renders; and the fractal in the background (Will do a pack of fractals in the close future, I have the half of them already done)).

This wallpaper was done between me and Quadrivia-art (which did Chrysalis' illustration) for the Debut and Remix: Forgotten; from Starlight and Mica Franchi.

WATCH/HEAR IT HERE!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWyk-N…

The Chrysalis' vector in the background was done by :iconarchonitianicsmasher: (Thank you so much for letting me use it!)fav.me/d4xajeg

Wallpaper's backstory: I had planned to use Archonitianic's vector in the foreground, but while talking about the artwork with Quadrivia, a suggestion about do a humanized version of Chrysalis came to the chat. I found myself a bit unsure, since I got Archonitianic approval. However, the idea of put his vector just above the Chrysalis' humanization came to my mind and thought it would look better than the first option. I asked Quadrivia to do a sketch to positioning it in the wallp; I found it well looking and showed it, so Quadrivia proceeded to digitalize it.

Quadrivia's Socials:

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCUzJD…
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/quadrivia
Facebook: www.facebook.com/quadrivia/

I highly recommend you to start to follow Quadrivia, I hardly believe you will regret it, unless the style is not of your taste.


1/23/16: Featured in EqD!
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Awesome!!! :33