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Wesker's Escort

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asti-friend's avatar
I. Want. To. See.

BerryWatterson777's avatar
I wish this will made as a movie. I thinking about making as a story on Fanfiction.
Sharkey796's avatar
The only reason I would watch it is because of Wesker; Jill, isn't that sexy and Excella dresses like a slut...also because Wesker is smexi :iconfanboyplz:
fabod86's avatar
Thevakien's avatar
It would make a great porno film though...and I would be the guilty one to watch this.......:iconsecretplz:

"Capcum" = :iconxd--plz:!!!
Titianna's avatar
I... would totally buy this movie if it were real. :iconicameplz:
Rastifan's avatar
This guys stole your work [link]
Flippygirls19's avatar
RoyXRiza123191's avatar
OMG How did you make this I love it! I wanna do something like this!
XJasonVoorheesX's avatar
AngelJasiel's avatar
:rofl:looks like a cover from a porn movie
crennigo's avatar
That's the funny thing.
sneaker20000's avatar
how do u create this "box art"? using what? nice job!
kaiserfly's avatar
lmfao this is great!
Goldie4224's avatar
Capcum- lol xD
I guess I would buy that movie... *blush*
generallolz's avatar
my brain........ owww....
FantoIVI's avatar
InfectedTragedy's avatar
He has got some skinny ass legs!
AlexiaScarlet's avatar
But possible without Jill?
TheSpiritOfSolo's avatar
Wow... thats... hawt and at the same time... really strange. ice job (though I hate Excella with a burning passion.)
TheSpiritOfSolo's avatar
I meant nice job lol
SolitaryKat's avatar
why do u hate Excella?
TheSpiritOfSolo's avatar
I'm not tryin to upset you at all, sorry if you think I'm trying to cause I'm not.

Don't misunderstand me.

I just think that she's someone that only a few people could get along with, but she just reminds me of some people that were very cruel to me about a year ago... and everytime I see her, I see them.

They acted just like her, just how smug and arrogent she is.

And again, I'm so sorry if you took me wrong, because I have nothing against you at all, the piece was fantastic and you have a great veiw on Wesker.
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