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I will be retiring the name nightFlarer and will now go by Poribo. I stuck with that name for quite awhile, it was something I came up with when I was 12/13 years old for a 'gaming name'. I feel like I've outgrown that name and I noticed it last year at PAX Aus when I introduced myself to other internet people it felt kinda awkward haha.

Some places I won't be able to change my name so I guess it's not truely retired.

I also have a new website:
There's not much on there at the moment but it will serve as my portfolio when the time comes.

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I guess one good thing about me being on this site early is that I was able to get away with my 3-letter nothing name.

I didn't even know you could change your name until your journal.
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Yeah it's a fairly new feature but you gotta buy a membership which I was quite reluctant to because I hate spending money on small things like that.
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WEll my nickname will hunt me forever XD i cant all niknames i try to take is taken by someone.
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haha yeah, it's really hard to come up with a name that no one has taken!
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Well i try to be e Kestrel but man im iven in steam 32Rabbit or Rabbit32 this nik name is troling me but fuck yea im Ghost in Airsoft.