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Suite: Living Room



Now HERE'S the real nice 3D plan! The door on the right leads out the the balcony, complete with a bay window with soft plush cushions.

Low shelves dot around the room, giving room to put stuff on top as well. That sliding pane of glass you see on the bookshelf is not only for closing it, but also for writing on as a substitute for a white board!

Suite Functions:
1. Universal remote control
2. Finger + code lock in the front door
3. Automatic curtains
4. Automatic lights
5. Balcony
6. Rain shower
7. Bay windows (couches lying near windows)
8. Foyer + Pantry
9. Sliding glass door for bookshelf—acting as a whiteboard too
10. A secret compartment that pops open when you press a button and press down on it

Bathroom Basin
Bathroom + Closet
Living Room
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wow ..
can I ask your permission to use it as a header in my website project ?