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edit: Toriel Continuation has just been deleted by a staff member for "Sexual body fluids". No. Amniotic fluid is not a sexual body fluid. No apparent way to contest the violation either, just a useless help center with no way of contacting administrators. Fuck this place.

For some reason Cat and her Mice 6 and Zoroark Birth 5 were reported and deleted from my gallery. One two weeks ago and one just yesterday. So close together and completely random, these were put up so very long ago, I really don't get it. If it were the DA staff just doing reviews fine, but it's strange that they are both from reports. Someone must have it out for me on here. Sorry guys.

Going back to my old plan, anything sexual I do will go on Pixiv and Inkbunny. My name is the same there as here.
Originally I said I'd be moving to Inkbunny and Pixiv because DA didn't like a picture I did and they blocked me for a bit. I didn't end up doing that so I figured I should probably change this note.

That being said, please check out my Inkbunny and Pixiv sites for stuff that I'm certain DA won't like. If you want to read my original rant, go ahead, I've left it up because I think it explains my views on drawings of sexy stuff.

Before I begin, please understand that I do not advocate photographic CP. Laws against it exist to protect people, and this is a good thing. What I am upset by is the vilification of Lolicon and Shotacon 2D pretend not-real drawings, and the assertion that they are somehow the same as actual CP.

As you may know, I was banned recently for the Serena picture I uploaded. I had assumed it would be safe to upload since no genital skin was showing, and I have seen much more risque stuff here. Additionally, Serena's age is not disclosed by Nintendo. Somehow it still qualified to whoever moderates as loli porn, no warning, no appeal, nothing, just fuck you Portablecat, you're banned for a month.

But it was actually a blessing in disguise. I realized during my time off that I've been catering my art toward DA's rules, since I'm most popular here. This is a shame really, as I originally set out to be a porn artist, and I was letting the rules of this website dictate my artistic inspiration. That's no good, I realize that it was dumb of me to choose popularity over freedom. It's counter to my morality as well. I believe sex and birth are beautiful and harmless things. I think there is nothing wrong with loli and shotacon drawings as well (not real life people). Laws against CP exist to prevent children from being exploited, not because attraction to sexually and emotionally mature people under the age of 18 is wrong. It's not.

Evolution has designed humans and most other animals to be most strongly attracted to those who have just reached sexually maturity. Countries have laws against fucking teenagers because we are no longer in the stone age. The moment of sexual maturity is no longer the optimum moment to start breeding because there are other concerns like money and education to worry about first. Attraction does not care about these things. Attraction is not a sin and drawings allow people to get their rocks off without supporting real CP, which is often connected to awful things like abuse, exploitation, and slavery.

That's why it's called a fantasy, it's an impractical thing that feels good to imagine. Pregnancy is highly impractical itself. In real life you don't get pregnant because just because it's hot, that would be stupid. That is why it's called a fantasy. There is a stark line between what's alright in reality and what's alright in fantasy, that's why it's okay for people to play GTA. I'm not actually going to go out and shoot people and steal cars and park in front of trains to admire reality's crash physics. The idea of doing it for real is repulsive.

That's why I believe it's alright to draw loli and shota, and fap like hell to it.

I can't do that on Deviantart, and I don't particularly want to support people who believe in censorship. So I'm going to where freedom still lives. Pixiv and Inkbunny will be my main websites from now on. And anyone afraid of Pixiv, don't be. They have a English sign-up page, you do not need any Japanese whatsoever to operate the site. I am going to play it safe and no longer upload nudes on DA, just regular art and SFW pregs. If you want to contact me, Inkbunny's system is far better suited then Pixiv's for the sort of social networking DA excels in. Even if you want non-furry art, contact me on Inkbunny anyway, and it'll be uploaded to Pixiv instead.

--edit-- Nah, screw what I said, I'm gonna go back on what I said and upload nippynips and the occasional vajoon on my original-the-characters. Save the birthing, wet pussies, etc and of course fanart of official characters that are more likely to get flagged for pixiv and inkbunny though.
Slots currently filled while finishing something big, will reopen when I'm all caught up on everything.

I do commissions! If you are interested, send me a note. I don't do point commissions. I also don't do requests because it's unfair to my commissioners. 

I will draw:
Non-fatal vore
Pregnant things
Naked pregnant things :3
Just naked things
Birthing things
Your OCs
Animals or other creatures
Or really anything I haven't said I won't draw. I like drawing lots of things. (There are probably exceptions I haven't thought of though.)

I will not draw on Deviantart: (I like these things very much, but rules is rules. Note me and we can put it somewhere else!)
Loli or Shota

I will not draw period:

I have a Pixiv account. I put things on Pixiv that I don't put on Deviantart. Go look me up to find out! I probably can't directly link you, but if you go onto Pixiv and look up PortableCat you will find me. (After you tell it to search, click the user tab, otherwise it won't find anything.)


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