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[Tutorial] Animate Character with After Effects by Porforever

From a long time waiting, this finally released! My character animation tutorial with After Effects.
Purchasing can be done in the like below.

►►  gum.co/yUXCW  ◄◄

Here're some previews of how the tutorial looks like;

Preview - 1 by PorforeverPreview - 2 by Porforever
Preview - 3 by PorforeverPreview - 4 by Porforever
Preview - 5 by Porforever

This product contains; 

- Tutorial video (English subtitle - no sound)

- PSD file, separated character's part into layers

- Finish Animation (.MOV)

(compress as .RAR file)

This tutorial explains how I animate character with After Effects (CC). It does covered the basic of how to use the software so viewer without After Effects experience could watch and do following through the video with your character or the character from PSD file included.

Sped up some parts to have you see just important things I have to explained from 4 hours real working time long into 46:07 minutes.

Hope you will enjoy this video, thank you in advance for purchasing! ^ ^
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Porforever's Custom Brush - All Sets Pack by Porforever

Hello everyone, it's Porforever here!

For long time haven't updated journal since I've closed my commission, I have a little announcement for my Clip Studio Paint custom brush sets!
I've packed all of them into one package which you can download all of them in one place from my Gumroad here;

►►  gum.co/kaGdf  ◄◄

As if you've used my brush sets before, there're some small fixes on the 1st and 2nd sets' brushes in this package too.
They're definitely free as they were! But if you love them and would like me to create and share some more in the future, you can support me by adding price more than $0 in the box as the donation! :D

Or If you feel like you don't want to download from Gumroad, you can still download them separately here as always!

Porforever's Custom Brush Set by Porforever
Porforever's Custom Brush Set 2 by Porforever Porforever Custom Brush Set3 by Porforever

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Aww, I'd like to update you guys that for recently and this time, I'm working on the outsourcing job which may take duration until around the middle of September. Which mean I probably can't open commission until I could finish the job and clear all stuffs. Sorry for someone who's waiting for my commission anyway. YuY

But but but, with this time update, I got my good news about the tutorial video of how I make the chibi character animation I've said before back in age ago. I'm now going to say that I'm almost done with everything and it would be available to purchase in my Gumroad soon! 

Cover2Soon by Porforever

This tutorial is about the way of how I animate this artwork, if you can remember.
Blade And Soul - Poharan by Porforever

All details and update will surely come this soon, probably the very end of this month! C:

That's all! Hoping to see you soon again with more updates! ^ ^/
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All commissions for this round are finished! Thanks for everyone coming by! ^ ^/ 


commission is close for this June, 2017

due to my stuffs around here. Hope to see you guys next time in the future! 


Sorry for the delay uhh, May commission is now open!
And now it's full before I notice....

Commission Info 3.1 by Porforever
click to the images to see larger details

 ★★ And for the order other than in the menu, please note and talk! ^ ^ ★★

[Example of already done commission]


Open Slots 

1. :iconbeelzerider: [BeelzeRiderStar!Star!  Locked [Private Work]
2. :iconrisuham: [RisuHam] Star!Star!  Locked [Private Work]
3. :facebook: [Sean Yearwood] Star!Star!  Chibi Bikini Girl - Volleyball by Porforever
4. :iconmkat-egories: [mkatkannon] Star!Star!  [Commission] Animated Chibi Paprika by Porforever
5. :iconliliorl: [Liliorl] Star!Star!  [Commission] Animated Chibi Rhapsodia by Porforever
6. :icondrabbitz: 
[DRabbitz] Star!Star!  [Commission] Girls and their Midday by Porforever

No StarNo Star - Waiting for confirmation
Half StarNo Star - Illustration order confirmed, Half Paid (* on the back means full paid)
Star!No Star - Illustration order sketch confirmed, full paid || Pixel or Chibi order confirmed, Full paid
Star!Half Star - Confirmed illustration order which is on the animating process.
Star!Star! - done!


