Porforever - Commission(8th) Finished [6/6]

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All commissions for this round are finished! Thanks for everyone coming by! ^ ^/ 


commission is close for this June, 2017

due to my stuffs around here. Hope to see you guys next time in the future! 


Sorry for the delay uhh, May commission is now open!
And now it's full before I notice....

Commission Info 3.1 by Porforever
click to the images to see larger details

 ★★ And for the order other than in the menu, please note and talk! ^ ^ ★★

[Example of already done commission]


Open Slots 

1. :iconbeelzerider: [BeelzeRiderStar!Star!  Locked [Private Work]
2. :iconrisuham: [RisuHam] Star!Star!  Locked [Private Work]
3. :facebook: [Sean Yearwood] Star!Star!  Chibi Bikini Girl - Volleyball by Porforever
4. :iconmkat-egories: [mkatkannon] Star!Star!  [Commission] Animated Chibi Paprika by Porforever
5. :iconliliorl: [Liliorl] Star!Star!  [Commission] Animated Chibi Rhapsodia by Porforever
6. :icondrabbitz: 
[DRabbitz] Star!Star!  [Commission] Girls and their Midday by Porforever

No StarNo Star - Waiting for confirmation
Half StarNo Star - Illustration order confirmed, Half Paid (* on the back means full paid)
Star!No Star - Illustration order sketch confirmed, full paid || Pixel or Chibi order confirmed, Full paid
Star!Half Star - Confirmed illustration order which is on the animating process.
Star!Star! - done!


  •  PAYPAL [porforever@windowslive.com]
  •  Bangkok Bank (It's Thailand's bank. You could pay via this if you're Thai. C: )

How to Order
1. Send me a note with a word "Commission" in title.
2. In the description needs to have the necessary info.
  • Which drawing style to order  (Simple Style / Chibi Style / Pixel Art)
  • Additional Options (Simple Background / Complex Background / Additional Animation / Or nothing)
  • Picture size; 3:4(Portrait setup) or 16:9(Landscape setup) or what ever not bigger than 2500*2500px <<< For Chibi Style and Pixel Art don't need this
  • Reference pics of the character(s)
  • Where(for background) or how you want the picture or character to look like (you can leave it blank and I'll do what I think it's suits for)
  • Etcs 
  **Basic English language should be very help. I'm not so good in English reading and typing! ^ ^;

3. Example Order 
  Example for Illustration; 
  I'd like to commission for 2 Simple Style Characters
  With Complex Background and Animation Addition
  Size : 16:9 (1920 width : 1080 height) (You can leave this blank to let me choose myself C: )
  here's the reference pics of characters; 
  Character sheet - Cyane Gylliesta
  Character Sheet - Master Fairy 

  I want them to be sitting on some grassland cliff enjoying the fresh wind. Master Fairy Sitting next to Cyane with serious face while Cyane got the big smile with eyes close. I prefer the grass to moving through the wind in animation.

 Example for Pixel Art Animation; 
  I prefer to commission for Small Doll Pixel Art Animation.
  This's my character reference;
  Character Sheet - Millie Grains

  Please draw her standing like idle animation of platformer game. Just blinking and moving a little is okay :D (Big Grin)

4. After order, please wait for the reply note and total price from me. 
  • If the total price is lesser than 50 USD, you have to pay full of total price before I'll start to work till it finish. (I'll give you a look of sketch/ non animated pixel to confirm before going to finish)
  • If the total price is more than 50 USD, You have to pay a half of total price before I'll start to work. and another half after sketch/ non animated pixel confirmed. before I'm going to finish the work.
  • Or if you comfortable to, you can pay all at once. :3

  • The major fix is allow only in sketch/ non animated pixel process. 
  • There maybe some of little charge if you need major fix after the work is done(finish coloring part). But in case of it's my own mistake such as forgot some details, the fixing price is free indeed ^ ^; 

  • If I can't do your request, I'll tell you in first reply of note before the payment.
  • When finish, I'll send you a note and submit to my gallery. Feel free to say if you don't want me to publish the work. C:
  • For some of works that I feel uneasy to upload. I may ask to not publish the work in my own gallery, hope you understand. ^ ^;


Feel free to ask or help me correct the mistake about commission! Love

P.S. Sorry but after the slots are full, I won't take the reserving for the next round slots for many reasons. YuY
© 2017 - 2021 Porforever
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ONCHA's avatar
hi! i have couple questions: do you know when you'll be open again for commissions?
and how much would something like this be? 
[Commission] Animated Chibi Rhapsodia by Porforever
CheerfulGoldenboy's avatar
Question: Is paying with dA points okay?
Porforever's avatar
Sorry but I don't take DA points ^ ^;
sasucchi95's avatar
aw no i guess i missed it ;_____;
i would really give you all my money ahaha xD
amazing art! u/////u❤❤❤
i would love to commission you soon when you are open QvQ❤❤
Porforever's avatar
Ahh, sorry for that, the spots are sure filled before I could noticed. YuY

Thank you for interesting anyway! I'll sure let you know if I'm about to open the commission again in future. It would be great yo see you again that time! //v\\
Lucki13ear's avatar
About when do you think slots are open? A general estimate is okay. Curious when so I can have money ready around that time and be able to know when to keep checking your journal. 
Porforever's avatar
Uhh, I'm not sure myself as well. ;A;;
I'll open around the firstly day of months in common. But I'm planning to not open commission on next month due to many things around me, sorry. YuY
Lucki13ear's avatar
Totally understandable and thank you for answering my question!! Hope everything will be okay!!
I will use the time to save up for a chance to commission you!!
But till then, I am always going to check out your beautiful gallery.  
Porforever's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you like my works! ;v;;;
naaiaa's avatar
Wuuuut I didn't even had time to see this;;;
It's not like I have money anyways lmao OTL
Porforever's avatar
Uhh, sorry but it's really got filled so fast. YuY
naaiaa's avatar
It's because you're so talented ///v///
m-oved's avatar
|| Oh c'mon I was working during that time!.. ;;
Porforever's avatar
Uhh, I'm really sorry for this but the slots are full before I could know myself ;v;;;;
Hope to see you again in the next time slots are open! 
FoxCubLover's avatar
Aww man.... ; - ;
Porforever's avatar
Uhh, I'm sorry FoxCubLover, this time I open just only fewer numbers on slot that I could really handle.
Hope to see you in the next time slots are open! ;v;;/
FoxCubLover's avatar
Okaay! I'll keep a look out for the next commissions!
LadyTibby's avatar
i saved up my money
and they're already gone-//weeps
if only they could have been open
an hour later- QAQ
//curls up in corner and cries
Porforever's avatar
Wahh, I'm really sorry for this but I take in the numbers I could really handle this time. ;A;
Hopefully to see you next time the slots open anyway! ;v;;;
DRabbitz's avatar
Porforever's avatar
DRabbitz's avatar
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