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Zidanelv60's contest entry
Sword In The Stone
Ability: Magic Boost (Increases MAG by 10%)
ATK:  6
MAG: 8
Obtained when The Sword In The Stone's story is completed.
Handle and Blade:
Based on the Excalibur from the movie with the word "Caledfwlch" engraved on the blade.
The center part(where the blade and handle meets) is a lion's head with its mouth open.
The blade itself has the same shape as the keyblade Fenrir.
The other end of the handle (where the chain is connected to) has a medal with a cross on it.
It has a similar teeth compared to the keyblade Fenrir.
The guard is made of rock. The inner circle is almost perfectly round but has a rocky texture.
The outer circle is a formation of stalagmites pointing from top to bottom as it goes down the guard.
The guard has a few vines wrapped around it.
Three 4-pointed stars connected by a metal ring.
Arthur's Crown or any other king-like crown would do.
I need to work on my explaining skills, its quite hard to explain m
:iconcontrafiction:ContraFiction 3 0
Chibi test 3 BBS Terra_Aqua by Trevor-Hobostein Chibi test 3 BBS Terra_Aqua :icontrevor-hobostein:Trevor-Hobostein 22 0 Waiting for Salvation by Hanyou-no-miko Waiting for Salvation :iconhanyou-no-miko:Hanyou-no-miko 115 15
Kingdom Hearts You Tell I Draw Keyblade Contest
Okay, first, i will explain the deal around this contest!
Every participant tells me his/her idea and i have to draw it for him/her.
After the deadline you have to wait till i finish all the pictures.
The winner will be the one with the most unique idea.
The rules :
- Only Keyblade ideas are allowed!
- I don't wanna see lame themes like, darkness, light, fire etc.
- Design Keyblades based on awesome Disney movies, Final Fantasy worlds or even Animes
While writing your idea please include/describe three parts that will help me create your Keyblade :
- Detailed description of the Handle/Guard, Blade/Teeth and Chain/Emblem
- Your thoughts about your idea
- Reason for choosing that world/theme
I change the judgment of this contest!
There is one judge in this contest : me!
My opinion will be based on creativity, originality, composition, quality, authentication and extra-points!
Ten points will be given max. for each quality, making it 60 points altogether.
Although all the participa
:iconweapondesignerdawe:WeapondesignerDawe 6 65
Forbidden Fruit by ContraFiction Forbidden Fruit :iconcontrafiction:ContraFiction 27 0 Blood and Bones by ContraFiction
Mature content
Blood and Bones :iconcontrafiction:ContraFiction 8 10
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Dig A Little Deeper Keyblade
This is a keyblade based on the Disney film "The Princess and the Frog"

it has elements that represents the main characters:
-as part of the Handguard the is a Pink Water Lilly with Vines that represents Tiana.  
-as Handle, part of the Handguard and base of the Blade there's Louie's trumpet.
-as Blade there's a Stream of Magic Mucus (from Facilier's Spell) that transformed Naveen into a Frog. Surrounded by a Vine from the Water Lilly at the Handguard.
-as Teeth there are 2 Stars representing Ray (small one), and Ray's love interest, Evangeline (big one).
-and as Keychain Token there is Facilier's Mystical Talisman used to retain Navee's blood ans transform him.

COMMISSIONS are OPEN, "PAYMENT" via PAYPAL, SEND me a NOTE if you're interested
Prodigious Nerds Keyblade
this is a keyblade for the movie Big Hero 6, I made it last week, but this was one of those cases when I have the keyblade but not the name :V so untill this moment I thought of one name.

this keybalde features shapes that resembles the main characters's super suits.
-as the handguard there are, on the sides, shapes that resembles Honey lemon's helmet, in the lower part there are shapes from Fred's costume, on the top is one of Wasabi's  plasma blade which unites trhe handguard and the blade,
-as the blade there is baymax's wings and one go-go tamago's mag-lev that unites the blade and the teeth,
-as the teeth there's a shape that resembles hiro's helmet,
-as a handle there's a fred's flare,
-the keychain it's made of go.go tamago's mag-lev mini disc that connects the keytoken,
-and as the keytoken there's one of hiro's microbots.

COMMISSIONS are OPEN, "PAYMENT" via PAYPAL, SEND me a NOTE if you're interested
One Game at a Time Keyblade
this is a keyblade based on Wreck-it-Ralph movie

I had the idea of a wreck-it-ralph keyblade, but I didn't wanted to use the candy stuff thematic.
so I used a building thematic with the 3 prominent "building" from the 3 games of the preotagonists:
-the niceland building from fix it felix videogame as the blade, I had to decrease the windows from 5 to 3, and make it simplified
-as handguard I used the diet-cola mountain from sugar rush videogame and the cy-bug building from hero's duty videogame.
--the diet-cola mountain is decorated with pink sugar clouds and little "trees"
--the cy-bug building is decorated with swarm of cy-bugs around it.
--the top of the hand guard it's the trophy from the finish line from the royal reaceway from sugar rush videogame, I wanted to use the entire frame fomr the finish line but it did not look good,
--the botom of the handguard is a bust of a cy-bug
- for the teeth I used ralph's precious heros' duty hero medal
-and for the keychain token I used vanellope's cookie medals she made to ralph for helping her.

before anything else happens with kh3 I'll return to the keyblades based on disney movies that I draw a while ago, after the chusco surprise of the official tangled keyblade, I'll focus on old drawings of keyblades I made long ago and were buried between the pages of my notebooks.

COMMISSIONS are OPEN, "PAYMENT" via PAYPAL, SEND me a NOTE if you're interested
  • Listening to: whatever my cell phone plays
  • Reading: to many books to tell
  • Drinking: red from your pretty pink face
so, i' ve been reading some quite "books", (since a have a new cell phone).

and as I decided to take my hobby to others directions, i decided to make drawings of the characters from the books I ve been  reading.La la la la 

from book of howl's moving Castle saga, alice in wonderland and through the mirror glass, a serie of unfortunate events, and the more they come.:happybounce: 

this semester in the school has been pretty hard, as i reach the end of the studies of my carrer, the matters are taking quite time and I cant focus on my hobby as I would like. (Actually my mood would be from tense to tired and stressed...)I think I've fainted.

Since I have so much things to submit... ideas  and so, but until my next vacation time, I think couldn't make deviantions as before, that's why I've been  submitting photos  I've been taking all this days.Meow :3 
the smoking caterpillar by portadorX

and before I forget, I'm still not doing commissions :( (Sad)


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