  •  PAYPAL [porforever@windowslive.com]
  •  Bangkok Bank (It's Thailand's bank. You could pay via this if you're Thai. C: )

How to Order
1. Send me a note with a word "Commission" in title.
2. In the description needs to have the necessary info.
  • Which drawing style to order  (Simple Style / Chibi Style / Pixel Art)
  • Additional Options (Simple Background / Complex Background / Additional Animation / Or nothing)
  • Picture size; 3:4(Portrait setup) or 16:9(Landscape setup) or what ever not bigger than 2500*2500px <<< For Chibi Style and Pixel Art don't need this
  • Reference pics of the character(s)
  • Where(for background) or how you want the picture or character to look like (you can leave it blank and I'll do what I think it's suits for)
  • Etcs 
  **Basic English language should be very help. I'm not so good in English reading and typing! ^ ^;

3. Example Order 
  Example for Illustration; 
  I'd like to commission for 2 Simple Style Characters
  With Complex Background and Animation Addition
  Size : 16:9 (1920 width : 1080 height) (You can leave this blank to let me choose myself C: )
  here's the reference pics of characters; 
  Character sheet - Cyane Gylliesta
  Character Sheet - Master Fairy 

  I want them to be sitting on some grassland cliff enjoying the fresh wind. Master Fairy Sitting next to Cyane with serious face while Cyane got the big smile with eyes close. I prefer the grass to moving through the wind in animation.

 Example for Pixel Art Animation; 
  I prefer to commission for Small Doll Pixel Art Animation.
  This's my character reference;
  Character Sheet - Millie Grains

  Please draw her standing like idle animation of platformer game. Just blinking and moving a little is okay :D (Big Grin)

4. After order, please wait for the reply note and total price from me. 
  • If the total price is lesser than 50 USD, you have to pay full of total price before I'll start to work till it finish. (I'll give you a look of sketch/ non animated pixel to confirm before going to finish)
  • If the total price is more than 50 USD, You have to pay a half of total price before I'll start to work. and another half after sketch/ non animated pixel confirmed. before I'm going to finish the work.
  • Or if you comfortable to, you can pay all at once. :3

  • The major fix is allow only in sketch/ non animated pixel process. 
  • There maybe some of little charge if you need major fix after the work is done(finish coloring part). But in case of it's my own mistake such as forgot some details, the fixing price is free indeed ^ ^; 

  • If I can't do your request, I'll tell you in first reply of note before the payment.
  • When finish, I'll send you a note and submit to my gallery. Feel free to say if you don't want me to publish the work. C:
  • For some of works that I feel uneasy to upload. I may ask to not publish the work in my own gallery, hope you understand. ^ ^;


Feel free to ask or help me correct the mistake about commission! Love

P.S. Sorry but after the slots are full, I won't take the reserving for the next round slots for many reasons. YuY
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2 min read
Hello, Porforever's here! 

I guess to topic said all clear aww.. Commission slots of this month will going to open for sure on 5th of May, 2017. It has to get a little delay cause I haven't finish the stuff around here yet. YuY
And I have to say that the commission price and details will change a little and I have to decrease the number of slots a bit for many reasons. I'm sorry for if there're someone is waiting for it, please keep an eye on close! ;v;;/

Also, I'm going to say thank you for every comments and new watches recently! I do appreciated for every supports! I'll try to answer every comments when I could!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

And and and, I got some news here to update!

For everyone who curious how could I make those animated chibi with After Effects. I have a good news to say that I'm now working on the video tutorial of how to making this;
Blade And Soul - Poharan by Porforever

Yes, finally, Porforever is making his animate chibi tutorials!
But I have to say that it's not free though... I'll sell it via Gumroad. And if it's finish, I'll let you guys know in every ways I could advertise my product! X'D

That's all the update from me now. Thanks for passing by! :D
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1 min read
Hello everyone, Porforever's here! 

I'll make this in short, like the title said, I've planned to close the commission slots on the next month(April, 2017) due to many stuffs here. ;v;;
I'm really sorry if there're anyone wait for the new available slots. I'm not so free on April for a while and if I could open, slots maybe too few and I think it won't be good. 

So, I'm here to update that, sorry again! ^ ^;;
If there're no mistakes happen, I'll available to open the new commission slots again on the firstly days of May with some little details change. Hopefully to see you guys around that time! X'3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

P.S. you could see the previous commission details here : Porforever - Commission(7th) Finished! [7/7]

**Sorry but this is not an April Fool's Day joke. I'm not dare to making fun with my career. YuY
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