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Enne the Dullahan

Enne the Dullahan

My original character, Enne the Dullahan girl! Just tried some technique on this animation work XD
She's the same girl in my Enne's Adventure series. She's on the way of adventuring! :D

Hope you like it!

Tools : ClipStudioPaint, After Effect
All resources are done by myself and some are Free-To-Use materials without credit require.

Character & Artwork © Porforever 

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Check my 

► Character Animation Tutorial ◄

 for the way I made this kind of animation! Or visit my ►Gumroad for materials and tutorials
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CloverWing's avatar
so cool xox are you still doing commissions for stuff like this?
JamieAgathaRose's avatar
Boraini's avatar
This mekes me laugh! XD

iJazzxr's avatar
this is incredibly logical
HungryAki's avatar
me: nice smooth animation
her: spins head
me: what?!
-sees name
me: oh ok~ c:
nice one :)
ppshex's avatar
i like how she spins her head XDDD
Porforever's avatar
haha, thank you so much bro!
bluewingfairy's avatar
your very welcome 😊.
Prismatii's avatar
Naaaw her animation is so cute >w<
Porforever's avatar
thanks a lot! ^ ^
Porforever's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
pookiesaurus4's avatar
You're welcome, does she have an Irish accent? Dullahans are from Irish folklore.
Porforever's avatar
Ohh, not sure about this XDD
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Oh, well she is cute
WOLFfighter's avatar
Porforever's avatar
Yesh she does! XD
WOLFfighter's avatar
shes got a good head on her shoulders~ 
PanonoSan's avatar
อุ่ย!! ตกใจหมดเลย... 555
Porforever's avatar
555 หมุนน
Chowkeyo's avatar
If I was dullahan I'd feel sick with my head going everywhere. xD 
Porforever's avatar
lol, if just one spin might be still okay I guess! X'D
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