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Oh wow, I haven't updated or uploaded anything here for awhile.
It'll probably be like that for awhile, like others I've slowly drifted away from this site, which is sad because DA was a nice part of my life many years ago when I started to do art seriously.
I'll upload pieces here once in awhile if I feel like it but if you like my work then it'll be better to follow me on Twitter and Artstation.


Name Change + New Website

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 11, 2014, 4:26 PM
I will be retiring the name nightFlarer and will now go by Poribo. I stuck with that name for quite awhile, it was something I came up with when I was 12/13 years old for a 'gaming name'. I feel like I've outgrown that name and I noticed it last year at PAX Aus when I introduced myself to other internet people it felt kinda awkward haha.

Some places I won't be able to change my name so I guess it's not truely retired.

I also have a new website:
There's not much on there at the moment but it will serve as my portfolio when the time comes.

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It seems Deviantart has integrated Sketchfab into Journals. I would prefer if it was an actual deviation though.
Also if you haven't played the Facade demo yet, please do!…

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Surpassed 10000 views, it's a good thing right? Time to party then :)
I'll be starting moar big projects as soon as I have some breathing room from assignments and complete collab projects that I've started with others.

(Funny how this is my first journal in 2 years)
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I saw a forklift lifting a ton of forks, and it was way too literal for me :O
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Ahhhhhhh, finally I've finished my entry. It was a time of firsts, first time entering a 3D character contest/challenge, first time making a "next gen" character, first time retopoing and sculpting a proper character.

I'm not sure what gonna do now, but the next contest is Dominance War V which starts around November I think.
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World Cup

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 15, 2010, 5:28 AM
Well....we suck. After most of Australia hyping themselves up for the game against Germany thinking we may have a chance, we get styled on 4-0. I don't follow soccer but I like to support Aussie sportsmen, but it's hard to support them if they play like this. Anyways I like to support the underdogs, so GO AUSSIES AND SOUTH KOREA!

I've got two 3D projects still going at the moment, the Lelouch/Zero model and my FEZ contest entry which is basically done (just need to get a good render). After all that's done I'll start the next character for the MegaTokyo game.

Oh, with all this soccer stuff happening this week I forgot about the NBA finals...GO LAKERS!

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I think it's time to updation this thing :P

Today is the last day of my holidays, so back to studying again tomorrow. I haven't uploaded anything for a while that may change soon though...I hope :)

I'm still working on the models for the UDK game, that's going along at a nice and slow pace (thank FFXIII for that lol) but it's getting there.

Now I've been lurking teh intenetz for awhile, and after seeing some sexy images of Yoko from Gurren Lagann I decided to watch it to see if it's any good. So I watched all 27 episodes in around 5 days and I can say this is most epic and manly (lol) anime I have seen so far. Everything from the characters to their catchphrases to the music are so EPIC, it makes me wanna do something epic as well haha. I recommend this anime to anyone, it's a must watch. Anyways I'm currently watching Code Geass at the moment and it's pretty good so far.

That's basically it for now :D
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Well the last 2 years have long very quickly cause it was last of my school years, I got my results for my exams and its aight, just over-average, not great but not bad. One of my proudest school achievements for the the last decade was dodging 95% of my homework and getting away with it and not failing :D
My plans for this year is to hopefully get accepted in a Uni/college and get a job to pay for these fees and get new games :) (FF13 in March!)

It's time to start a new year, a new decade, and make new memories. Reminiscing FTW!

Happy New Year to everyone!
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Exams finished!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 16, 2009, 2:08 AM

Finally my exams have finished :D
Now I might have time to do other stuff now, or I might relax for awhile, haven't played much games as I used to, so I might have to meet my yearly quota for gaming lol :)

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Yeah that's right, no more school for my whole life! :D

I will kinda miss it though, all the people that I've met, all the friends I have made, and the homework (lol jk).

I've got 2 weeks to study now then I got exams. After exams, forward a few months then I have Uni. So this will interesting, I get to start part 2 of my life lol.
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Just an update to those who care :D

I've been busy lately so haven't put up much yet. I have mostly been doing school stuff and producing beats and making music for my friend and myself, cause we are releasing an album, and we have to finish it before the exams.

Also check this guy out, he is funny as:

He will make you lol and rotflol ^^

Be expecting some drawings, as I will be practicing to draw :)
Sup peoples who are reading this.

I've been here for awhile and I havn't used this journal thing yet to tell people about how crap my life jk.

Anyways let me tell you some stuff atm.

I am currently in Year 12, I've just done my GAT (General Achievement Test) around 11th June, to people who don't know what the GAT is, it's like an insurance when you do your exams, it's used to either to level out your exam mark if it's way different to your school test marks or if your really sick (I mean really sick like "serious Swine Flu about to die" sick lol) they can get your marks from your GAT and use it on your exam. So...yeah that's about it for that haha.

I'm currently busy doing my short film task for my media class. This is like the only homework I do lol (I should be studying more), I've almost finished the folio part with all my info so after the holidays it's gonna be filming time.

I've also been busy workin' out my future, finding which uni or college I should go to, to do 3D animation.

At the moment for my 3D practice I gave myself a project to do, make a series of characters for my game 'Moonlight Shadow' if it existed lol :D . I learned tons on making characters and stuff.

Hmmm what else...oh yeah I'm also making a colab album with my friend, he's a rapper and I'm doing the r&b singing, so the album is basically rap/hip hop/r&b. I have to produce the beats as well, I'm pretty much multi talented lol - 3D modeler, producer, singer (I can dance too :D ), basketballer, and many more haha.

So pretty much I have a very busy year. Well that's probably enough of telling about my life for tonight, I'll keep yous up to date on my life haha.
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