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Hibike! Euphonium - Kumiko

I'm happy with how this turned out, I completed what I wanted to do which was to make a convincing and clean '2D' effect viewable in realtime (obviously you couldn't fully implement this technique with a game/animated model).

You can see other technical images here:…
You can view the model in your web browser here:…
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This looks like it could be a menu screen if the show had a game on the ps vita or something :heart:
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An Euphonium rhythm game on the Vita would be pretty cool!
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With this possibly as the hardest difficulty setting
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hahah that sounds so intense!
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This is just Beautiful. Thank you.
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You did very well to make it look 2D :D At first sight, I thought it was 2D until I took a closer look :D

Job well done~ Love it! :D
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You're most welcome~ :)
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staff picked and work bro :D love it
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haha thanks, it's nice to be noticed!
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I love the sketchfab viewer of this model! Really solid job!
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Wow I actually didn't realize this was 3d until I read the description. omfg  I would say that you succeeded in your goal!  I just looked at the full 3d model and it is wonderfully done. I would love to learn how to model like this. Would you say it is much harder then just drawing in 2d?

It would be really interesting to see a video of your modeling process! Boogie! 
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Thank you! I would probably say 3D is probably a little bit more harder because of the multiple stages you have to work through plus working with an extra dimension.

I have actually recorded the process of this model so I'll be uploading a few videos next month :)
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