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Lalansane Girl

Lalansane Girl

A fanart of artist in twitter I'm following, Lalansane  , their original character.... whose I don't know her name! X'DD

Drew this as a little gift for the artist bday. This drawing isn't the best refine in my own opinion but I really like it don't know why. It's like the result critically become good to me out of nowhere and I don't know how to make it like that again. X'DDD

Hope you like it, as I like! :love:

Tools : ClipStudioPaint
All resources are done by myself and some are Free-To-Use materials without credit require.

Characters © Twitter Lalansane
Artwork © Porforever 

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now when i looka t that.. it reminds me somehow on the characters from  octopath traveler...
xdarkwingY's avatar
her name is Tsana~
ASB-Fan's avatar
Aahhh Poor this looks really lovely QwQ the way you drew the eyes is really cool!!
xdarkwingY's avatar
i think u wanted to main post this, not under my comment,right? x,D but yeh
OwO she is simply beautiful!
ASB-Fan's avatar
Ohh ups //D sorry hehe >\\\> I'm on mobile the buttons are a bit small
AzureRat's avatar
She is very cute.
Mango-Nectar's avatar
Por, this is really cute. I am loving the girl's expression and the blue coloring to her hair!
teazomboii's avatar
I love her outfit!
DAYLIO's avatar
AAAAHHHHH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS IS SO CUTE SENPAI :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz::iconsparkleeyeyuiplz::iconsparkleeyeyuiplz:
Xeogran's avatar
She's pretty pink heart {big} 
Nebelstern's avatar
anxiety-suga's avatar
Aaa I love your art, I wish I could commission or request you<3
TheTubich's avatar
Very very nice <3
DeadCobra's avatar
This is a sweetie :lovelyeyes: 
bluewingfairy's avatar
she's a cutie ^^.
omnomnodium's avatar
incredibly gorgeous <3
S3rb4n's avatar
This is soooo cute!
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